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Discover St. Joseph County, MI

Long before the arrival of European settlers, the land Saint Joseph, Michigan now occupies was of great strategic importance to the indigenous tribes of the area. Several failed expeditions tried to set up forts and settlements near present-day Saint Joseph, but it was not until 1780 that permanent trading outpost was established. In the 19th century, the town of Saint Joseph would become an economic hub, especially for trading, shipbuilding, and transporting of goods over Lake Michigan to Chicago and other cities.

Saint Joseph now is a peaceful town known for its lovely beaches and delightful downtown area full of elegant, old buildings. Visitors flock to this quaint little summer resort town for the sunshine, swimming, and outdoor recreation on the shores of Lake Michigan. Saint Joseph is an hour’s drive west of Kalamazoo, and there are not many urban areas in the immediate area.

Each year the Blossomtime Festival, the Venetian Fair, and the Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff help bring in lots of tourism and provide the town with ample celebrations and festivities that you can take part in when you book an RV in Saint Joseph for your next vacation.

Experience the Sites and Scenery

Saint Joseph is absolutely teeming with outdoor adventure, one of the main reasons for its summertime tourism. Kiwanis Park has nature trails, basketball hoops, baseball diamonds, playgrounds, and a cool skate park. Tiscornia Park and Silver Beach County Park can be found on opposite sides of the Saint Joseph River that flows through town and empties into the lake. They are primarily known for their amazing beaches, but Silver Beach County Park goes above and beyond with its restaurants, restrooms, picnic pavilions, and beach volleyball courts.

Grand Mere State Park is the first park you will find if you drive your Saint Joseph camper rental to the south along the coast. This fabulous park has iconic sand dunes that tower over the road and the beaches on the other side. Climbing these protected areas enables visitors to enjoy splendid views of the water, especially at sunset when the colors of the sky are incredible. Warren Dunes State Park is another 20 miles to the south and also positioned on the shores of Lake Michigan. The dunes at Warren Dunes State Park are also massive, overlooking the beaches that are great for camping, walking, fishing, and believe it or not, cross-country skiing in the winter.

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore can be found by taking your Saint Joseph RV rental just over the border into neighboring Indiana. This epic park is full of rare wildlife, protected wilderness areas, historical buildings, and great campgrounds to stay at when you rent an RV.

Driving far to the north past the city of Muskegon, you can visit the Huron-Manistee National Forest that dominates much of the northern parts of the lower peninsula in Michigan. There is even more undeveloped lakefront on this one-million-acre reserve, with sand dunes that are over 4,000 years old.

Isle Royale National Park is technically in Michigan but would require lots of driving in your Saint Joseph motorhome rental. It is only accessible by boat but very much worth the visit if you want to see one of the most remote places in the country.

City Attractions

Most of the attractions in the tiny city of Saint Joseph revolve around its astonishingly beautiful beaches. Silver Beach County Park alone is responsible for most of the tourists that flood the town in the summer months each year. The park is known for its massive Whirlpool Compass Fountain that is equal parts fun and aesthetically pleasing. Children especially like to splash around in this fun art installation that doubles as a waterpark feature. The Silver Beach Carousel is another fun feature that draws people to the area and is cherished by children of all ages. This brilliant, hand-carved, piece of history is a work of art that began operating back in 1910, over 100 years ago. The site is maintained by volunteers seeking to preserve the historical treasure. Saint Joseph Lighthouse is probably the most photogenic spot in town, jutting out into the lake to provide light for ships at night. Sunsets over the iconic lighthouse are especially pleasing.

Krasl Art Center is a fantastic place to appreciate art on display on the riverfront. Despite its small size, it still manages to boast an impressive collection of major masterpieces from world-renowned artists. Stop by the Curious Kids’ Museum if you rent an RV in Saint Joseph and have a family to keep entertained. This amazing institution is great for children to explore and learn about the world, with cool exhibits featuring volcanoes and different planets of the solar system.

Where to Park It

Due to Saint Joseph’s emergence as a tourism destination, many exciting RV parks and campgrounds have opened up in the area to accommodate the flow of visitors in summertime. Kamp Across from the Dunes is right beside Warren Dunes State Park which also allows camping. Both campgrounds offer beach camping, although they are only open in the summer and fall.

Covert/South Haven KOA is one of a couple accommodating KOA campgrounds in the area. The park boasts six beaches within 10 minutes of its location, as well as a pool, a snack bar, a rock-climbing wall, and trampoline basketball. Coloma/Saint Joseph KOA is closer to Saint Joseph but an equally good option to Covert/South Haven KOA. There is a pool, a mini-golf course, bicycle rentals, and even a pizza place at this entertaining campground.

Sweet Cherry Resort could be another nice place to stay with your Saint Joseph luxury motorhome rental. This rustic campground features scenic landscapes and frequently hosts weddings and other large events.

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