Sand Wash Recreation Area


If you feel the voice of adventure calling your name, it just might be time to consider a trip to Utah's Sand Wash Recreation Area.

Nestled between the two towns of Price and Vernal, Utah, is Sand Wash Recreation Area, a BLM-managed primitive campground and recreational facility. This rural retreat offers a few rustic campsites on a first-come, first-served basis on the premises. There are also four "bug huts" which can be reserved ahead of time.

Sand Wash Recreation Area is a popular stopping point for families planning to do some canoeing or whitewater rafting on their way to explore the Desolation and Gray Canyons found on the Green River. Though there is no running water found here, there are pit toilets on the premises for public use.

Sand Wash Recreation Area is near to many of the most popular attractions found in both Price and Vernal. Among the must-see destinations include the Utah State University Eastern Prehistoric Museum, Dinosaurland, and the Wedge Overlook. The region is also a popular gathering place for many species of wildlife, providing families with an excellent opportunity to glimpse some unusual animals in their natural habitat.

There are many trails found at Sand Wash Recreation Area that are well-suited to hiking as well as off-road vehicle use. Other favorite activities here include hunting, fishing, boating, and rock collecting.

For a relaxing vacation in the heart of the Utah wilderness, plan a visit to Sand Wash Recreation Area. It's a wonderful spot for families to enjoy a camping holiday!

RV Rentals in Sand Wash Recreation Area



The easiest route to Sand Wash Recreation Area proceeds along highway US 40, beginning in the town of Myton. This highway leads to an exit for Sand Wash-Green River. The road the exit follows turns to a narrow two-lane path that is paved but turns to dirt just before the Nine Mile-Sand Wash Junction. Travelers will need to continue along this dirt road for 18 miles. The route is quite winding, moving almost in a complete circle before reaching the park and camping facility.

There is no formally designated parking area; however, this ample room to leave a vehicle at the entrance to the park. Travelers will need to be prepared to hike the remaining distance to their campsite.

The dirt road can become very muddy during bouts of inclement weather. Though a four-wheel-drive vehicle is not necessary, it can be very helpful. Off-road vehicles are permitted on all trails and roads at Sand Wash Recreation Area.


There is no formally designated parking area at Sand Wash Recreation Area. However, there is ample parking space found just outside the entrance to the park. Alternatively, families can park their vehicles within 30 feet of the main road and travel the rest of the distance to the campground on foot.

Public Transportation

Due to its remote locale, there is no public transportation available to Sand Wash Recreation Area.

Campgrounds and parking in Sand Wash Recreation Area

Campsites in Sand Wash Recreation Area

Reservations camping

Scofield State Park Mountain View Campground

Scofield State Park Mountain View Campground sits at a very high elevation amongst the Manti-LaSal Mountain range. The property is home to a large lake which is a popular spot for water sports and boating, in particular.

There are 34 campsites available by reservation only for stays from May through October each year.

The on-site amenities include bathrooms with showers and flush toilets, fish cleaning stations, a waste disposal station, and a boat ramp.

The most popular things to do here include swimming, birdwatching, boating, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, and photography. Pets are permitted here, so long as they remain leashed. There is access to a payphone on the premises.

First-come first-served

Price Canyon Recreation Area Campground

Price Canyon Recreation Area Campground is a popular camping facility that offers RV and tent camping on a year-round basis. All sites are available on a first-come, first-served basis only.

Most of the campsites at this facility are surrounded by immense tree cover, providing both shade and privacy. The campground sits at a high elevation overlooking Price Canyon.

Though the single-family campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis, there are several group sites that can be reserved.

The campsites are quite roomy. On-site amenities include picnic tables, fire pits, vault toilets, and ample parking. Dogs are permitted here but must remain leashed at all times.

There are several recreational trails for families to enjoy on the grounds. The largest RV or trailer this campground can accommodate is 35 feet.

Alternate camping

Sand Wash Recreation Area Campground

Sand Wash Recreation Campground offers overnight stays with just a few campsites available on the grounds. The campsites at this camping facility favor rustic-style camping conditions. There are also several cabins that can be rented, and overnight parking is available on the grounds for any vehicles requiring a place to stay.

A Bureau of Land Management property in an extremely primitive area, there are no amenities provided here. Campers must bring their own drinking water with them.

Dogs are not permitted at this campground.

Among the most popular activities here are hiking, wildlife viewing, and photography.

All waste materials must be taken with campers when they leave.

Since this property is best accessed via off-road vehicle or on foot, it is most appropriate for tent camping only.

Seasonal activities in Sand Wash Recreation Area


Wildlife watching

One of the most beloved activities at Sand Wash Recreation Area is the viewing of wildlife. An area that is home to a large population of wild horses, families won't want to forget bringing their camera with them to capture a shot of these beauties roaming through the pastureland.

Among the most commonly seen horses here are grey and sorrel, but others such as buckskins, duns, and paint can also be glimpsed on the grounds.

Other wildlife found here includes a wide array of birds as well as deer, foxes, coyotes, rabbits, and more.

Wear good walking shoes as it may be necessary to walk several miles to get the opportunity to see the most diverse representation of wildlife in the area.

Utah State University Eastern Prehistoric Museum

No trip to Sand Wash Recreation Area would be complete without stopping by the Utah State University Eastern Prehistoric Museum. A property that is dedicated to the preservation of unique fossil remains within the region, this museum houses many different prehistoric exhibits including fossils and written historical records.

Many of the exhibits bear evidence of ancient cultures and what their lives may have been like on the land. There are also several fossil species representing both plant and meat-eating animals.

Tours are available on a daily basis. Check the museum website for scheduled times and any associated fees. In addition to guided tours, the museum also offers informational tours with a cell phone narrative provided.

On occasion, the museum also hosts traveling art exhibitions for families to enjoy.

Before heading back to the campsite, stop by the museum's gift shop to pick up a souvenir.

The Wedge Overlook

The Wedge Overlook is one recreational area that makes a big impact. A property that towers above the Little Grand Canyon which rests along the banks of the San Rafael River, the views are so incredible it takes most visitors' breath away.

The Wedge Overlook is a Bureau of Land Management property. Dispersed camping is permitted here year-round.

One of the most popular activities at The Wedge Overlook is hiking. However, this is one expedition where it would be an absolute shame to not have a camera along as the scenery is awe-inspiring.

There is limited cell phone service at this public facility. Pit toilets are provided for public use.

If a storm is predicted for the area, it is best for visitors to plan a trip to this popular attraction on a different day for their own safety.


Basso Dino Mine Park

Basso Dino Mine Park is a popular playground for families to visit while on a trip to Sand Wash Recreation Area. The playground has an interesting entrance which is accessed by walking through the mouth of a dinosaur or by meandering through the opening of a former mine shaft.

A park founded in 2006, there are many fun things to do during a visit here. There are several walking paths that wander through beautifully landscaped grounds. Also found on the grounds are such things as a dinosaur-themed play area and a mock dinosaur excavation site.

Families can enjoy a picnic lunch on the grounds or simply reclining on one of the provided benches and enjoying the sun.

Basso Dino Mine Park is also near to a popular public park that boasts of such attractions as a basketball court, picnic pavilions, a BMX bike track, a skate park, and a multi-purpose field.

Steinaker State Park

Steinaker State Park is a wonderful place to visit for families looking to enjoy some outdoor fun. The reservoir found on the property is a popular spot for many different recreational activities.

Steinaker State Park is a place of great historical significance for the many different fossil remains found on the grounds during excavations. These include such species as oysters, clams, and a wide variety of other shellfish, indicating a lot of the land was once covered by water.

Centrally located, Steinaker State Park is the ideal locale for families looking to enjoy visiting a few of the area's different attractions including nearby Dinosaur Land and Flaming Gorge Recreation Area.

Steinaker Reservoir sees a lot of traffic each year from people seeking to enjoy such activities as fishing, wakeboarding, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and swimming. All swimming is unsupervised at this recreational area.

The beach at Steinaker State Park features a swimming dock. Other amenities include bathrooms and picnic tables.

Dinosaur Land in Vernal, Utah

Dinosaur Land, located in Vernal, Utah, is one of the most interesting museums in the entire state. Situated near to Dinosaur National Monument, a trip to Dinosaur Land offers families the opportunity to visit two places during their trip to town.

The entrance to museum features a giant replica of a Stegosaurus, an impressive sight to behold. The town Vernal itself is also often referred to as "Dinosaur Land" and is home to a vast selection of ancient dinosaur remains.
This property is easily located along the state line separating Utah and Colorado at the confluence of the Green and Yampa Rivers.

Most of the fossils now displayed on the property were identified in 1909. During that time, 80 acres of the land was designated a protected state for further excavation.

Dinosaur footprints have also been discovered here.