We love to help.

We love to help.

How do I update my credit card?

You can update your credit card in your account at anytime.

If you have a trip booked, be sure to update your card on your trip page. Otherwise, you can update it in your account settings.

Add a new card for a trip you already have booked

If you already have a trip booked and you’d like any upcoming charges to go on a new card, use these instructions. 

Be sure to do this when logged in to the desktop or mobile website. This functionality is not yet available on our iPhone or Android apps — sorry about that.

From the My account dropdown in the upper right, select Upcoming trips. 

Select the trip you need to update the card for. Then, scroll down to and expand the Payment & cancellation section.

Under Payment details, select Change payment method. Then, open the dropdown and select Add payment method.

Once you’ve added your card, any upcoming payments for the trip will go on your new card. The card will also be saved to your account. 

Add a new card to your account

If you don’t currently have a trip booked and just want to update your saved credit card, use these instructions.

On the desktop or mobile website, go to the My account dropdown and select Settings. From the mobile app, go to your Profile and select Settings. 

Then, select Payment methods. From here, you can add a new payment method or remove an existing one.

And, now, you’re ready to go RVing! Thanks for being Outdoorsy.