University of Central Oklahoma Tailgating

Sports and tailgating go hand in hand, so take your RV to the next sports game at the University of Central Oklahoma for hours of fun and entertainment with the Bronchos at Wantland Stadium.

Event information

University of Central Oklahoma tailgating opportunities are a drawcard for many RV travelers. Put on your favorite Central Oklahoma Bronchos (UCO) blue and bronze supporter’s gear, hang out with Buddy Broncho the mascot, sing the UCO Fight Song, and partake in unique tailgating experiences before heading to the football home game facility of Wantland Stadium.

Alongside Wantland Stadium, the University of Central Oklahoma also offers competitive sports at Wendell Simmons Field and Hamilton Field House. It doesn’t matter whether you visit Edmond, Oklahoma for football, basketball, softball, wrestling, or something else, you can rest assured there is a fun and festive environment that’s calling your name.

The expansive grounds of the university also promote an atmosphere of convenience. During the daytime, park your RV in a dedicated lot for tailgating, haul out your grill, and get involved in something memorable before the Bronchos take to the field.

All you can do now is purchase your tickets, look for your favorite blue and bronze clothes, and set off in your RV bound for Oklahoma. A day of UCO tailgating may be just what your crew needs.


Both single-day tickets and season passes are available for the University of Central Oklahoma games. The best way to purchase these for any sport, be it football, wrestling, or softball, is online. Single-day tickets can vary each year, but season tickets usually begin at around $50 for general admission, up to $100 for a box seat. If you’re traveling to Edmond for a single game, tickets are also available at the gate.

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Edmond is a beautiful northern city that borders Oklahoma City in Oklahoma County. US-77 is one of the main highways that link Edmond to Oklahoma City, and the historic Route 66 also passes through Edmond north of Acadia Lake.

Tolls are present along I-44, but I-35 and I-40 will leave you without a fee in almost every portion of them. Tune into a traffic aid to see what congestion you might face and whether you have time to stop at a few attractions before games at UCO begin, such as swimming at Lake Thunderbird State Park in Norman.

When you arrive in Edmond, you’ll surely see the wave of blue and bronze heading in the direction of 100 N University Drive, where University of Central Oklahoma tailgating and sports games are held.

Parking areas

Tailgating is allowed in dedicated lots on University of Central Oklahoma property. Each lot has a different set of rules and regulations, such as drinking and cooking in some but not all, and RV parking in specified lots, as well.

University of Central Oklahoma Bronchos fans who travel to Edmond in a motorhome will be allowed to take up two parking spaces. These spaces are available in a dedicated parking lot, which, in past years, was west of Wantland Stadium next to the UCO Wellness Center. Fans can either tailgate in that lot with a grill or in specified tailgating lots with activities, but only before UCO Bronchos games begin on game day.

Public Transportation

UCO RV parking spaces can fill up fast, and not everyone wants to take that risk of missing out. You may like to get around the stresses of parking a motorhome by relying on Edmond’s public transportation network. Book a taxi, hire a rideshare service and enjoy fast and easy access to UCO games from RV accommodation nearby. In recent seasons, Citilink Edmond has been an option for UCO fans as well.

Where to stay


While you may park your motorhome at the University of Central Oklahoma during the day, you must move it off the grounds once your sports game of choice ends. Onsite camping may not be an option, but you are spoiled for choice in the greater Oklahoma area. Book in advance to ensure you get your first pick.


Primitive RV camping is a wonderful option for those who like to get out and enjoy nature. There is a beautiful camping area and swimming opportunities within 40 miles of UCO at Lake Thunderbird State Park, one of the best state parks in Oklahoma. Some sites here will have hookups, but not all.

However, if you want to stay somewhere with an RV in Oklahoma that offers water, sewer, and electricity, then Oklahoma City East KOA Holiday, within 30 miles of UCO, may capture your attention, as well.

Getting around

The University of Central Oklahoma is a sizeable establishment with many facilities and event centers on its grounds. You may find that once you park your motorhome in the dedicated lot, you can get around much of it on your bicycle or on foot. Fortunately, the RV lot is a short walk from the main sports facilities of Wantland Stadium, the Broncho Softball Field, Hamilton Field House, and Tom Thompson Soccer Field.

What to pack


Think Bronchos bronze and blue for everything you pile into your suitcase. The more attention to detail you put into your garment of choice, the better you fit in with the UCO crowd. However, if you will be doing more than tailgating at the University of Central Oklahoma, then think about what else you need. Walking at Martin Park Nature Center, for example, could see the need for warmer layers depending on the time of year.


Tailgating at the University of Central Oklahoma calls for a few extra items to be packed for your RV trip to Edmond, Oklahoma. A cooler, grill, and plenty of propane, not to mention camping supplies, can all be added. However, you won’t need to bring all that much into the games themselves. A ticket, cash for purchases, and your best cheering voice for the home team should tick all the boxes.

Health & Safety

Being out in the elements can be refreshing for the soul, but it can take its toll on your body. Protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen, a sunhat, and sunglasses, and remain hydrated by drinking plenty of water. If you are checking out the natural attractions in the area, then a first aid kit, any prescription medication, and bug spray can also be quite essential to have, too.

Where to eat


UCO encourages all tailgaters to bring their grills, something to put on them, and a festive attitude. You will also be able to bring in alcoholic beverages to selected lots, but not to all of them. If you haven’t quite had a chance to stock up on supplies, then there’s a convenience store within walking distance of UCO, and many supermarkets and stores within a ten-mile radius.

Depending on where you’re staying while in Oklahoma, camping rules can differ. Some campgrounds may allow the use of campfires and fire pits, but others prefer that you use your onboard appliances. Check before you light.


Edmond has no shortage of high-quality dining establishments, especially near the University of Central Oklahoma. Whether you’re driving or walking, you’ll be able to find burgers, takeout joints, pizza, Mexican, and café cuisine with ease. Before and after sports games are when these establishments are often at their busiest, so allow time for delays.


Vendors selling food, beverages, and merchandise may be at various sporting facilities on the UCO campus. They may differ from one year to the next, especially if outside vendors come in to cater the events. The excitement of the Bronchos taking on their rivals would make any avid sports fan work up a hunger, so bring cash and join the line.



Security screening processes can differ for each sports facility. To speed up this process, pack light and bring as little with you as possible. You will not need to bring chairs, coolers, weapons, or large items. These can remain in your RV for use once the game is over and you return to your campground. However, if you have any concerns during your stay in Edmond, then you will find the nearest police station to UCO is within half a mile.


Edmond has a subtropical climate with dramatic weather changes throughout the year. Flash floods, wildfires, droughts, and heavy wind are all part and parcel with Edmond and in Oklahoma. Severe weather conditions will vary by the season, with the strongest often occurring in the spring.

Knowing this, it’s essential that you check weather apps or the weather channel as frequently as possible. You can then know when to batten down the hatches or prepare accordingly before the bad weather hits.


No matter which event center you are at to watch a Bronchos game, you will find that first-aid assistance is always available. Your first-aid kit in your motorhome can also prove helpful for cuts, scratches, and bruises. For anything more serious, dial 911. Conveniently, there is also a medical center within half a mile of UCO, and a pharmacy within one-mile past Fink Park.