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Hi, I am Anthony Frisone

Happy trails. I can only hope that you have as much fun and bonding experience that you get when you are on the open road traveling with your family. I have two young boys and two young dogs and beautiful wife. There are so many benefits traveling across country with your family then it would be flying across the country. Our vacation does not start when we reach our destination like most air travelers. Our vacation starts the day before we leave. Packing the truck telling stories The children actually want to go to bed early the night before because they think the next day comes faster. The journey the road trip is part of the entire vacation. If you are fortunate enough not to have to rush back to your 9-to-5 I would recommend renting a SPRINTER and don’t be concerned about price if you’re going to do it do it the right way travel in first class on the way to your destinations. “Fact” Every vacation that we went on when it was time to leave everyone was dragging there butts who’s complaining The luggage is too heavy for the flight. Not when your the capitan. When we get ready to leave The resort and travel home you don’t have to worry about packing correctly you never leave your luggage you just throw it right on the truck bring pillows and blankets let the fun begin . You might hear the children say we are looking forward to the drive home it’s like a vacation in itself. Who looks forward to traveling home from a vacation Air travel is due however our vacation ends when we open our front door of our home. Drive safe, get plenty of rest and when you’re tired pull over and you’ll be fine enjoy the open roads.