Spring Creek National

The countdown is on until Spring Creek National begins! Start planning your RV trip to Millville, Minnesota, for this MX championship round today!

Event information

Just a stone’s throw from the Wisconsin and Minnesota state line is a standout motocross facility that brings thousands of fans to the area. In July every year, Spring Creek Motocross Park in Millville, Minnesota, hosts a round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, known as Spring Creek National.

This legendary race is eagerly looked forward to by RV-goers and MX fans alike. Campers get to enjoy a standout RV camping facility, while MX fans get to watch their favorite national and international riders partake in some intense and nailbiting racing.

Spring Creek Motocross Park boasts some of the best dirt for racing in the country. Once a working farm, the grounds are now home to an incredible race track and facilities for fans from far and wide to enjoy.

During the two-day event, both 250cc and 450cc bikes are put through their paces in timed practices and intense races. The second-day event is when all the action kicks off, and riders such as Eli Tomac, Ryan Dungey, and Ricky Carmichael see this national MX event play out as one of the best on the calendar.

If you decide to camp at Spring Creek Motocross Park, then you’re in for a treat before you begin your RV vacation in earnest. There’s a sponsor village, food and drink concessions, VIP suites, premium vantage points, RV service hookups, and more.

For nature lovers, the fun doesn’t have to end when the checkered flag goes down. Go hiking at Zumbro Bottoms State Forest, or take in the sights of the unspoiled preserve known as Five-Mile Bluff Prairie State Natural Area. This part of Minnesota is a treasure trove for the adventure seeker, so start planning your RV vacation today.


General admission tickets, pit passes, and VIP tickets for access to air-conditioned VIP suites are all available in the lead-up to Spring Creek National. You can also reserve service hookups for your RV when you book your entry passes, as well. Be the early bird that gets the worm, or turn up on the day for general admission and primitive RV camping spots.

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Millville, Minnesota, might be a small city with a couple hundred people, but when the summer motocross season begins, this Wabasha County city on the Zumbro River comes alive.
The Spring Creek Motocross Park is easily accessible by RV-goers traveling from Rochester, Chicago, Minneapolis, or Iowa. Remain on main roads such as Highway 63, Highway 52, and I-90, and consider downloading the Minnesota 511 traffic app for navigation of those more isolated country roads. You will then locate Spring Creek Motocross Park at 63633 298th Avenue in Millville, Minnesota, with entry through Gate A.

Parking areas

Day parking is available in the grass parking lots encompassing the MX track. Size restrictions do not apply, and it has been free to park in this area during the day in the past. Given how effortless it is to drive your RV to Spring Motocross Park, you’ll likely see no need to arrange alternative transportation.

Public Transportation

Spring Creek Motocross Park is a rurally-located motocross facility around 20 miles from the center of Wabasha. Its location makes the use of public transportation tricky, which means a pilot vehicle and your motorhome are going to be the best options for checking out the area and attending the motocross event.

Where to stay


Spring Creek Motocross Park’s core purpose may be to provide a standout facility for the Spring Creek National, but it caters to RV-goers equally as well. Primitive RV camping spots are available on a first-in, first-served basis. However, for those who prefer service hookups, you can reserve an RV camping spot in advance and enjoy water and electricity.

There is also an RV septic pump service on site, an outdoor shower, and permanent restrooms. RV-goers can also bring their pets, let the kids play in the Kid Zone, go trout fishing, and fill their water tanks with potable water on site. While open campfires are prohibited, gas and charcoal grills are not.


If you’d prefer to have a degree of separation between your accommodation and your entertainment, then Millville and surrounding areas deliver. Within 25 miles of the motocross park, there are half a dozen or more campgrounds with a myriad of different services and facilities available. Call ahead to book your most preferred location.

Getting around

Given how many motocross riders are going to be at Spring Creek National, the safest mode of transportation for fans is going to be their feet. Walking can allow you to be aware of your surroundings at all times. This facility boasts several excellent vantage points, including hillside and infield, and there are spectator ridges and track tunnels for quick access to each part of the track.

What to pack


When the summer sun is beating down on the Spring Creek National, you’ll be pleased you packed a selection of attire. Light layers will be your best friend during the day, but don’t forget to add a few warmer items to your suitcase for those cooler nighttime temperatures. If you plan on doing anything in the great outdoors, then bring clothing that is also compatible with outdoor adventuring.


The beauty of being able to camp on site is that you can keep everything in one place. All your cooking, camping, and convenience items can remain in your RV, which means you can travel light while finding the best vantage point around the MX track. Bring a handheld radio to tune into the commentary, your wallet for vendor purchases, and binoculars so that you don’t miss a single second of the action.

Health & Safety

Any summer vacation is going to require you to think about your health and safety while vacationing. Stock up your first aid supplies before you hit the road, and don’t skimp on sunscreen, bug spray, lip balm, and drinking water. There is potable water on site for your RV. It may also pay to bring extra prescription medication and anything you won’t be able to get more of in a hurry.

Where to eat


While campfires are not allowed at the Spring Creek National, you can go for gold with your charcoal or propane grill. Prepare hotdogs for the whole family, or cook all your favorites on your RV kitchen appliances. Consider stocking up on grocery supplies before you get to the motocross track, for nearby towns and cities are 20 to 30 miles away.


You can’t call it a summer vacation if you don’t spoil yourself at local restaurants from time to time. Before you set off from the Spring Creek National, think about what you feel like eating. Your preferences can dictate the direction in which you head once the checkered flags are down. Plainview, which is 20 miles from Millville, boasts hearty American cuisine, sandwiches, farmer markets, and convenience stores.

Within 17 miles of Millville, toward the Wisconsin and Minnesota state line, Wabasha delivers on grill and saloon-style food, as well as cafes and quaint dining establishments. You are spoiled for choice in Wabasha County, but be prepared to travel a wee way to treat yourself.


Fortunately, for those who don’t feel like traveling too far from the racing action, you don’t have to leave the track. Everything you need to eat and drink over the day’s racing is at Spring Creek National. There are air-conditioned food and beverage concession areas, a beer area for those over the legal drinking age, and a comfortable sponsor village. If you bring cash, you can also purchase merchandise as an act of support for your favorite rider.



You can expect only the best assistance from Spring Creek Motocross Park staff with any questions you may have. Security will be at the gates to check your tickets, while also ensuring you’re not bringing in any alcohol, drones, weapons, or anything damaging, dangerous, or distracting.

If you have any concerns throughout the weekend, approach an official of the event. Otherwise, there is a county sheriff station within 18 miles of Millville.


You’re in for a treat when you visit Millville during summer. With only a few days of rainfall during July, fans can expect to be able to wear their best summer attire to achieve that coveted sun-kissed look. Temperatures average between 60 and 85 degrees, which means there will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy the heat of the day. Make sure you carry plenty of drinking water aboard your RV.


While you will hopefully not need medical assistance while on your summer vacation to Spring Creek National, it’s helpful to know it’s there anyway. There is a first aid tent near the food court of the Spring Creek Motocross Park to provide basic first aid services. For anything more serious, there is a medical center in Wabasha within 20 miles. In an emergency, dial 911.