Washington Nationals RV Camping Guide

Point the RV toward the capital to watch your favorite team play this year. Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. is one of the best places to watch a baseball game.

Event information

Along the Anacostia River with the Washington Monument and Capitol Building visible from the field, Nationals Park is a fantastic place to see a baseball game. The Washington Nationals are the only team based in Washington, D.C., making it a favorite with history buffs who like to venture out and visit the nearby attractions while in town for a game. And in keeping with the presidential theme, the team mascots include Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson.

However, the Nationals’ main mascot is Screech, who is a 6-foot-tall bald eagle wearing a Nationals Jersey and hat. He has been with the Nats since 2005 and has become the favorite, although the crowd does love to watch the presidents race at every home game in the middle of the fourth inning. While there have been three other presidents to join over the years, these four are the only ones who are still going strong.

With over 41,000 seats for fans, the park is usually full and fan-friendly. Kids under 12 really love the Junior Nationals Kids Club and all its benefits. They get discounts on tickets and food, a messenger bag and lanyard, and they get to be first in line at the Kids Run the Bases on Sundays. The PenFed Kids Fun Zone is also popular with kids three to eight, as well as parents who get to let their kids play while they watch the game. The Fun Zone is by the Right Field Gate and has a jungle gym and other fun activities.


Looking for tickets to a Washington Nationals baseball game? In recent years, fans paid an average of $53 per ticket, although they went for as little as $15 in some cases. However, if you want a special seat or amenities such as Sky 360 Club seats, you will be paying well over $1,000. Ticket prices are also affected by who they are playing and what time of year you plan to go. For instance, post-season tickets are much more costly than regular season tickets.

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Easy to find just off of I-395 in the heart of Washington, D.C., Nationals Park is on Capitol Street right next to the convergence of the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers. Under two miles from the United States Capitol building, going to a Nationals baseball game might rank among the most patriotic things fans can do. And it is also a lot of fun.

Washington, D.C. has so much history packed into its small land space between Virginia and Maryland. Visits to the Smithsonian Institution locations, United States Botanic Garden, and Lincoln Memorial become accessible sitting less than five miles from the stadium.

Parking areas

There are multiple parking garages and lots near the stadium. However, many of them have height limits of six feet and under, making them inaccessible to most RVs. A parking app might help you can find a spot perfect for you, even at the last minute. If you are not going to leave the RV in a campground and take public transportation, an app is one of the easiest ways to park that rig. Some smaller campervans may have an easier time fitting into standard parking spaces. Parking in D.C. can run about $50 for several hours.

Public Transportation

Washington, D.C. has some amazing public transportation options for those who are going to the game or just about anywhere else in the area, including a train system and Metrobus. The Blue, Orange, and Silver Lines board at the Eastern Market Metrorail Station on 8th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. The D.C. Circulator is also an excellent way to get to and from the game. For a small fee, you can catch the Circulator at Union Station.

Where to stay


Unfortunately, camping at Nationals Field or within D.C. is not available. Overnight parking is also not an option, so be prepared to land your rig elsewhere for the night lest you wake up in a tow lot. Plan to stay at a campground nearby and take public transportation to the game; this will help you with parking as well.


You will be happy to know that there are several campgrounds in the area where you can park your RV for the night so you can enjoy a Nationals game. The amenities range from the most rugged and primitive to the posh and pristine with utilities and showers. Cherry Hill Park is a favorite place for RVers to stay on the Maryland side of D.C. and is within a 45 to 60-minute drive of the stadium.

Just 29 miles to the northeast, Washington, DC / Capitol KOA Campground has over 100 RV sites with full hookups for rigs up to 90 feet long. The amenities here include Wi-Fi, bike rentals, tour shuttles, a pool, shower, and much more. If you have your pooch with you, he will enjoy the dog park on-site, and the kids will love the playground, jumping pillow, and giant chess set.

Getting around

Getting around at Nationals Park is not too difficult if you are prepared. Print a map of the stadium so you can plan your route to your seat and the places you will be visiting like the concession stands, restrooms, and parking lots. Although there are no shuttle services in the park, those with disability issues can use Segways, which is a major bonus for those who would rather not bring their wheelchair.

What to pack


What to pack for your trip depends on when you are going. Since baseball season lasts from spring until fall, temperatures vary greatly. For example, if you are going to one of the earliest games in March, the temps may be in the low 60s with lows in the upper 30s but in the summer it can be hot. Most people wear baseball jerseys and hats to support their favorite team or player, but it is a good idea to pack a hoodie or jacket as well.


Backpacks are no longer welcome at Nationals Park, so if you are bringing in items that won’t fit in your pockets, your best bet is a small bag or soft-sided cooler up to 16x16x8 inches. You’re allowed to bring in food and drinks but no glass, alcohol, or open liquids. Do make sure you bring plenty of water for the campsite as well as the ballpark, especially if you are planning a summer RV vacation.

Health & Safety

Whether you are at the game, your campsite, or out on the town, make sure you protect yourself from the sun and heat, especially during July and August, which are the hottest months in Washington. Using a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 is essential, as are sunglasses to keep the sun out of your eyes. It is also a good idea to bring insect repellent because ticks and mosquitoes get hungry when it gets warm outside.

Where to eat


Tailgating is not allowed at Nationals Park or in any of their parking lots, so do not plan to cook before, during, or after the game. However, when you get back to your campsite, you can break out the camp stove, use the provided campfire grill, or cook in your RV kitchen, especially if you are staying at the KOA or one of the parks with utilities. Bring plenty of water for cooking in case water supplies are not available at your site and always be prepared with a generator and cooler full of ice, just in case.


The Washington, D.C. area has a plethora of tasty food choices nearby. In fact, there is an Indian restaurant and fast food burger joint less than a quarter-mile away that you can walk to on your way to the National Mall. If you are looking for something fancier, check out some of the fine dining establishments in Downtown Washington within three miles of the park. From French food to oyster bars, you will find all kinds of venues near Nationals Stadium.


You’ll have no trouble finding whatever you are craving while at Nationals Ball Park. There are more than 60 vendors just on the Main Concourse from a candy shop to steak kiosks. The Club Level has 20 choices, from popcorn to pizza and sushi to shaved ice. The Gallery Level has more than 20 places to choose from, and the Scoreboard Pavilion has 10, including BBQ and fries. Merchandisers are also dotted around the park with t-shirts, hats, and other souvenirs to take home to your friends.



The ballpark has security personnel including Washington, D.C. police officers stationed all around the stadium for your protection. The staff is there to make sure everyone has a good time while staying safe. You can also expect to have your belongings searched and to go through the metal detector before entering the park. To make this go more smoothly, do not bring anything that is prohibited such as weapons, drugs, and glass.


If you’re headed to one of the games in the early season, the high temps will likely be around 60 to 65 degrees while the lows can get down to the 30s. In the summertime, Washington is typically in the upper 80s with lows in the lower 70s. This part of the country gets a lot of rain as well, with an average of almost four inches per month during the summer season. Download a weather app so you can stay up to date on the local weather as it can change quickly.


Whether you or someone nearby is feeling sick or has an accident, you can either let one of the staff know, call the guest services number, or head to one of the three first-aid stations in the park. These are located right behind sections 312, 131, and 107. If you would rather, there are over a dozen medical facilities within 15 miles of the park.