Zomongo 200

Zomongo 200 at Michigan International Speedway in June is a fun-filled action-packed racing party that you can spend the whole weekend at in your RV.

Event information

With over 1,400 acres, Zomongo 200, held at the Michigan International Speedway and part of the ARCA Racing Series, is an event to remember forever, and you won’t be likely to forget it anytime soon. In fact, by the time the motors are fading from your memories, you’ll be headed to next year’s Zomongo 200! The two-mile oval track hosts hundreds of racers from all over the globe to compete for the trophy. This is NASCAR racing at its finest, folks!

Not only do you get to see some excellent racing all weekend, but other surprises often appear, too. In the past, spectators who have camped at the track have been treated to a free concert and fireworks. From old-time rock-n-roll to country music, you never know who is going to show up for the fun. And the food… you just can’t beat it. From chicken tenders to cheeseburgers and poutine to popcorn, this track has just about everything you can imagine. They even have breakfast food and kids’ meals.

If there is anything that can beat the food, it’s the camping camaraderie. This racetrack has dedicated itself to RV camping fans with nine different campgrounds offering almost 9,000 campsites. And these are not just ordinary track campsites.

Many spots offer electric and water hookups, RV dump sites, shower houses, 24-hour security, and some of them even have picnic shelters and play areas for the kids. One of them even has a game room! You are going to love Zomongo 200 at Michigan International Speedway.


In past years, prices for the Zomongo 200 at Michigan International Speedway have started around $20 with options going up from there. Camping for the weekend ranged from $160 to $2,100, depending on the location and amenities. You get your money’s worth here, folks. The speedway really loves its fans, and the benefits of camping (instead of just parking) are hard to beat. From game rooms to catered meals, picnic pavilions to concierge service, you won’t ever want to leave. Kids under 12 are typically free with a paying adult.

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In Southeastern Michigan about 74 miles west of Detroit, you can easily find the Michigan International Speedway. Motorists may take I-90, I-94, I-96, or I-75 to approach the area and connect with smaller state or US highways near the speedway. The track is just off of US-12 on Brooklyn Road.

If you are a history buff or just want to enjoy some peace and quiet, take a trip to Cambridge Junction Historic State Park. This 80-acre park is just 2.5 miles from the track and has several historic buildings, exhibits, and the beautiful Irish Hills to explore and enjoy. They even have a Farmer’s Market on Sunday, where you can get fresh produce to snack on during the trip home.

Parking areas

The parking areas here are massive, so you won’t have to worry about parking if you decide not to camp on site. In fact, they even have a couple of overnight RV parking lots for those who just want to park during the race and stay overnight. No matter where you end up parking, the track has free tram service, so if you have to park far away, you'll have a quick way to the track.

Public Transportation

Bus companies in Jackson County work together with Michigan International Speedway to get you to and from the track all weekend long during the Zomongo 200. Even if you are just taking a day trip to visit some of the area attractions, you can jump on a bus and head to where you need to go.

Where to stay


Michigan International Speedway has the most registered campsites in the state. In fact, the track boasts almost 9,000 campsites in nine different campgrounds around the speedway. Each site has a variety of amenities with some that have concierge service, utilities, and picnic areas, while others just have spacious campsites with showers and restrooms.

The largest and most popular campground is the Infield, which has six sections and includes almost 3,000 campsites that can accommodate rigs up to 40 feet long. Tree Farm has over 600 sites that can handle rigs up to 55 feet long. M-50 Creekside has about 1,000 locations that can fit RVs up to 40 feet long.

Turn 1 has 28 premium sites that fit rigs up to 55 feet long. Apex has 20 premium sites that can fit rigs up to 55 feet. Turn 2 has 160 campsites that can accommodate RVs up to 60 feet long. Brookfest Acres has over 1,100 sites that can handle rigs up to 40 feet. Brooklyn Trails has over 1,600 sites that can accommodate RVs up to 40 feet long. And the Graves Family Campground has over 1,000 campsites that can be up to 50 feet long.


If you enjoy camping in a more rustic setting, check out one of the amazing state parks nearby. Hayes State Park is less than 10 miles away in Onsted, MI and has a 78-acre campground with 185 campsites. Lake Hudson is about 20 miles away in Clayton and has 50 campsites around the huge lake, which is known for its awesome fishing. You can also find several private campgrounds within a few miles of the track that have over 100 campsites in total.

Getting around

You won’t have to walk far no matter where you are going at the Michigan International Speedway during Zomongo 200. Tram services run all weekend long and cover the entire track, including all parking lots, campgrounds, and seating areas. However, bring some comfortable shoes just in case you want to walk around without the tram service.

What to pack


The temps in Michigan in June can vary so much that you are going to need to bring a variety of clothing options to choose from. You would do best to pick some things for spring weather and some things for summer weather. Pack a hoodie to keep you warm because nights can drop into the 40s.


This park allows coolers up to 12 inches for your beverages and whatever food you may want to bring during Zomongo 200. You can also bring a bag or backpack up to 18 inches to carry your camera, binoculars, ear protection, and your tickets. No glass is allowed at ARCA Racing Series events, and neither are drones, weapons, drugs, or fireworks.

Health & Safety

You will probably want to bring sunscreen to prevent sunburn, sunglasses to protect your eyes, and a hat to protect your face. It is also a good idea to have insect repellent to help detour ticks and prevent those hungry Michigan mosquitoes from snacking on you after the sun goes down. Be sure to bring any prescription drugs you may need and a first aid kit just in case you need it.

Where to eat


You won’t have a problem cooking at the Michigan International Speedway because most of the sites offer electric and water hookups. And the ones that don’t have hookups allow generators, so you can still use the stove if you want to cook indoors. However, many people like to cook over an open fire when camping, and the campgrounds are set up with picnic tables and grills for your convenience.


Even though the track has plenty of food to munch on during the Zomongo 200, you might want to take a trip into town for a nice meal with the family. Brooklyn has plenty to offer with a nice little grill & pub just two miles up the road as well as a pizza parlor, a hamburger joint, and Asian cuisine just a bit further to the north. And you will find several fast food places as well.


Michigan International Speedway boasts a plethora of food choices spread out along the northern side of the track as well as on Pit Road. Not only do they offer the basics like burgers, fries, BBQ, and chicken tenders, but they also have a stand with Canadian food specials. Some of these may include poutine dogs and peameal bacon sandwiches. You’ll also find several cooler and refill stations where you can get some more ice or refill your water bottle. And soft drinks, juice, and beer are offered as well.



Be prepared to have your bags, backpacks, and coolers searched before entering the track, and at any other time that security deems it necessary. Make sure you do not have any of the items on the no-no list like drones, weapons, glass, drugs, or fireworks. Security is there for you if you need them as well, and you can find them at the gates as well as the main office.


In Brooklyn, Michigan, it is just starting to heat up for the summer, but the weather can change quickly with one day in the 80s and another in the 50s. You will want to keep an eye on the weather forecast leading up to the Zomongo 200. The averages for early June are about 75 for the high and 55 for the low. Don’t be surprised if you see a popup thunderstorm on any of these days.


You can find first aid stations behind the grandstands by Gate 18, Gate 24, and Gate 29. There is also a larger care center on the infield. Each of these spots will have trained medical professionals who can deal with just about any issue. If they cannot, they will surely get you to someone who can. The nearest hospital is about 20 miles away if you would rather drive yourself.