2019 Riverside Retro

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Emily S.

5September 2021

Masha J.

5September 2021

This was our first time renting and towing a trailer. Lindsay was wonderful to work with, and we really appreciated her advice and tips.

Natalie M.

5September 2021

This cute retro trailer got tons of compliments from our fellow campers. It served our needs well & Lindsay was communicative and flexible to meet our trip needs.

Kevin V.

5August 2021

We had a great experience renting the travel trailer from Lindsay. The communication, pick-up and drop-off process was smooth. Lindsay was communicative and helped answer my questions, and she was flexible and just overall it was a very good experience.

Fayley M.

5August 2021

We used this trailer for a fun family weekend away. It was so cute and clean. Our host had wonderful communication. We highly recommend.

Melissa T.

5August 2021

Ron W.

5August 2021

It was so fun to rent Lindsay's retro trailer. For our first trailer experience it was exactly what we needed. As life long tent campers we can definitely see the value of trailer camping. We also got so many compliments :)

Kris C.

5July 2021

Kris C.

5July 2021

Great trailer!! Very easy set up and communication was great.

Deb G.

4July 2021

It is a very nice trailer. It is quite small, but perfect for 2 people and a dog. It was easy to drive with. Lindsay was very accommodating. The whole process was a breeze.

Alba M.

0June 2021

Lindsay Streich canceled the booking 2 days before departure. This is an automated posting.

Donna S.

5June 2021

Mamie B.

5May 2021

Cris F.

5April 2021

Cris F.

5April 2021

The trailer was perfect for my family of 4. 2 adults and 2 little one. They could have shared the dinette but the smallest choose to sleep with us on the main bed. Everything we used functioned as it should. We were at a site with full hookups and restrooms so the shower didn’t get used and the toilet was for late night usage. Lindsay was great to rent with and reasonably flexible. Easy to pull with a 2021 Subaru Ascent.

Jacob A.

5April 2021

Lindsay was great to work with. There were some hiccups with the reservation system, but Lindsay's level of communication made a huge difference. The trailer is great; it made a very chilly weekend at the coast very cozy. It was nice to tow. I bought a wireless brake controller so that I could take advantage of the trailer brakes while driving, and it worked great. We got a surprising number of compliments on the trailer; it seems like people really appreciate the vintage look. Lots of fun!

Taryn J.

5March 2021

Malia M.

5January 2021

Lindsay was great to work with and super patient and detailed with us as first time RVers! The trailer was cute and clean and everything worked properly and as per her clear instructions. She was easy going and very understanding when we had to delay pick up due to mechanical malfunctions on our end. We would definitely rent from Lindsay again!!

Adria D.

5October 2020

Great little trailer, easy to tow, has all the essentials. Perfect for the two of us. Lindsay could not be nicer! Thank you!

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Brian F.

5September 2020

We had the best time renting the Retro trailer! Our little family of three spent 11 nights in the trailer and it was perfect. It has tons of storage underneath for things like chairs, bbq, etc and space inside to store all your clothing and food. The bed was as comfortable as you’d expect a small trailer bed to be, but it worked for us. The bathroom is very small, we didn’t use it to shower as it would’ve been too tight, but it is nice to have late night. We can’t wait to rent a trailer again- this one hooked us!

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Natalie C.

5September 2020

We loved this little trailer. Even though our camping trip was abruptly cut short due to the wildfires in Southern Oregon, having the trailer made our camping experience very memorable.
We even brought our cat on her first ever camping trip, and she did great in the trailer! She loved all of the windows she could choose from to watch the wildlife outside, and we loved having her be able to come with us!
Lindsay was also very considerate and easy to communicate with when I accidentally left behind a whole drawer of my belongings.

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Gregory K.

2September 2020

It started on the first review of the unit, which happened to be a week early so we could get a feel for what the unit is/was like before jumping in with both feet. All was OK but a bit rough from a cosmetic standpoint, the front blind cover was hanging down although assured it would be taken care of before we started the following week. Both my wife and I thought it would be fine and kept on pace to pick up the unit the week before.
The following week we arranged to come by at noon, so I arrived promptly at noon and met with Lindsay at that time. A checklist from a previous customer was used as there were some issues already noted. So far was OK. The steps in need to be lubed/greased etc. The interior review was semi-fine with a few minor issues. The blind had been removed from the front window from the previous week’s visit so no privacy from that and as such had to keep the awning cover down most of the trip. Privacy factor for sure. This now made 3 windows in the trailer without blinds or without functioning blinds.
There was not much in the trailer for accessories etc., aside from a considerably basic first aid kit. No worries again at least we knew what we were getting. The front tongue handle assembly was considerably bent although was relatively functional. Needs to be lubed as well. The wheel jacks were reviewed and also needed to be lubed. Most of the exterior has been neglected or simply not taken very good care of. For a year and a half old trailer, it was well used. Showed more like a 5-year-old trailer left outside.
The water heater door was opened and apparently for the first time as Lindsay was unaware of the function or location. The electric panel inside showed the battery fully charged but black and gray water 2/3 full. According to Lindsay “They always show that” which I took at face value. The exterior walk was complete, and the propane tank was ½ full even after changing it out. I agreed to return the tank ½ full as I did not have time to wait for the tank to be taken somewhere to fill.
I hooked up the trailer and plugged in the lights with the front accessory light being burned out and not lit. Towed the unit home and found the unit itself was filthy and as such washed completely before beginning. The spare tire rack only had 2 of 4 bolts holding it in place and one of the two bolts for the spare tire was missing altogether. I straightened the bent bolts out and replaced the screws for the tire and made it secure. This could have been deadly had the wheel fell off en route.
The trailer tongue jack was removed completely, the mounting plate bent back into place, and washers and one bolt replaced. That was it for the prep to get the unit ready with the final exception of affixing the emergency trailer brake attachment correctly so it would function and replacing the propane tank with a full one. The tires were all checked and registered 15 – 20 pounds low.
By this time after spending the better part of a day getting ready, we were on the road. The first night showed another issue as the shower plugged up and would not drain. A stop at the dump station found the gray water and black water tanks full. Emptied both and backflushed to try and make sure all were clean. Filled the fresh water tank without issue. The water heater did not function until the 3rd day however but that was now not the expectation but the rule.
We returned the trailer the following week but not before washing from top to bottom again and returning the trailer was in far better condition than when we got it initially. Reviewed the multiple issues with Lindsay upon return.

Jules B.

5August 2020

This is such a fun trailer. We had it for a week and took it all over Oregon. Our kids loved it and our Volvo XC 90 had no problem towing it. I’d recommend bringing stuff to cook outside the trailer and using the kitchen in it as a last resort due to space constraints. Also, not great for very tall people (I’m short). But we were two adults and two small kids in it and it was great. Also, Lindsay is fantastic to work with, a great communicator, and really goes out of her way to be helpful.

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Dana M.

5August 2020

Lindsay's trailer was SUPER cute and comfortable. We dry camped for a week at Wallowa Lake and the camper suited our needs perfect! It's small, so I'd recommend for a couple or family traveling with 1-2 small children. We didn't use the inside kitchen as the weather was fantastic and our preference was to use our outdoor set up. The bathroom, as Lindsay describes, is best for late night/early morning potty breaks, which worked fine since we had bathrooms at the camp ground. We did not use the shower (indoor or out). The LED lights ran off the RV battery (since we were in a tent sight sans shore power), which lasted most of the week before re-charging. The refrigerator runs off shore power or propane, which worked good for us. Storage underneath was big enough to get our inflatable paddle boards (2) and camping chairs. Inside storage is tight so plan accordingly, though the beneath one dinette bench there is precious cargo space! Bed is VERY comfy! It was our first RV rental experience and this was a handy size to begin with. Lindsay was easy to communicate with and super accommodating and a real pleasure to work with.

John J.

5July 2020

We had a great time and the camper worked out really well.

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Max B.

5July 2020

Lindsay was so kind and so helpful. She really is a delight. I apologize because I can’t remember her husband’s name but he helped us get the trailer on the ball to hitch it. He was great as well.

Bethany F.

4June 2020

Lindsay was really great and we would rent from her again but we had problems with the hot water and the fan and the fridge took like 2 days to get cold. But we did have a great time anyway. Would just want to have communication.

Jules B.

5June 2020

We were very pleased with this rental and would do it again. There’s a few details below for those that are interested.

Clayon C.

5June 2020

Lindsay was great and easy to work with. The trailer fit our needs perfectly!

Jeffrey D.

5May 2020

Needed a safe and socially distant place to stay while working on Portland on a friend’s house. Lindsay’s trailer was perfect. Plenty of space for two us to sleep and three for cocktails. Lindsay was thorough in her explanation of the trailer and made it quite simple.

Steve W.

5November 2019

We highly recommend this travel trailer. It was a great fit for two people. Lindsay was very flexible with pick up and drop off. She is a fast responded and a great to work with.

Paula W.

5September 2019

Lindsay was super flexible with pickup and drop off. Overall experience was great!

Cody R.

5July 2019

Great little travel trailer for a small family! Thank you for making everything so easy for us!

Luke L.

5July 2019

Great camper and was very easy to tow.

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Lori A.

5July 2019

Very friendly and easy to work with!! We got so many compliments on the camper!

Jeff L.

5July 2019

A great trailer for two people. Comfortable bed and easy to tow. Lindsay and her family were very nice and easy to deal with.

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Tim N.

5June 2019

Had a great time in the Riverside Retro!

Sierra L.

5June 2019

Great camper! So fun going retro, beds were comfortable.

Kim H.

5May 2019

Rented for a Pendleton fall Apparel shoot and it was perfect!

Denise G.

5November 2018

This was a great trailer for a sisters camping trip! Lindsay was very flexible with pickup/dropoff. Everything was in perfect working order!!! Would rent again...

Darin H.

5October 2018

Nice RV! Had everything we needed and more. The owners didn't realize what they had: Propane/electric fridge, propane/electric heat. Enough electricity to get through a full day. Bring along a portable generator to charge it for half an hour each day and you're golden. Looks like its wired for solar as well. Used the propane heater at night and made coffee each morning on the cooktop. Still had propane to spare after 6 days completely off the grid. (We used an outdoor cooktop for our main cooking.) Lindsay and her family are great to deal with.

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Sydney B.

5September 2018

lovely little trailer! We rented it for our wedding and it was so perfect, Lindsey was great!

Briana L.

4September 2018

The Riverside Retro was a sweet cozy home for us for a week of camping in central Oregon. It was small, light and easy to fit into just about any spot. Lindsay was prompt and accessible in communications. It was our first time using a trailer, and we're hooked!

Rose G.

5August 2018

This is a wonderful trailer that helped us create a very memorable family vacation. It was so easy to cook and serve meals, and the two sleeping spaces allowed for three of us to sleep quite comfortably.

Eric C.

5August 2018

We had a wonderful experience renting Lindsay's trailer. The trailer packs in a lot of amenities for its small size, including refrigeration and hot water that run off propane. The dining table converts into a small bed that was perfect for our 3 year old. All of the systems are functional and the trailer was immaculately clean. Lindsay was very responsive and a pleasure to do business with. I recommend this without hesitation.

Sandy S.

5July 2018

We loved our trip in this Retro RV! The RV is new, so everything works wonderfully and easily. Lindsay was very responsive in communication, and flexible with our arrangements. We definitely recommend Lindsay and her RV!

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Patrick D.

5June 2018

The retro was a great trailer. It worked well for two people. I would have to warn anyone over 5'10" that the bed might be a bit cramped. But I had a great time using Lindsay trailer and will considerate again in the future.
As a general note for trailer newbies, start that frig before you need it. It is normal for it to take a few hours to cool down.