University of Dayton Tailgating

Enjoy University of Dayton tailgating while cheering for the Dayton Flyers. Could an RV trip to Dayton, Ohio, be in the cards? Head to Welcome Stadium or UD Arena and camp nearby.

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Whether you’re visiting UD Arena, Welcome Stadium, Baujan Field, Stuart Field, or another standout University of Dayton sports facility of the Dayton Flyers, you’re bound to be inspired to get among the action.

You may even be more pumped to join the fun when you see crowds descending upon the sports facilities in red and blue supporting gear, singing Victory while scanning the venue for Rudy Flyer the Mascot.

There are no two ways about it: University of Dayton tailgating experiences are memorable, and whether you’re visiting the university for basketball, football, or baseball, you’re bound to find that spending time with fellow fans before and after a sports game is as unforgettable an experience as the game itself.

RV travelers are more than welcome to attend the university in their campervan or tow vehicle for University of Dayton tailgating, as long as it fits into a standard parking space in one of the many onsite parking lots.

RV-goers can also reserve a larger space for their Airstream or similar in advance by UD Arena, but spaces may be limited. Otherwise, look for on-street or local parking and join your crew in one of the other areas for tailgating fun before a Dayton Flyers game begins.

Once you’ve cheered on the Dayton Flyers for baseball, soccer, track, football, cross country, or something similar at 300 College Park in Dayton, Ohio, then it’s time to hit the city, often called “Gem City.”

Dayton was named National Geographic’s 2019 outdoor adventure capital of the Midwest for a reason, so there are plenty of opportunities for exploring. Go fishing at Caesar Creek State Park, or even hiking at Twin Creek MetroPark. Start the football season with a bang by visiting Dayton from August onward, and show your unwavering support for the Dayton Flyers.


Tickets for Dayton Flyers games at the University of Dayton go up for sale in the days and weeks leading up to games of various kinds. The cost of tickets can vary from one facility and sport to the next, with basketball general admission tickets starting at around $25, for example. Parking costs are not included in the ticket price and may apply for both tow vehicles and motorhomes.

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The Montgomery County City of Dayton in the Miami Valley region of Ohio is a must-visit destination for anyone taking an RV road trip from out of state. From its broad, easy-driving streets fit for a Class A, to its proximity to Columbus and Cincinnati, there’s certainly plenty to love.

While the Dayton Flyers are, of course, the drawcard for making the journey, the scenery, exceptional roading, and easy-to-follow interstates can only but add to the experience. Upon arriving in the heart of Dayton, with the help of a traffic aid like OHGO, travelers will be able to follow the signage to get to Dayton University at 300 College Park.

Parking areas

Dayton Flyers fans with pre-purchased parking passes can park their tow vehicle or small campervan in lots A, B, C, and D. Travelers without passes may like to secure their space in Lot O on South Patterson Boulevard, with a fee per vehicle and a shuttle bus available for access to the sports arena.

Those traveling in large motorhomes may need to look for on-street parking nearby, but be on the lookout for no-parking signs, particularly in the Carillon neighborhood nearby. If parking a Class A, Airstream, or similar, proves to be a little tricky, consider public transportation, of which there are plenty of options. Fans can then gather in the parking lots for a memorable tailgating experience before entering the sports facility to watch a game.

Public Transportation

Public buses, trolleybuses, taxis, and rideshare services are all valid options for getting to a Dayton Flyers game. Given the 300-plus miles of paved trails for bicycles, this, too, can prove to be a worthwhile mode of transportation. Any fan that is being picked up or dropped off should make their way to Gate B.

Where to stay


Onsite camping may not be available at the University of Dayton, but an abundance of options are nearby. Dayton Flyers fans should not have a problem finding somewhere to stay with an RV nearby. In fact, both primitive RV camping options and established RV campgrounds near the University of Dayton with service hookups are available.


Finding somewhere accessible with a large RV near the University of Dayton can be easier than many people might think. In fact, some of the best places for RV camping in Ohio are within a stone’s throw of the University campus.

Twin Creek MetroPark, within 20 miles of the University of Dayton, offers camping and hiking for the avid outdoors person. Within 23 miles of the campus is Caesar Creek State Park and John Bryan State Park, both of which provide RV-goers with the opportunity to camp, fish, or hike. For any traveler who prefers luxury and comfort, booking in at Dayton KOA Resort within 23 miles of the University of Dayton may also be an excellent option.

Getting around

Upon arriving at the University of Dayton, either by public transportation or motorhome, Dayton Flyers fans may like to put on their best blue and red supporter’s gear, then make their way on foot into the sports facility playing host. Shuttle services run from the far Lot O.

Because hundreds of fans descend upon the sports facilities of the university, wheeled transportation, such as skateboards, can prove to be more of a hindrance than a help. Wear comfortable footwear, then consider visiting a natural attraction afterward, such as hiking at Buck Creek State Park near Springfield.

What to pack


Dayton, Ohio, has hot and muggy summers and cold, dry winters, with tornados, blizzards, and mild temperatures in between. With such a mixed bag of weather on the table, it makes sense to pack a wide variety of clothing to suit all manner of conditions on an RV trip to Ohio.

Don’t forget red and blue Dayton Flyers supporter’s gear, not to mention warmer layers for lower nighttime temperatures. Travelers who will be venturing into the great outdoors, such as hiking and fishing at Hueston Woods State Park near Oxford, may like to pack some outdoors-appropriate clothing.


A less is more approach can see Dayton Flyers fans fly through security with minimal hassle. Bags and backpacks are allowed, provided that they fit within the assigned size limits, but bottles, cans, and beverages, food, weapons, and noisemakers are not. Fans may like to bring cash and payment cards for purchases, but an ATM for cash withdrawal is available near the ticket office in Connor Lobby.

Camping, cooking, and other equipment can remain safe and sound in a campervan for use after the final touchdown is scored.

Health & Safety

Whether an RV traveler is cheering on the Dayton Flyers at Welcome Stadium or walking at Carriage Hill MetroPark, health and safety should be to the forefront of their mind. Never travel without a first-aid kit, medication, and sun safety supplies such as sunscreen and a hat. For anyone venturing into the great outdoors, bug spray can also prove to be quite valuable.

Where to eat


Whichever Dayton RV campground a traveler chooses to stay at can be quite exciting for cooking up a storm. Some Dayton, Ohio RV parks allow the use of campfires and fire pits, while others boast communal kitchens or let you use motorhome kitchen appliances. However a Dayton Flyers fan chooses to cook, they can enjoy the convenience of being able to collect all the supplies they need at a grocery store within a mile of the university campus.


Dayton is home to several pizza chains, the oldest potato chip company in the United States, a candy and chocolate company, and a nationally renowned steakhouse. Fine dining is also at the top of the list, meaning campers will have plenty of opportunities to try something new in Dayton, Ohio. Some of the best eateries in Dayton are within a five-mile radius of the University of Dayton.


Concession stands and mobile carts line the sports facilities at the University of Dayton, which means that no Dayton Flyers fans will go hungry. While fans are not allowed to bring in outside food and beverages, cash can see them armed with delicious treats to satisfy hunger pangs throughout the game. By downloading the Dayton Flyers Gameday app, visitors can work out what they prefer in advance. Souvenirs and merchandise may also be purchased at the Cronin Family Spirit Shop, southeast of the arena.



All fans visiting the University of Dayton on gameday will be required to undergo screening before entry. This process includes a metal detector and manual checks by security personnel. Ushers and security staff will also be positioned throughout the sports facility for peace of mind. Anyone in need of assistance can approach a University of Dayton staff member for help, or make their way to the Dayton Police Department within three miles from the university.


Weather conditions can change all the time in Dayton, which means that fans will need to keep a close eye on a weather app. By doing so, they can be aware of what to expect while attending a game and during outdoor activities like hiking and fishing at Cowan Lake State Park. Temperatures start to heat up around May to September, with average highs in the 80 degrees Fahrenheit range but drop to as low as 21 degrees over winter.


Any Dayton Flyers fans in need of medical assistance will find it at the first aid station in the southwest corner of UD Arena. Medical staff is on hand to help with any minor illnesses and injuries. In the event of an emergency, dial 911. Otherwise, the nearest hospital is half a mile from the University of Dayton. Travelers can stock up their onboard first-aid kits at the nearest pharmacy within the same distance.