Wind Creek State Park
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Known as the main tourist attraction of Alexander City, Wind Creek State Park attracts visitors from near and far with its beautiful scenic trails, picturesque landscapes, and the exquisitely beautiful Lake Martin. Lake Martin is a reservoir built on the Tallapoosa River in Tallapoosa County. With the wooded shorelines enhancing its beauty, Lake Martin is a photographer’s delight. Apart from this charming lake, the park provides plenty of other recreational opportunities, including hiking, fishing, and horseback riding.
Occupying a massive area of 1,445 acres, Wind Creek State Park is well known as one of the largest state parks in the United States. Spring, summer, and fall are generally considered ideal times to visit this breathtaking park. However, the park is open all year long, with fewer crowds in the winter. The park is usually open almost all day long, seven days a week.
Major highlights of this park are the exciting fishing tournaments that take place during the peak season, and the special Fall Festival that includes various contests and, of course, the much-loved trick or treat. Also, there are a large number of RV camping facilities provided at the park, aiming to make this your most memorable and delightful RV camping experience ever. The 586 campsites cover everything from comfort to pet friendliness, and from hookups to laundry services. Bringing your RV to Wind Creek State Park is a delightful experience.

RV Rentals in Wind Creek State Park



Located just seven miles south of Alexander City, the park location is easily accessible by cars and motorhomes. The park entrance is a few miles from Highway 128. Bring a map with you since cell service is not always available inside the park. Only a handful of premium campsites provide the luxury of Wi-Fi. Campers, don't forget to stop by the registration office, which is located near the park entrance.


Nearly a dozen parking options are scattered all over the park, including near some of the most popular areas like Lake Martin, the beach areas, and campsites, so you can be sure to find plenty of parking options for your campervan. Parking for towed vehicles is also available. Driving motor vehicles on the beach area and hiking trails requires permission from the authorities.

Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Wind Creek State Park

Campsites in Wind Creek State Park

Reservations camping

The Campground at Wind Creek State Park

The RV campground at Wind Creek State Park is one of the largest in the country, consisting of 586 sites. This campground is so vast that is it divided into sections B, C, D, and E. The campground provides a large number of facilities like power, water, and sewer hookups. All campsites are equipped with 30-amp electrical and water hookups, and 286 of the sites also have sewer hookups. One hundred fifty-seven of the campsites are located at exotic waterfronts overlooking the spellbinding Lake Martin. You can choose between a shaded or open site. Most sites offer a fire ring or grill. A few of the campsites are also rendered pet-friendly. Also, some campsites have been designed with accessibility in mind. Thirty-nine of the campsites are premium sites, featuring 16-feet wide concrete pads and television connections. The premium campsites can only be booked by landline or by showing up in person, but they do offer electrical hookups. Two bathhouses are also located in the park with excellent laundry facilities. One is located at the shop marina, and the other is inside the campground. A camp storage facility is also located nearby the registration office. With all the great scenery and amenities, you’re guaranteed a fantastic RV camping experience at Wind Creek State Park, whether it's your first time RV camping or your fiftieth. You can make reservations up to one year in advance and stay up to 14 days at a time. RVs and trailers up to 50 feet can be accommodated.

First-come first-served

Equestrian Camping

Twenty of the campsites are reserved for equestrian camping. Campers who love the luxury of bringing their horses for a ride will fall in love with the park’s equestrian campsites, which are meant exclusively for horseback riders. Other amenities at these equestrian campsites include 30-amp electrical and water hookups. You'll have easy access to the horse trails so you can get riding as quickly as possible. These sites are only available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Alternate camping

Camping Cabins

If you want to ditch the motorhome for a night, consider renting one of the camping cabins available at Wind Creek State Park. Seven homey cabins are available year-round and come equipped with air conditioning, a kitchenette, and a private bathroom. The cabin does not include linen, towels, or any cooking utensils, so visitors will need to bring their own along. Cabin number two is handicap accessible. Reservations for the cabins can be made on the park's website.

Off-site Accommodation

If all of the campsites are full, or you're simply looking for more luxurious facilities, there are numerous RV resorts located near the park. Talladega National Forest is a short drive away from the park and is equipped with two more RV friendly campgrounds. If you have a day or two in front of or behind your RV rental, there are hotels in nearby Alexander City.

Seasonal activities in Wind Creek State Park



Wind Creek State Park is filled with abundant fishing opportunities and hosts exciting fishing tournaments throughout the year. A large number of species are found in Lake Martin all year round, making it an angler’s paradise. Some of the most popular species are largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, striped bass, bluegill, and channel catfish. The fishing tournaments, such as the Wind Creek Bass Trail Fishing Tournament and the Fishers of Men Fishing Tournament, are among the anglers’ favorites.


The huge variety of recreational activities provided by the Wind Creek State Park makes it stand out among many other state parks in the country. One such distinctive feature of Wind Creek is the Archery Range, which is open all year round. There is no fee for using the archery park. Since its opening in the spring of 2018, the Archery Range has been a massive hit among the archers. Whether you're a novice or experienced archer, you'll love practicing hitting the target during your RV trip to this beautiful state park.

Horseback Riding

If you're towing your horse in your trailer, you are in luck when you come to visit Wind Creek State Park. You'll love coasting on horseback along the 20 miles of the enchanting horse trails. The 15-mile Jeff Reed Horse Trail provides majestic views of the forests and Lake Martin. If you want to stay at the park with your horse, you can, thanks to the facilities at the equestrian camping area.


Novices and professional photographers alike can appreciate the natural splendor that Wind Creek State Park has to offer. From beautiful water vistas of Lake Martin to the canopy of tree lines, this park is a picturesque backdrop to the flora and fauna that call this area home. Take your camera with you out of the pop-up and climb to the top of the silo near pavilions one and two to snap breathtaking views of the lake. Head to the Alabama Reunion Trail for nature shots of hardwood bottoms, stands of pines, and carpets of ferns. If you tread quietly, you may even sneak a shot of some local wildlife.


Wind Creek State Park is a haven for birds of many different feathers. The park's predominantly wooded landscape creates an oasis for numerous species of birds year-round. So, dig the binoculars out of the camper, and aim your eyes to the sky. Ospreys and bald eagles can be seen nesting on the lake year-round, and wintering ducks can be seen on the lake in large quantities from November through February. Redheaded woodpeckers are prominent in the mature longleaf pines near the shoreline of the lake, along with martins from March through August. Keep your eyes peeled around the picnic pavilions and thickly forested areas for Carolina wrens, American goldfinches, and eastern bluebirds.



Covered with a blanket of pine trees and hardwood forests, with the beauty of Lake Martin in the backdrop, Wind Creek State Park’s various hiking trails take you on a delightful journey where you can experience nature’s glory in its full swing. Take a break from the Airstream and explore the park on your own two feet. From novice to experienced hikers, the park’s various hiking trails of varying length and difficulty level have something to offer for everyone. The nearly two-mile Camp Fire Trail passes by a small stream before ending its route on Lake Martin. The moderately difficult four-mile Alabama Reunion Trail features thick forests and white-tailed deer, which will surely make your heart skip a beat.

Zip Lining

There are so many options when it comes to recreation in the park. Private zip lining outfitters provide spectacular bird's eye views of the entire park in the spring, summer, and fall. If you want to catch aerial glimpses of the park and the gorgeous Lake Martin, these canopy tours provide two levels of incredible fun. The first level is an introductory tour with six skywalks and five zip lines. If your heart still wants more, go for the second level and rise 20 to 70 feet high to enjoy 11 zip lines and six skywalks.


With numerous festivals taking place in the park during the peak season, the park never really runs out of things to do. These high-spirited festivals add to the liveliness of the park, making it a perfect party destination. One of the park’s most notable festive celebrations is the Fall Festival, which takes place on the third weekend of October. Various activities of this festival include the pumpkin carving contest, a carnival, costume parades, and camp decoration contests. Additionally, just a week before Easter, the Wind Creek State Park holds its annual Easter Egg Hunt Festival.


Leave the Airstream on land and head to the water for a day of fun in the sun. Uniquely experience the park from the seat of your boat and spend the day on the lake. Various docks and boat launches are available for use around the massive Lake Martin. If you didn't tow your own boat, the marina offers boat rentals. Kayaks, motorboats, pontoons, and fishing boats are all available on a first-come, first-served basis. You must be 21 years or older to rent a boat. The marina also features bait, fishing licenses, tackle, floaties, and other boat supplies available for purchase should you find yourself needing anything else for your day on the lake.

Mini Golf

If you're looking for a fun activity that the whole family will enjoy, you won't have to venture too far from the RV. Wind Creek State Park has its own miniature golf course on-site. On weekends, you can head to the course and test your skills on 18 different holes. Each hole is designed from one of the local attractions in Alexander City. There are putters available in sizes for everyone, but children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult.