exterior Funky Cozy 1999 chevy astrovan Pacific Grove, CA exterior Funky Cozy 1999 chevy astrovan Pacific Grove, CA exterior Funky Cozy 1999 chevy astrovan Pacific Grove, CA
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Funky Cozy 1999 chevy astrovan

Pacific GroveCA


Awesome camper van for those wanting to explore CA. #kokovanlife 100 mile per day included. $.35 per mile after you reach the limit. Sheets, blankets, pillows and towels can be included for $25 bedding cleaning fee. Bring your own sleeping bags and pillows for free :) Questions we often get: Q: Where did you get that sweet paint job? A: We bought the van like this. If we had it painted we might have done something differently Q:Does it have a kitchen? A: yes the kitchen is actually in the back, you have to access it through the back doors. It has one of those camper stoves with green propane bottles, a sink, 5gal water tank and lots of storage for food. We always keep our silverware, cutting boards, pots and pans in the van ready to go. It also has plates forks bowls and even a large salad bowl! Q: Is that a sink that works? A: the sink has a pump that is connected to the 5 gal water jug. The drain hose goes out the bottom of the car so be careful using soap that can harm the environment. Q: where is the stove? A: we have a coleman stove that is stored at the bottom of the kitchen. It takes propane tanks and we use the counter in the kitchen to keep it on. We always make sure the doors are open to let the fumes from the stove out. We don't want to die from those fumes. It cooks pretty fast and is easy to use. The lighters to light it is stored conveniently in the silverware drawer. Q: is there space to store your stuff? A: we store all the blankets and bedding in bags under the couch, there is also a wood box that can fit 2-3 small duffle bags for our clothes and toiletries. Q: does it have solar electricity? A: it doesn't have solar yet, We do have a deep cell boat battery with an AC converter in it. We use that to charge our phones and electronics. It really has a lot of charges in it and we haven't found any reason to get solar as we can re-charge the battery every few months. Q: those lights are sweet! Where did you get them? A: We got them on amazon. They are battery operated white LED string light to set the mellow mood. We also have bright LED lights in the kitchen, cab area, and above the bed. I really love the fairy lights though, they are less conspicuous and don't mess my eyes up as much for star gazing. I love fairly lights! Q how much did you pay for it? A: we got a really good deal for it because it has pretty high milage and is 1999. Luckily the company maintained their vehicles very well and little work was needed to get it running perfectly. Q: what happens when its really hot? A: We have a canopy setup that helps give us some more shade. We made it ourselves from a tarp tent poles and suction cups, it works. It helps with the rain too. The windows are also tinted which helps. Q: can you sleep in it? A: yes of course its a camper van. You can remove the table and fold out the futon, there are boards in the van that extend the futon into a bed size. Q: do you ever get cold at night? A: Once we slept in it down to 26F yes it was cold, but we found that a hot water bottle (included with the van) and warm clothes really help. We put a few jackets along the side of the mattress to keep the cold air out and it really helps a lot. Hopefully you don't have to get out to pee in the middle of the night. BRRRRRR. Q: is the bed comfortable? do you sleep well in it? A: The bed is surprisingly comfortable. At first we had our heads by the kitchen and found it un comfortable, then we tried our feet by the kitchen and sleep amazing. What makes it even better is the blackout curtains. We sleep in more in the van than at home. Darkness! Q: how is the gas milage? A: it gets around 18-20 MPG. If you drive slower it gets better gas milage but driving 70 is so much more fun. Q: Does it drive well? A: It feels a little like a boat, or a truck. It drives on the highway very smoothly (I often catch myself speeding its so smooth). Once acquainted with the way it drives its super easy and fun. Q: is it hard to park? A: Once you know how long it is, it can fit in all parking spots in cities or parking lots. Q: Can you sleep in it legally? A: We always look this up as every city has different rules. I wouldn't feel comfortable sleeping in a city unless I knew I wouldn't have to pee in the middle of the night. Q: Where is the best place you have taken it? A: Close by it would be Big Sur. We love taking the van for a weekend stroll down the scenic coast. Have lunch in one of the pullouts and enjoy the view away from the cold wind. Far away would be Joshua Tree National Park. We ended up camping just outside in BLM land and did a beautiful Hike during the day. Q: That looks like a total stoner van, you must smoke it out al the time. A: No, thats not our style. Q: Is that one of those rental camper vans from that company that paints their vans crazy? A: Well it used to be, they sold off their old fleet when they got new vans. We were lucky enough to get one from their old fleet so it used to be one of those painted rental vans you see all over
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Make: Chevy
Model: Astrovan
Type: Class B
Sleeps: 2
Length: 15 Feet


Air Conditioner
Dining Table
Kitchen Sink
Inside Shower
Outside Shower
Ceiling Fan
Tow Hitch
Bike Rack
Backup Camera
Extra Storage
Leveling Jacks
CD Player
Audio Inputs
Handicap Accessible
Water Tank 5 gallons


Pet Friendly
Festival Friendly
Smoking Allowed
no smoking


Cleaning Fee Required

To clean, vacuum inside and out.

generator Daily

deep cycle battery with inverter outlet (use normal house plugs) included in rental.

mileage Required

100 Miles per day included. Any additional mileage will cost.

Bedding Paid on Return

Linens, blankets, Pillows $20 cleaning fee if you use our sheets blankets and pillows.


Daily: $90
Weekly: $700
Monthly: $2,000
Minimum Nights: 3

Generator Charges

Unlimited hours are included with this rental

Mileage Charges

100 miles included per day

$0.35/per mile of additional mileage