We love to help.

We love to help.

What are Campgrounds on Outdoorsy

What are Campgrounds on Outdoorsy?

At Outdoorsy, we’re driven by the belief that the great outdoors is for everyone. Our mission is to make outdoor experiences accessible to all, ensuring choice and opportunity for our guests and partners.  It’s this vision that drives us every day, inspiring our evolution from an RV marketplace to a comprehensive outdoor travel platform. We connect thousands of outdoor enthusiasts with hospitality driven hosts, facilitating outdoor experiences – be it an RV rental, a cozy stay, or a campground experience.

Are you a Campground host that wants to expand your visibility to a wider group of outdoor travelers – from campers, weekend worriers, tent pitchers, family vacationers or clampers you can now showcase your space be it RV, tent, or lodging sites on Outdoorsy. 

The process of listing your campground on Outdoorsy is completely cost-free. Take the first step by listing with us today.

How does it work?

Outdoorsy isn’t just an online marketplace; it also serves as an OTA (Online Travel Agency) committed to outdoor travel. We provide real-time availability and pricing, opening your outdoor accommodations to thousands of eager campers daily, ready for instant booking. Select your preferred PMS (Property Management System) below to witness how simple it is to list your property on Outdoorsy.

Newbook Integration Guide

Coming soon: ResNexus, Firefly, RMS Cloud

We fully support Newbook and soon, “ResNexus”, “Firefly” and “RMS Cloud”. If you use a different Property Management System, reach out to our support team at support@outdoorsy.com. We’re always looking to expand our supported PMS network.

Why choose Outdoorsy? 

Enhanced Visibility and Reach

By partnering with Outdoorsy, you gain exposure to millions of visitors and a vibrant RV owner community. This expands your outreach to adventure-seekers exploring new experiences and travelers, including RV owners, who enhance their RV journeys with unforgettable campground experiences. All of this without incurring extra marketing costs.

Seamless Booking Experience

Outdoorsys user-friendly interface simplifies the booking process, guiding guests effortlessly. Tailored filters streamline the search, leading to more bookings and increased revenue for your property.

Boosted Profitability

Outdoorsy ensures your rates remain competitive by pulling in and distributing rates to match your PMS’s dynamic pricing rules in real time, maximizing your property’s occupancy and profitability.

Cost-effective Marketing

Outdoorsy utilize advanced marketing strategies, targeting specific audiences likely to be interested in your offerings. Our insights drive targeted campaigns across digital platforms, ensuring your campground or RV park receives the attention it deserves.

How long does it take to list my campground with Outdoorsy?

The process largely depends on you. Here are the four straightforward steps to get your campground listed:

  1. Visit our “List your Campground” page and fill out the registration form.
  2. Our business development team will connect with you to ensure compatibility and assist in setup.
  3. Set up your PMS to integrate with Outdoorsy. We’ll provide detailed instructions.
  4. Once your campground rules and amenities are aligned, you’ll go live on Outdoorsy.

At Outdoorsy, we’re dedicated to making your onboarding experience seamless and inclusive, ensuring that your camping spaces find their way to those who seek memorable outdoor adventures.

Will there be any differences in handling bookings coming from Outdoorsy or my direct site? 

In general, there won’t be significant differences between bookings from your direct site and those from Outdoorsy.com. We integrate with your property management system to seamlessly incorporate new bookings into your existing workflow.

How can I communicate with Outdoorsy guests?

Guests book through Outdoorsy.com. After the booking, we’ll give guests your campground contact number, so they can talk directly to you.

Although all Outdoorsy guests can use our 24/7 Contact Center, your Campground team knows the most about the campground, Sites, how to get around, and fun things to do nearby. If guests reach out to you, you can find them by looking up their name or booking dates in your PMS.