Class BArvada, CO
4 seatbeltsSleeps 421 ftYear 2020

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Class BRental #175636

Brand new luxurious 2020 Winnebago Travato 59G. Well equipped van sleeps 4 and includes all of the necessities. Comfortable bed, large captain's chairs that swivel to dining area, kitchen, refrigerator/freezer, gas stove, microwave, plenty of storage, indoor shower. High end extras like solar power, heat, AC, Bluetooth audio, bike rack and more...
Other owner appointments included to make your adventure memorable.

  • Sleeps: 4 guests
  • Seats: 4 seatbelts
  • Fresh water tank: 21 gallons
  • Fuel: Gas

Owner rules

  • Pets not allowed
  • No music festivals
  • Tailgating not allowed
  • No smoking


  • Daily$330.00 /night
  • Weekly$330.00 /night0% discount
  • Monthly$330.00 /night0% discount
Minimum stay
6 nights
Refundable security deposit
24/7 unlimited roadside assistance
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100 miles free per day You will be charged $0.45 for every mile over per day.
Generator usage
4 free generator hours per day If you exceed the included hours you will be charged $3.00 per hour.

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  • Need a lift - you're all set!

  • Don't have time to clean, no problem

  • Linen and Towels (2 Beds, 2 Sets of Towels)


This rental has a 6 night minimum.
January 2022




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John T.

2September 2021

All of the following were problems: Basis for review is what the owner has control over: accuracy of RV listing, full disclosure of conditions at first opportunity, good quality information and communication prior to the trip and certainly not waiting until after the cancellation fees are at the maximum level, and not waiting until the day that keys are handed over, preventing and promptly resolving RV problems prior to key hand over, providing copies of all official documentation and contracts as marked up and signed before and after trip. None of these problems could have been resolved after they were discovered so arguing with owner was pointless. The front bed had been modified/repaired due to it not staying in place but this fix did not keep it from falling 18 inches to the floor multiple times during the trip. The repair modification required getting under the bed in an 18 inch by 18 inch (approximate) opening and putting slide bolts into the bench seat wooden rail (every night). In addition to this we had to place items between the bed and the sliding door to keep it from moving out of position and falling. In addition, the front bed module would not slide into place due to interference with a metal hold down strap inside the cabinet. Owner knew of this and was great to provide a working solution to use a kitchen utensil to push the strap down while sliding the bed, but this only marginally worked and it was frustrating that this wasn't revealed until during the trip, with the owner just assuming that we could reach them by phone at night when we had a problem, and not getting this fixed prior to rental, or revealing it prior to the trip, and prior to 100% cancellation fee risk. The table wall connection had been repaired but this did not keep it from coming loose and disconnecting during the trip and requiring us to repair during trip. Shower door was completely non-functional and stuck open and had been replaced with a vinyl curtain but no way to hold it closed and not arranged to keep water inside shower. Refrigerator was not fully defrosted so that ice buildup was starting to cause problems by end of trip. No toilet paper holder or shower towel location or method to address this while keeping vinyl curtain closed (small doors in bathroom were "not to be used"). The valve handle used to dump the black water tank was 50% broken (top of handle) when keys were handed over and the valve handle broke the rest of the way (bottom of handle) the first time it was gently used; obvious prior stress. Toilet flush valve seal was obviously bad and caused bad odors in the van even when the tank was empty. Prior customer mentioned odor problems but was dismissed as only a full tank problem. Valve was easy to test by seeing whether it would hold water above the valve when closed. Valve position had some affect but clearly an odor seal problem regardless of valve position. The owner could have included leveling blocks but did not, most of the RV campground RV parking spots that we saw across the state of Colorado were not level. This was a full 3 week trip (20 days) and the owner listed this Travato at a premium price, the highest pricing we saw on Outdoorsy or other sites and listed the vehicle as 2020 model year leading the impression that it was only about 1 year old and in great condition. The total bill for us after Outdoorsy fees and required insurance was almost $8,900. When discussing some of these problems and showing the long-term fixes that were done during the trip, the owner agreed to reduce the fees by about $45. This was appreciated but note that if you ordered a hamburger and had terrible problems that they could have prevented and they offered you a similar percentage it would be like handing you 4 pennies for your trouble. The pre-trip communication was poor with no video like another reviewer and no real information until just a few days before the trip, much too late to adjust plans or what was packed. The owners delayed communication due to their own schedule until it was in the final 7 day cancellation fee window. Owner complained bitterly about Winnebago design issues and Owner may well be correct about bad design but these were all items that could have been properly repaired by Owner prior to putting the van up for rental and certainly should have been revealed prior to accepting money with penalties for cancellation. Owner indicated that they could not know about problems because they don’t use this RV, but the reality is you don’t accept that justification when you buy a used Honda car and these are all items that can be detected with a function test. Positives: the generator was the quiet model similar to an inverter grade portable Honda generator. The van drives easy and very similar to a minivan. Parking was easy with it only sticking out about 2 to 3 feet beyond most parking spots. The heater and stove worked very well. It was fun having so many people wave at you and say nice van just because you are driving a Travato. The fact that we had a good time together in spite of all these problems does not justify a high review.

James M.

5August 2021

Rose N.

5July 2021

Pinguan Z.

5June 2021

The RV is compact and has everything we need. It’s also easy to drive around. Jennifer was nice and patient. She texted me during the trip and was able to troubleshoot a vent fan issue over the phone. We had a great time with the van and would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Christine B.

5June 2021

This van was great for a 4 day trip to Ouray and Telluride! We were off grid and we’re able to use the van for the full 4 days without plugging in and refilling the water tanks. We slept comfortably in the van with 2 adults and 2 small kids. It was also super easy to drive! We will definitely be renting this van again.

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Alan W.

5May 2021

Jen and Steve were very attentive and great to work with. Besides going over the features of the RV, they provided a cheatsheet. If we had a question, they were quick to answer. The Winnebago was very clean on the inside and the outstide.

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