2003 Winnebago Minnie Winnie (Chalet)

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Artem S.

5July 2021

It was great. John are amazing and friendly guy.

Jason P.

0July 2021

John Riggs canceled the booking 3 days before departure. This is an automated posting.

Brad S.

5January 2021

John was excellent. It was our first time renting or even using an RV. He made the experience wonderful, so much so that we are considering buying a small C Class next year. He was very thorough and eased any concerns I had.

Ken Z.

5January 2021

A wonderful experience with the RV and with John. The rental process with John was extremely smooth and pleasant. Everyone in our group of five plan to rent from him in future trips and would highly recommend!

Shawn L.

5December 2020

What a fantastic trip. John made this super easy and the RV works flawlessly. It does everything I would expect an RV to do. Easily traversing the hills mountains and valleys of Eastern California and Western Nevada and let us cook and sleep in peace. A beautiful way to get away and have a stress-free vacation. Highly recommend!!

Philippeau A.

5December 2020

Great first RV trip with John's old School RV. Run great and gave us an amazing experience. John was very helpful to explain everything at the beginning. Unfortunately we had a flat tire before giving back the RV but once against John was helpful to explain how to change it and make sure we make it in time to the parking lot.

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Mary M.

5November 2020

Drove this rv to Sun Valley, Idaho and back, and went thru all kinds of weather...high winds, rain, and snow, and the rig performed perfectly, even though it’s on the older side. John was great to work with and was willing to give me a free night, when I hit an unexpected snow storm outside of Lancaster, and wasn’t sure if I’d be able to make it back in time. He’s flexible and fair, and you’ll be happy with this rv.

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Victor G.

5October 2020

Everything went perfect with John's RV. It has all what you need. It is a bit old but all functional and working.
John is very responsive and helpful.

Kimberly E.

4September 2020

Great experience with John, very responsive and helpful. He was very understanding with the issues we had, just wish the fridge would have gotten colder and that the rig was cleaned more, but he didn't really have time between bookings to do so.

David C.

5September 2020

John was easy to work with, understanding of any issues, and kept things simple and easy. He loves his "baby" and wants to take care of it while also sharing it with others. Thanks for the great time and making everything so quick and easy John.

Olga B.

5September 2020


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Carley J.

4August 2020

John’s RV checked all the boxes for our trip. We were looking for something affordable and reliable for our daughter’s birthday camping trip. She’s 10 and Covid changed our original big birthday plans. The RV drove well and John was very communicative and easy to work with. Is this the fancy, Instagramable RV of your influencer dreams? No. But did my daughter say it was the coolest car she’d ever been in? Yes.

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Todd S.

3August 2020

On the plus side, John is very responsive and easy going. The negatives: The RV had mechanical issues: it stalled every time it was put in reverse, which requires that you put it in Park and then restart the engine every time. John said it was "normal" and happened occasionally. It happened virtually every time it was put in reverse. There was an issue with the tire gauge monitor which caused it to beep often and we had to press buttons to make it stop each time. John said to disregard it since it was likely a false beep, but disconcerting not knowing and having to do it a lot was a bit of a pain. Before our rental, I messaged John to ask about his cleaning protocols in light of COVID, and I saw that he had rented the RV up to the day before we were to pick it up. He said he would be careful to clean it, but after we picked it up from him we ran disinfectant wipes over the steering wheel and various handles, and they came away completely black. The floors were dirty and the RV just had not been thoroughly cleaned. The listing said it came with a bike rack and it didn't. Both smoke alarms were missing from their holders in the ceiling. It is an older RV and you have to expect things not to be pristine, but we felt it was pretty beaten up and grimy. We're two guys, so we didn't mind it too much, but I would imagine others might be a bit grossed out. Just know going in what to expect and it might work out fine for you. John did say he was fixing a lot of stuff following our rental.

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Ford A.

1August 2020

This RV is a shade away from a homeless van: generator broken, awning broken, thermostat broken, ac broken, smoke detectors broken, stove broken, skylights broken, fans broken, shades broken, drawers broken, cabinets filled with broken random useless stuff. There’s yards of tape barely holding the dented exterior together. There’s gaps in the bathroom that allow sewage odor to deep into the living quarters. It’s not surprising that the RV wasn’t cleaned and that the tanks were filled with human waste. Check out road bear to rent an rv that is new and cost a fraction of the rip-off app-rates for broken equipment. This is essentially a covid scam to bilk 1st time renters in my experience.

John’s answer

Im sorry you did not enjoy your trip. The pictures of the RV in the listing are current except for the damage that happened on the trip before yours. I am waiting on insurance to fix the body damage. The tape makes it a little nicer and if I didnt tape it up, I would have had to cancel your reservation the day before. The generator also did break the trip before yours, I offered a cancellation free of charge but you mentioned you would be on shore power so it wasn't necessary. Nothing else was broken to the point of it being inoperable. The skylight frame is cracked but it still works. The one that went missing also went missing the trip before yours and a new one was in the mail on its way to me. One cabinet had the VCR equipment in it that came with the RV, so to say the cabinets were filled with broken random useless stuff is just not true. The stuff that is in the other cabinets include flash lights, first aid kit, water filter for filling the tanks, and kitchen ware. Awning usage is not allowed as per Outdoorsy. There are no gaps in the bathroom allowing sewage odor to creep in. The tanks were not "filled" with human waste. We looked down into the black tank thru the toilet and you could see it was empty. It appears that the previous renter did not fully flush the tanks with clean water and there was some waste in the pipes. You asked to pick the RV up early and I did say to you that with you picking it up that early I wont have a chance to take it to the only place anywhere near the west side to flush the tanks in case it came back the night before without them perfectly clean. The only place is open 2 hours a day around noon M-F. I was overly apologetic about the issues you did have. Next time, please do rent from the other site you are pushing, their daily rate for an RV the same size is $230 a night, mine is $140, I dont understand how thats a fraction of the cost.

George H.

5July 2020

John was great at communicating and we had a perfect week. The RV drove beautifully and we spent 5 perfect days at Mammoth Lakes. Highly recommend this as a way to get to the great outdoors and unwind. Thank you John.

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David O.

5July 2020

John communicates well and quickly. He is very reasonable and easy to work with. My first time using and RV was quite successful due to his support.

Brett L.

5June 2020

John was a great host and the listing was as described. This was my first RV rental and John guided me through it in the initial meeting and by responding quickly to any questions I had during the trip. I agree with all the other reviews!

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Sherri F.

5June 2020

John was a pleasure to work with and incredibly responsive to questions.
Excellent service and our family had a wonderful time in his RV. Would rent again and highly recommend to others.

Mariana H.

5June 2020

John was quick to respond to all my questions and concerns. He gave me a excellent tips on any questions I had. I appreciate all the help he gave me.

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Brandy F.

5June 2020

We had an amazing time. John was wonderful to rent from. I highly recommend!

Kurt O.

5May 2020

John was very responsive and responsible. You get what you get w the older RV but it was big and comfortable. It was perfect for our weekend. Very good deal and John was there if we had any issues or questions. We will definitely rent from him again

Krissy S.

5December 2019

His RV was fantastic and we had a awesome time . Thank you for replying and getting back to us so quick

Nick T.

5November 2019

John would respond as quickly as possible appreciated any feedback i gave him and was appreciated of the communication

Nikolay M.

5October 2019

John is a very responsive owner. The RV (I believe her name is Patricia but might be wrong) in good condition and easy to manage

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