Texas A&M University Tailgating

Tailgating at a Texas A&M University game is a Texas rite of passage. The school, rich with tradition and history, boasts some of the best football players in the country, and they are consistently ranked nationwide.

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Tailgating at a Texas A&M University game is a Texas rite of passage. The school, rich with tradition and history, boasts some of the best football players in the country, and they are consistently ranked nationwide.

On Saturday night, amidst the bright lights and Central Texas heat, Kyle Field becomes an ocean of maroon and white. The Aggies, as they call themselves, are fiercely loyal to their football team, and they are known as the "Home of the 12th Man," which refers to an athlete who jumped in to help the team in an unexpected situation.

It was in 1922 when Texas A&M was losing when a player named E. King Gill, who was helping to identify players in the press box, suited up and stood on the sidelines for the remainder of the game. While his feet stayed on the edges of the field, his spirit and willingness to support the team have inspired Aggie athletes since that day. Texas A&M won that game, and fans have stood during athletic events since with a heart to jump in and help the team win.

Tailgating at the stadium is an event of its own, and they start early. Attending a tailgate at Kyle Field is a fun and joyful experience full of good food and good people. The stadium welcomes RVs, though parking must be reserved ahead of time. To take part in the festivities, it might be a great idea to find an RV park and find transportation to the event.


To get the best seat, it’s best to purchase Texas A&M University Tailgating tickets weeks in advance. Availability for tickets varies on a weekly basis, but games against ranked opponents sell out the fastest. Typically, tickets are under $100, but they can be twice that much the closer the seat is to the field. Parking passes are available for RVs, but these often sell out before the season starts.

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Texas A&M University is located in College Station, Texas. If driving from Dallas, take TX-6 southbound, or you can take TX-6 northbound if coming from the Houston area. Alternatively, TX-21 East runs from Austin, and it’s the best choice if coming from the southwest. On gameday, traffic in town can be congested, so it’s best to leave early. Use the Destination Aggieland app for the most up-to-date game day traffic information.

Parking areas

There are paid parking spots near Kyle Field, but these are for regular-sized vehicles only, so these are best if you plan to drive your tow vehicle to the event. There are three RV lots available, but most of those spots are allotted before the season starts. RV parking spots are available for purchase, but only for vehicles recognized by the Texas Department of Transportation. Tailgating is allowed at these parking spots, but it’s important to adhere to all tailgating rules, especially those regarding alcohol consumption.

Public Transportation

If you don’t want to worry about finding parking, try taking the free shuttle that is offered by Texas A&M University. The shuttle picks people up at Momentum Plaza, and it takes you right to Kyle Field free of charge. The public transportation system is available as well, or you could use a ride-sharing service and get dropped off at one of the pre-approved zones near the stadium.

Where to stay


It’s possible to rent an RV parking spot for multiple days, but the amenities are very minimal. There are no hookups of any kind, but a dump station is located on campus for any solid waste or gray water. All pets must be leashed or kept in a pen at all times. Camping at the Aggie RV Park is a favored pastime for fans maroon and white fans.


If you’re seeking comfort and amenities, you’re in luck. College Station and the surrounding area has several RV campgrounds with the accommodations you’re seeking. One private campground that is located just six miles away has a massage therapist next door, a dog park, and plenty of parking spots. Whether you’re looking for a hot shower or a laundry room, you’re sure to find the RV campground that is right for you within a 10-minute drive of Aggie Stadium.

Getting around

From events to tailgates and everything in between, there is much to do on game day, and it’s best to go on foot through campus. If riding a bicycle, parking is available at the Memorial Student Center. Once inside the stadium, Aggie fans can ride the escalators, which can be found throughout the stadium.

What to pack


You’ll want to pack breathable clothes during the summer months since the temperatures can reach 90 degrees. Pack warmer clothes if visiting the stadium once October sets into the calendar. It can drop down to the low 40s, but it usually doesn’t freeze. Of course, you’ll also want to pack some Texas A&M gear to support the Aggies.


A grill is essential if you plan to tailgate, and a nice cooler wouldn’t hurt either. Cooking equipment such as cutlery is essential, as well. Chairs, tables, and other outdoor furniture are optional, but your guests will greatly appreciate a comfortable chair. If you can, bring a canopy tent to protect yourself and your guests from the sun.

Health & Safety

Bring plenty of sunscreen and bug repellent if you plan on coming during the warmer months, it is Texas after all. In the winter, stay warm and toasty with a hat, hefty coat, and gloves. Consider purchasing hand warmers to keep your extremities protected, or bring extra layers to keep your skin covered. Finally, make sure you pack a first-aid kit for any minor accidents.

Where to eat


If you’re going to tailgate in Texas, that can mean only one thing: grilling. Grills are allowed, so long as they have a cover and are not left unattended. Texas A&M University’s Rosenthal Meat Center can provide you with all your game day cooking needs. Guests can also look to pick up goodies and supplies for tailgating within two miles of the stadium if needed.


College Station has many popular restaurants to try. If you’re not sure where to eat, keep an eye out for restaurants with long lines or full parking lots. While the university is located in the small college town of College Station, it’s only a few hours from major cities like Austin, Houston, and Dallas, where you can find a wide selection of restaurants.


What better way to support the Aggies than by wearing an Aggies jersey or cap. You can find licensed merchandise inside the stadium at the 12th Man Shop, or you can also buy items at the Pepsi Fan Zone. To grab a bite inside the stadium, visit one of the many vendors. Fans can expect plenty of entertainment for kids and the whole family.



For a hassle-free experience when entering the stadium, guests can take a few belongings in a clear bag. Firearms, tobacco products, food, beverages, and other items are not allowed inside the stadium. Fans are not allowed back inside the stadium after leaving. Tailgating guidelines do allow items related to pregame events into designated lots.


Temperatures can reach 90 degrees and above in the summer, and they can dip to 40 degrees in the winter. While it does get cold, it typically does not freeze, so a warm pair of pants and a jacket should suffice. During the summer, however, staying hydrated is key to having a good time. Use sunscreen throughout the day and try to stay in the shade as much as possible. Consider using an umbrella if shade is hard to find.


With so much excitement in the air, minor accidents are bound to happen, so it is a good thing that there are multiple first aid stations throughout the stadium. For more serious accidents, there is a hospital five miles away from the stadium, with pharmacy services just beyond that distance.