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There is so much to experience by RV-ing across America. National parks and beautiful campgrounds are just the beginning. Why wait to take your dream road trip across the US?

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RV Road Trip in America

Renting an RV is a unique way to explore America. There is so much to see throughout the country, and you’ll see a lot more of it in an RV versus flying or staying in hotels. The scenery changes completely from one region to another and there are campgrounds and awesome national and state parks all throughout the US.

Flying or staying in hotels also means spending a lot more money. If you choose to RV America instead, you can see more while traveling on a budget. Hotels can be very expensive, especially in bigger cities. And flights… Well, flying a whole family can cost an arm and a leg!

An RV road trip across America also means having your own kitchen. This comes in handy if you’re trying to save money (eating out gets expensive!), if you have dietary restrictions, if there are picky eaters in your family, or if you are in a secluded area with little to no dining options.

RVing America is also great because you can get close to nature, see amazing views, and stop at fun and quirky roadside attractions. You’ll also meet other people that you can share similar experiences with.

Traveling America in an RV

The US is huge and has many areas that are perfect for an RV road trip. You can travel America and pass beaches, mountains, and deserts.

Florida is a popular state for RVing. There are 175 state parks and three national parks, making it easy to get outdoors and enjoy nature. One of the most iconic road trips in Florida is the drive from Miami to Key West. Looking out over the water as you pass over bridges, especially the Seven Mile Bridge, is pretty spectacular.

Arizona is another popular state to go RVing in. The Grand Canyon is obviously a huge attraction, literally. But there are also other hotspots like Sedona, Petrified Forest National Park, and Lake Havasu.

Of course, if you want to spend time near some big cities, that’s possible too. You might have to park in a Walmart, and driving through downtown areas isn’t recommended, but you’ll be close to museums and attractions without spending money on a hotel.

RV America Rental

If you want to RV America but don’t want to buy one, renting is your best option. RV rentals are easy to find on Outdoorsy’s search platform.

Search by location and then decide if you’d like to pick up the RV or have it delivered. Narrow down your search by filtering based on vehicle type, date, price, and amenities. Once you’ve found the perfect RV for traveling America, send a request directly to the owner and let them know if you have any questions.

By starting your road trip planning with Outdoorsy, your dream of traveling America in an RV will become a reality. Enjoy all that the country has to offer in comfort and at your own pace, all while saving money.

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