Airstream Basecamp X 2020

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Anastasia H.

1April 2021

Beware unless you want to be charged $1000 for every little scratch and spot you might leave. The trip was fine, the trailer was fine. The owner seemed a bit flaky in the beginning - hesitant about me bringing a cat, accidentally cancelled the booking - to a point of where I started feeling unwelcome and wasn’t sure I wanted to proceed but then we wanted to try Airstream so we went ahead and agreed to double the security deposit to $1000 (little did I know what I was agreeing to!). Pick up was fine except for the grease all over the hitch. Some of that grease might have ended up on a seat cushion and left a tiny barely visible spot. The next thing I know is I am told that “nothing worked” to remove the spot and replacing the seat cover is needed at $325. $325 turned into a $875 hold on my security deposit. For a tiny spot! In a camper! that was returned in a pristine condition except for that one tiny blemish! I’m disputing the charge with outdoorsy. It’s so ridiculous that I start suspecting fraud. Beware!

Chris’s answer

It’s unfortunate to have to respond to such a disingenuous review due to damage caused own the renters own accord. Several inaccuracies presented here. To the “flaky comment “, I originally canceled because I was not allowing cats in my brand new RV. After taking more with the renter, she put my mind at ease with the cat staying in the RV. First example of me, the owner, being understanding and accommodating. Second, you asked to pick up and return outside of stated hours. Again, as the owner, I gladly obliged and changed my times even though drop off was on Easter. Third, the renter was greeted with a gift basket of a bottle of champagne, chocolates, and a cat toy for their fur baby. Wow what a great owner right, taking the extra time to make the renter fee welcomed and at home. I went above and beyond at the owner to make sure everything was taken care of, checked up on renters over the weekend, and answered any questions they may of had about the camper.