Delta - Ford E350 4x4 Sportsmobile

12 reviews


Rachael W.

March 20215

We had excellent communication from the Roamerica team from booking through return. I never had any questions about the process or what to expect (or what expected of us as renters) that was not fully explained. I love that we only had to bring our clothes and food and that all the camping gear, etc was provided to us. Gretchen was so thoughtful in putting together a treat for us for our anniversary, and Chris went above and beyond to get an item back to us that we left in the van by mistake. We had a wonderful trip and would love to do it again.

Brandon H.

November 20205

Excellent experience! So much fun!

Jessica G.

October 20205

The best trip we have ever taken as a family! We felt safe, had a great adventure, and the van allowed us to keep COVID safe. I couldn’t be more pleased!

Danny B.

September 20205

Amazing experience!

Kelly B.

September 20205

The Delta was such an awesome van, very easy set up and so convenient and comfortable. The van ran great and had all the basic necessities for campervan living. One of our best trips ever exploring beautiful Oregon! The van got alot of attention from local drivers, definitely is an eye catcher.
Gretchen was super responsive with our reservation matters and Chris was very chill and accommodating when our flight was delayed. I plan on renting with Roamerica again very soon.

Mike R.

January 20203

This was a great van for 3 people to do a 3 day road trip down the Oregon coast. However, we were very surprised and discouraged with the amount of hidden fees and strings attached. Although the van is listed as pet friendly, we were told during pick up that it would cost $100 for a dog, the dog was not allowed on any upholstery, and had to be kept in a kennel in the center of the van. We were told that this is because they sometimes rent to people that are allergic to dogs. My advice: don't list the van as pet friendly if it isn't actually pet friendly. It's more like pet tolerable. Another disappointment was that during pick up we were told that almost any damage whatsoever, even down to lingering smells in the cab, would be charged to our massive security deposit. I could go on, but suffice it to say it did not set us in the mood for a fun relaxed trip and we were constantly on edge and paranoid. Contrast this with camper van rentals we've done in Iceland where we were tossed the keys, given free extras, and told to have a good time. So easy. In the end, the vehicle was awesome and functioned exactly as expected, but we did not have the most positive interpersonal experience.

Lori M.

November 20195

We had the best road trip ever! Freedom was good. Our van was amazing. -- we will be doing it again soon! --
Thank you ROAMERICA!!

Justin S.

March 20195

We had nothing less than a remarkable experience. The van was top notch. Super comfortable to travel in and sets up for camping in no time. The vehicle was super well maintained. Gretchen made sure we understood every aspect of the van before leaving so we had no questions once on the road. Every aspect was just fantastic. We would most definitely rent again!

Sarah R.

August 20185

Everything was just perfect! From the timing on airport pick-up to the trip planning assistance, the campervan itself, and everything in between. I couldn't picture a better rental experience. Thank you!

Amanda H.

August 20185

Fantastic people to work with. Super fun adventure mobile!!!

Noreen A.

July 20185

Thank you for the amazing experience! Renting thru Roamerica was the best decision we’ve made for our trip. Continue to do what you do. :)

Sara C.

June 20185

We love Roamerica!! This amazing company enabled us to take our 3 year-old on a camping adventure like no other! We were able to fly to Portland from North Carolina without having to bring any gear and hit the road! Gretchen and Taylor have every detail covered, which enabled us to not worry about a thing. They were also super accommodating as we began planning our trip and had to reschedule our dates. After we picked up the van, we drove away confident in both operating and setting-up the van. By day two, it felt like it was ours. We can’t wait to do it again!!