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Memories made on trips with Aaron Phillips's RVs

Gary Z.

4October 2021

It’s a decent camping van. Aaron is very responsive and helpful. There are some problems may be addressed. The sink can easily clog up and the water pump works part time even we use it for a few minutes and turn it off when not using the faucet. And for the water tank, it is very difficult to refill after running out. The instruction should be more details in case I can not figure it out myself.

Celine D.

3October 2021

The van was great. It drove wonderfully, we had a great experience other than when we fetched the van it was dirty, it doesn’t have any tea towels for drying your dishes and it doesn’t have a small broom to try keep it slightly clean. The top bunk is very close to the room and a larger person will not fit into that space and be able to turn over in bed. The drivers seatbelt was broken and we had to drive without, which was very dangerous. I did contact Aaron and he seemed to be very polite about the whole matter. I think for the value of the car all in all it was a great experience.

Aaron’s answer

Currently looking at fixing seatbelt. Thank you

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Amit S.

5September 2021

I had an excellent time. Communication with Aaron was timely and clear.

Robert K.

5September 2021

Great, reliable van and process was easy. Highly recommend.

Arctic O.

5September 2021

We had a great time in this rig, it was basically equipped yet fully capable for everything we threw at it. The tent is easy to use and put away and the hosts could not have been more accommodating. It is a basic camping rig so be prepared to bring bags and small camping supplies. The big stuff is provided. Thank you for facilitating an amazing outing in Utah, we will definitely rent again.

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Philip G.

3August 2021

Overall the van was decent but it had some issues. It has been updated since the listing photos were taken and it has a counter that the sink and stove is attached to. The upper bed has a low clearance and I hit my head several times while rolling over in the night. We ended up sleeping one person in the top and one down below on the slide out twin bed. The biggest issue with the van was the doors. We couldn't open the sliding door from the inside which was a huge pain. We would have to crawl over the front seats to get out of the van and open the slider from the outside. The other big issue was the door open alarm. Even though all of the doors were fully closed the door alarm chime would go off constantly while driving. This was brutal since we were driving the van all over Utah for 2 weeks around 1500 miles. Luckily we had our ipod to play music because the antenna was missing on the van so you could not pick up any radio stations. Just a heads up, there is no grey water tank so when washing dishes/ using the sink the water will drain out the bottom of the rv on the drivers side so be mindful of who is downhill from your camp site. We made the van work for our needs but would probably not use this van again.

Bradley H.

5July 2021

Van was comfortable and nice to have for me and my dog. It was my first experience with a camper van and it makes me want to do it more.

Luyu L.

0July 2021

Aaron Phillips canceled the booking 0 days before departure. This is an automated posting.

John C.

0July 2021

Aaron Phillips canceled the booking 3 days before departure. This is an automated posting.

Terrie S.

0May 2021

Aaron Phillips canceled the booking 6 days before departure. This is an automated posting.

Nicholas P.

0May 2021

Aaron Phillips canceled the booking 5 days before departure. This is an automated posting.

Brenna F.

2May 2021

We had an amazing time on our trip but unfortunately the van had some issues. For starters, there was not a toilet as stated in the amenities description. Additionally, the water connection was temperamental and required one person to hold the switch on in a certain position in order to get the water to flow. The slider door also had issues latching correctly and the inverter box continually beeped loudly for seemingly no reason so we ended up powering it down for the entire trip. There was also little to no organization with the supplies in the van and there was old canned food etc. from previous renters in the boxes and broken extension cords. We got all of our own boxes to organize food and purchased our own utensils as well. There was no antennae for radio and with very limited service in southern Utah (where we were traveling) it made for a very quiet road trip.

Mahmoud A.

4May 2021

Solid truck overall. Definitely some wear and tear but it gets the job done. The truck came with propane gas burners, some pots and pans, as well as some knives. Pick up and drop off we’re easy.

Stephan W.

0May 2021

Aaron Phillips canceled the booking 1 day before departure. This is an automated posting.