Texas A&M University-Kingsville Tailgating

The Texas A&M Kingsville Javelinas are a Division II college football team in South Texas. The team plays at Javelina Stadium, with their mascot Porky the Javelina leading them. Learn more about RVing to Kingsville to see them play and tailgate near Texas A&M.

Event information

Texas A&M Kingsville is a Kingsville, Texas-based university, which is in the southern part of the state. The school competes in 11 varsity sports, but they are most known for their acts on the football field. Texas A&M Kingsville participates in the Lone Star Conference, which is part of the NCAA’s Division II. The conference is mostly comprised of Texas schools, but there are also a few schools from New Mexico, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

When it’s time to don helmets and pads on Saturdays for home games, the team meets their opponent at Javelina Stadium, which is a 15,000-seat open-air venue that closely resembles a high school stadium. The team’s mascot is a costumed Javelina named Porky. Javelinas are an aggressive pig species native to the land. Texas A&M University-Kingsville colors are royal blue and gold.

While Texas A&M Kingsville’s Javelinas are a competitive team in their own right, the school got a boost into the public’s eye after they went toe-to-toe with the Texas A&M Aggies in the 1930s; the game ended in a tie. More recently, the school has been to multiple bowl games since 2010, of which they won one. Texas A&M Kingsville welcomes fans to join the festivities year-round in Southern Texas.

Playing outside is easy with Dick Kleberg Park, Lake Corpus Christi State Park, and Padre Island locations within easy reach of Kingsville RV parks.


You won’t have to spend too much to see the Texas A&M Kingsville Javelinas play at Javelina Stadium. Average ticket prices range between $10 and $20, and season tickets are usually between $50 and $150. Ticket prices often fluctuate the most when the Javelinas play against high-ranked opponents.

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The best way to reach Texas A&M University-Kingsville, if you’re traveling from the north or south, usually includes U.S. Highway 77, which runs adjacent to its campus. Kingsville is near the City of Corpus Christi, which is by the Gulf of Mexico, and you can find San Antonio about two and a half hours to the north. South Padre Island, located at the southernmost point of the state, is an excellent addition to any vacation getaway with great beaches, delicious Mexican food, and a vibrant nightlife.

Parking areas

Texas A&M RV parking has been available in the past with advanced permission, as grounds workers may wish to have you park in a separate area to provide the best space for all fans. Contacting the Kingsville campus directly by phone is generally the best way to be sure you will have a spot to park, but it often lends well for overnight parking, too.

Public Transportation

Texas A&M Kingsville provides students, faculty, and staff with a transportation service called the Blue & Gold Express, which may have a small fee for some hours and be free during other listed times. While shuttles are a convenient mode of transportation, the parking lots’ proximity to the stadium makes riding on one unnecessary. Javelinas fans can expect to walk from the parking lot or tailgate area to the stadium in just a few minutes.

Where to stay


Staying overnight in Texas A&M Kingsville parking lots is only an option if you contact the school in advance and get permission, usually by phone. Fans also have several Kingsville RV campgrounds in the area that can serve as a great landing spot for your adventures in Southern Texas.


In Kingsville, RVers have several campgrounds to choose from, with more on the outskirts of the city and in the surrounding areas. Kingsville RV campgrounds offer full hookups, plenty of parking spaces, and might be near the water, which is great for the angler in your family.

Nature's Own RV Resort sits less than five miles from much of the Texas A & M Kingsville campus offering a short commute to Javelina Stadium. Just over an hour away, Lake Corpus Christi State Park is accessible with a large RV and boat for fun on the water before or after your game day events.

Getting around

Walking is probably the best way to get around campus and the stadium, but you may want to bring a stroller if you’re attending the event with young children. Thankfully, you won’t have to walk too far to get from the parking lot to the stadium, but be prepared by wearing comfortable footwear.

What to pack


South Texas is known for it’s hot, humid summer days that get plenty of sunlight. For most of the season, pack light clothing that is breathable and comfortable to wear in the harsh sunlight. It’s recommended that you wear a ball cap or visor. As the season wraps up, a light jacket or sweater might be all you need.


If you call in advance to reserve an RV parking spot for the day, then you’re more than welcome to tailgate. Bring a grill, tent, and an ice chest to keep your drinks cool. Remember to bring some chairs for your tailgate friends. It’s also a good idea to bring a foldable table to display your spread, and it can double as a prep station as you cook.

Health & Safety

Even when you’re careful, accidents happen, so don’t forget to pack a first-aid kit for such occasions. You may not use it often, but you’ll be glad to have it when the kids come running to you with any scrapes or bumps. Since it’s likely to be hot and humid, pack sunscreen and mosquito repellant.

Where to eat


Local grocery options are plentiful in Kingsville, so refilling your RV cabinets won't be a problem near the Texas A&M Kingsville campus. In South Texas, carne asada (grilled meat) is a popular dish at any time of the year. Of course, no carne asada is complete without some guacamole and pico de gallo and is the perfect addition to your Javelina tailgate.


Travelers to Texas have often noted that the Mexican food gets better and better the closer you get to Mexico. Kingsville has some amazing taquerias and Mexican restaurants that are must-try destinations. However, you can also find burgers, BBQ, pizza, and Indian food in this eclectic community.


Javelinas fans will find a concession stand with snacks at the stadium. Outside the stadium, however, if a school-sponsored tailgate party is planned during your time in town, you’ll find food, drinks, and vendors from around Kingsville. It’s the best place to be on gameday, so bring your blue and gold and join the festivities.



When you’re at Javelina Stadium, it’s important to follow all rules and leave prohibited items at home. Items such as noisemakers, weapons, outside food and drinks, offensive clothing, and large video cameras are usually not allowed. Security measures may also vary depending on what event you plan to attend on campus at Texas A&M Kingsville.


It has been said that there are only two seasons in this part of Texas, referring to summer and winter, and the winters are mild and very short. Although summer is mostly done by the time football season starts, expect 90-degree weather in September. During the winter, temperatures are cool, with the average high temperature ranging between 60 and 70 degrees. Rain and colder weather do happen, but they tend to be less common in South Texas.


If you’re in need of medical assistance, speak to a Javelina Stadium or Texas A & M Kingsville staff member. For serious medical issues, dial 911 immediately or drive to the nearest hospital, which is 12 minutes away by car. Pharmacies choices are less than five miles from the campus area in case you need to replenish any first-aid supplies.