Seven Peaks Music Festival

One of the hottest music events in the country is about to begin. Is your RV ready for a trip to Seven Peaks Music Festival in Buena Vista, Colorado?

Event information

Any traveler from Colorado or further afield is not going to want to miss the chance to attend the three-day Seven Peaks Music Festival held in Buena Vista, Colorado. Initiated and organized by American country music singer Dierks Bentley, it has been a standout event for country music lovers since 2018.

Over three days, a myriad of well-known artists take to the stages to perform before thousands of fans from across all states. Miranda Lambert, Maren Morris, on Pardi, and Luke Bryan are just a few of the many names that cause this event to sell out.

Alongside the endless entertainment over the three days in fall during Labor Weekend, there is also another reason why RV-goers choose to attend this event: it’s RV-friendly. Those with campervans, tents, Class A rigs, Sprinters, Airstreams, and cars, can purchase a camping or overnight parking pass, hang out with their friends and family, and enjoy the fun atmosphere.

Once the curtains close on Seven Peaks Music Festival, travelers can then set off in search of another adventure. Given the proximity to many state forests and parks in the area, there is never a dull moment while traveling through Colorado. Polish your cowboy boots, fuel up your RV and set off to Seven Peaks Music Festival in Buena Vista today.


Ticket prices for Seven Peaks Music Festival can vary based on a traveler’s preference to stay overnight or move on to other accommodations nearby. Music lovers can buy wristbands for the full three-day event, camping passes, and overnight parking passes. These are sent via mail in the month leading up to the music event.

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Travelers coming from the direction of Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, or any neighboring city or town can enjoy a stunning journey with a striking backdrop of mountains and beautiful scenery. Buena Vista is accessible via US-24, with more scenic routes from US-285 through Pike and San Isabel National Forests, but always remember to check for road closures in the area.

Beat the traffic and get to Seven Peaks Music Festival at 14822 County Road 350 from the Front Range. The I-70 route west from Leadville has been a less congested route in the past, but a traffic aid such as COtrip can be an ideal source of local information.

Parking areas

Day and overnight parking options are plentiful for anyone traveling with tow vehicles, campervans, or big rigs like Airstreams. Motorhomes may park in any of the camping lots with the purchase of a camping pass, but anyone in tow vehicles or that will not be staying overnight may park with a day pass in the general parking area. Passes for parking and camping may be purchased on the day while spaces last, or in advance.

Public Transportation

In a small city like Buena Vista in Chaffee County, public transportation is not usually a necessity. RVs and tow vehicles can be more than suitable for navigation of the township, not to mention for getting to the several attractions in the area like Gunnison National Forest for camping, hiking, and fishing, and Rio Grande National Forest for camping and outdoor adventures.

Where to stay


Not only do music lovers get to enjoy three days of near-non-stop country music from their favorite artists, but also onsite camping. There are dedicated areas set up for people in tents, RVs, pop-up campers, and more. Each site has space for one vehicle and all the friends you can squeeze into your area. Seven Peaks Music Festival officials also allow the use of personal cookers and generators, but not open campfires or charcoal grills.


Need a Buena Vista RV campground? Mt. Princeton RV Park or Valley Mobile RV Park may be just what you need and are only two miles from the festival site, both offering full hookups.

On the way into or out of Buena Vista, RV-goers may like the opportunity to check out accommodation near Seven Peaks Music Festival. Several national forests in the area boast primitive camping opportunities, such as Uncompahgre National Forest. On the way to Utah or Arizona, travelers may also revel in the chance for a bit of luxury, so there is also the option to book an RV camping space at Gunnison KOA Journey.

Getting around

Golf carts and other personal transportation will not be necessary during a stay at the Seven Peaks Music Festival. Fortunately, navigation of the campground and festival area is relatively easy on foot. Given the natural terrain, a pair of comfortable footwear can help with getting from A to B as conveniently as possible.

What to pack


The semi-arid climate of Buena Vista means that sunshine is near guaranteed for the Seven Peaks Music Festival, but rain is also not unexpected. Check a weather service before traveling to Colorado so that you can pack suitable clothing.

Warmer garments can prove convenient once night draws near, but light layers for dancing may ensure your comfort. Any avid outdoors lovers who plan to go hiking at White River National Forest in Silverthorne, Colorado, may like to pack suitable clothing for the occasion.


The less gear you bring from your campsite into the Seven Peaks Music Festival, the less you have to carry and keep track of while you’re trying to dance to the music. Cameras, small bags, a sealed bottle of water, a low-profile chair, Camelbaks, strollers, and empty water bottles to fill at the water stations are all welcome into the festival grounds. Don’t forget cash, ID, and a festival wristband for entry.

Health & Safety

Hydration and fending off the elements are essential when attending the Seven Peaks Music Festival. Fill empty water bottles at the water stations, and don’t forget non-aerosol sunscreen for application throughout the day. Bug spray can also prove convenient for both the festival and exploration trips into national forests and parks nearby. Prescription medication may need to be shown to security guards with a valid ID to match prescription labeling.

Where to eat


Camping prep at home before attending the Seven Peaks Music Festival can make dinner time a quick and easy ‘heat and eat’ process on a propane cooker. However, RV-goers that collect supplies from the nearby grocery store in Buena Vista may prefer to flex their culinary muscles aboard their RV. Soups, chowders, chilis, and burgers are all popular festival options for music lovers. Open fires are not allowed at the festival, but generators and personal cookers are.


Music lovers may come and go from the festival as they please, which means that it’s effortless to pop into the town center for a bite to eat with your travel group. Quaint cafes and family-owned restaurants line the highway, and there are plenty of options for small and large groups alike.


Food trucks and pop-up eateries are both ready and waiting to cater to the masses at Seven Peaks Music Festival. Credit cards and debit cards may not always be accepted, so bring cash to ensure you can have your first choice. Seven Peaks Music Festival merchandise will also be for sale so that fans can remember their three-day stay in Buena Vista for years to come.



With thousands of fans attending the Seven Peaks Music Festival, it’s essential to follow all safety and security procedures put in place by officials. Alcohol is allowed in personal campsites, but it may not be brought into the festival. It can, however, be purchased with valid ID.

Glass, cans, aerosol cans, weapons, drugs, E-cigarettes, umbrellas, and anything damaging or dangerous is also prohibited. Anyone in the campground area or festival can be subject to a search at any time.


Buena Vista is located in a Banana Belt and enjoys around 350 days of sunshine annually. However, rainfall can also grace the area throughout the year. Prepare for all conditions by monitoring a weather station and preparing your RV for the big trip to Colorado. It also helps to check your motorhome’s heating and cooling units to ensure your comfort during your stay in the area.


A first-aid area will be located at the Seven Peaks Music Festival to handle minor injuries. However, it can also be convenient to carry a first-aid kit aboard your RV to take care of small injuries yourself. For anything more serious, approach an official and dial 911. There is a hospital within 35 miles in Leadville and a smaller medical facility in Buena Vista. Travelers can look for a pharmacy within two miles of the festival site.