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I love beautiful art and beautiful architecture. I would love to go to Spain one day and enjoy the vibrant culture and flavor packed food. I can't wait until the day I get to go. In the meantime, I love my life with family and friends who are the best people I know. I work in IT and my hobbies include sewing, pinterest (who can resist?), and planning new and fun things to do on the weekends with the people who matter the most to me, my family and friends.

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Memories made on trips with TravyLink LLC's RVs

Pedro R.

5September 2022

Communicated very well with us...Easy process for picking up and dropping off the RV.

Brendan B.

5September 2022

It was a great first time Rv. Very easy to drive and the staff was great at explaining everything you need to know for using the Rv.

Ben M.

5August 2022

We loved this trailer

Christopher G.

5August 2022

Surendra K.

5June 2022

Al good

Charles R.

5May 2022

Very good communication and thorough instructions during check out/in.

Carl P.

2May 2022

Rv drove awful vibrated us to death was very loud and on the way to return to owner the bad tire blew out about a mile from from final drop off location .
I had mytwosons in rv with me luckily we safely got to the side of the road where we had to sit for the next two hours .
The rubber from the faulty tire which blew out caused damage to the RV which now i get to pay 500 dollar deductible to fix damage because the owner who rented the RV could not put a decent tire on before we left for the weekend trip
Would not recommend renting from individual again i have rented from a dealer in past up front charge seems higher but overall after all the little nickel and dime charges this turned out to be way costlier and a lot more hassle

Jenay’s answer

Hi Carl,
Thank you for your feedback. We are not happy when our renter's experience is not the best. When on the road, unfortunately incidents happen, as in your case, even with the upmost preventative care. For you, as we updated you via email, you experienced a tire blow out due to a nail puncture. This was confirmed by roadside assistance. For every reservation we inspect our units prior to pickup day and share our report with renters. We encourage a thorough inspection by renters and take extra care to be sure the departure process is not rushed. Before renters leave our location to start their vacation we confirm with the renters that they are comfortable with the RV and ready to depart via our departure checklist that we take every renter through. We remain available to renters 24/7 during the entire reservation to assist in any way possible. Also, post reservation, we continue to provide timely and clear updates as we work to close out the reservation and resolve any pending issues. In checking back on our reservation communications we were not made aware of any problems with vibration during your trip. I do see an email comment was sent in after the RV was returned back to us. Additionally, the only post reservation charge added to your reservation is a dump fee for not returning the RV with the waste tanks emptied. Tire damage is still under review and we expect will be handled according the the insurance terms of your reservation. We remain upfront and transparent about our charges and fees with every renter at the beginning of our communications together and via our published FAQs page that we point every renter to: http://bit.ly/travylinkFAQ .

John P.

5August 2021

Truly A plus from start to finish

John P.

5August 2021

From start to finish A + communication and satisfaction. Made our trip amazing

Kristen H.

4August 2021

For total newbies we were happy with our experience. It was a straight forward process picking it up and dropping it off. We had a couple minor issues on the road, but they were very responsive and talked us through how to fix it. There was plenty of room for the two of us and we could still drive on most city roads. It is a slightly older model so it does rattle a bit as you drive and there is some slight wear and tear, but nothing major. I would recommend it for anyone who trying out the RV experience.

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Camelia O.

5April 2021

Great experience and great vehicle. Highly recommend.

Brad F.

5January 2021

We had a wonderful experience. Of course we had some expected issues that I’d imagine come with renting any RV. What was great was how Jenay handled the issues, remained available and in communication any time we needed. I highly recommend Jenay/her team and would be glad to rent from them again in the future!

Cyrus E.

5December 2020

Being first time RV newbies, Jenay was very professional, responsive and helpful. We had a wonderful RV trip with the family! Thank you so much!

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Theresa Z.

5November 2020

Good experience! Janay was very nice and professional. We enjoyed being able to rent by the day. It made things so much nicer for our event although the band didn’t use the RV, it still was nice to have it available for them. Thank you!