San Francisco 49ers Tailgating

In Santa Clara, Levi’s Stadium is home to the San Francisco 49ers. The stadium has the capacity for 68,500 fans and can be expanded to accommodate 75,000. Ready to RV tailgate at 49ers Stadium then camp nearby in the San Francisco area?

Event information

Located an hour away from the heart of the Bay Area in Santa Clara, Levi’s Stadium is home to the San Francisco 49ers. The stadium has the capacity for 68,500 fans and can be expanded to accommodate 75,000. Sourdough Sam, the 49ers’ mascot, will be there to cheer alongside the fans.

Having opened in 2014, Levi’s Stadium is one of the NFL’s newest venues, and it is equipped with state-of-the-art technology for a fan experience unlike any other. Whether it’s tailgating that you’re looking for or a night of quality football, join the 49ers as they forge their path towards a championship. In 2020, the 49ers entered Super Bowl LIV with the Kansas City Chiefs, leaving the Chiefs with the win.

San Francisco and the Bay Area have a lot to offer for families, couples, and single people. Frisco, as it’s called by some, is home to amazing restaurants, a vibrant nightlife, the outdoors, and museums. Take a trip to Alcatraz Island or go for a nature hike at the Muir Woods. Just don’t forget to come back to Santa Clara and start prepping for your 49ers tailgate party.

Unlike some NFL stadiums, Levi’s Stadium does permit tailgating on stadium grounds, and, most importantly, they allow RV tailgating. Tailgating parking passes are best acquired by calling and buying in advance, but RV parking passes may be available on game day, albeit with an increase in price. Read below to find out more about Tailgating at Levi’s Stadium.


To see the 49ers in action at Levi’s Stadium, you’ll need to buy a ticket, and it’s best you buy it in advance. Ticket prices can fluctuate based on the opposing team and other factors, but expect to spend between $100 and $200 per ticket for standard games. Seats that are closer to the action and VIP tickets are more expensive and start around $300.

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If traveling from San Francisco to Santa Clara, take US-101 going southbound to reach 49ers Stadium. Driving in the San Fran area means that bridges and multiple lanes of traffic are to be expected; watch for signs directing larger vehicles to a particular lane and leave extra travel time in your schedule. Levi’s Stadium takes designated drivers seriously, which is why they offer a soft drink coupon to those who pledge to be a designated driver.

Parking areas

Parking is available at the stadium, but RVers need to call ahead and buy a parking pass in advance. Parking spots for RVs might be available on game day, but it’s on a first-come-first-serve basis, and spaces are not guaranteed. If planning to tailgate at your parking spot, choose at a lot where RV tailgating is allowed.

Public Transportation

The Bay Area is big on public transportation, and there are multiple services that can get you to the stadium. Depending on where your trip originates, you might plan your trip with the Valley Transportation Authority, the Altamont Corridor Express, the Capitol Express, or Caltrain. Whether or not you need to travel between your campsite and the stadium or make your way to California, these options are likely to be of great benefit. If taking a ride-sharing service, there is a drop-off location on Calle De Luna.

Where to stay


According to Levi’s Stadium guidelines, tailgating ends at kickoff. Overnight camping in the parking lot is not permitted, but there are RV campgrounds in the area where you can rest for the night.


While parking overnight at the stadium is not allowed, there are several RV campgrounds just a few miles from the stadium. To make sure you have a place to stay for the night, make a reservation beforehand. Portola Redwoods State Park is about an hour west of 49ers Stadium, but some seasonal considerations may need to be considered as the colder months settle into the region.

Private RV campgrounds may vary in accommodations, but expect electricity, water, and sewage hookups, as well as hot showers and laundry rooms at many locations between the heart of San Francisco and Santa Clara, where the stadium sits.

Getting around

There are dozens of escalators and elevators available to the public inside the stadium, and there are wheelchairs and carts available for those who need them. Parking lots open a few hours before the event if you want to get there early and explore. Strollers for children are allowed inside the stadium, but they can't be stored in the aisle or under the seats. Instead, drop off the stroller at one of the guest service kiosks for safekeeping.

What to pack


The San Francisco area has mild temperatures year-round. Dress light and comfortable during the summer months, and bring a light jacket or sweater in the winter months. It might be a good idea to bring a raincoat or poncho if it rains. In the past, umbrellas have been permitted inside the stadium, but only if they do not obstruct the view of other fans.


To capture the moments of your 49ers game day fun, bring your camera inside the stadium. Cameras with lenses under three inches are allowed. Tailgating is another matter altogether, so you will need a grill, table, chairs, a canopy tent, and maybe some outdoor games such as ladder ball. If you’re a diehard 49ers fan, display your scarlet and gold banner with Sourdough Sam for all to see.

Health & Safety

Levi’s Stadium provides complimentary sunscreen, but it’s a good idea to bring your own if you tailgate outside the stadium. Also, bring a first-aid kit and stock up on any medication you may need for your trip. For children, bring a pair of earplugs or even some noise-canceling headphones to protect them from the high decibels at the stadium.

Where to eat


With such nice weather in Santa Clara, it’s a good idea to grill some burgers, hot dogs, or maybe even your favorite style of steak. If you want to eat like a local, make some tacos for your guests. There are several grocery stores near the stadium that will have all you need to host the perfect, delicious tailgate. Glass containers are not allowed anywhere on stadium property.


If you ask a local, they’ll tell you San Francisco is a foodie town. There is a rich tradition of Italian, Chinese, and Mexican cuisine, but since it’s so close to the ocean, seafood options are a must-try. Whether it’s a hole-in-the-wall restaurant or fine dining, San Francisco has plenty of delicious options to offer.


If you didn’t get enough to eat at the tailgate, head inside the stadium for something tasty from the concession stands. Levi’s Stadium allows patrons to bring in outside food, so long as it’s in a clear plastic bag that meets regulations. To look the part of a 49ers fan, head to one of the retail locations within the stadium and stock up on scarlet and gold team merchandise.



Levi’s Stadium requires guests to bring their belongings in a clear plastic bag. If you don’t have a clear plastic backpack, a clear food storage bag is okay. Weapons, noisemakers, footballs, laser pointers, drones, and other items are not allowed. Remember to check your pockets before heading to the stadium to avoid any confusion. Head to the lost and found kiosk if you misplace any personal belongings.


The weather in San Francisco is usually mild year-round. It rains mostly in the winter, with temperatures dropping down to the mid-40s. Summers can be warm, but the average high is around 70 degrees. While the weather is agreeable, San Francisco and the surrounding areas are sometimes threatened by wildfires, so it may be helpful to check local alerts before heading to the region.


There are three first-aid stations that can be found throughout Levi's Stadium, and there are several pods available for nursing mothers seeking privacy. For any serious medical emergencies, speak to a Levi’s Stadium staff member, or head to a nearby hospital. Drug store services are easily found within ten miles of the stadium.