State Parks in Nevada

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State Parks

Beaver Dam State Park, NV

158 RV rentals

Sick of all the hustle and bustle of the big cities? Want to hide away for a few days? Beaver Dam State Park is in the middle of nowhere. Just over an hour from Caliente, three and a half hours from Vegas, and two hours from St. George, you’ll be hard-pressed to find more seclusion than this, but the beauty of the park and nature viewing is worth the trip.

Beaver Dam State Park has a history of disaster. In the early to mid-1930s, the CCC dammed up the area and started construction on the land building amenities and trails for visitors. Storms and faulty manufacturing caused the dam to burst and flood out the park two …

Cathedral Gorge State Park, NV

133 RV rentals

Set in a narrow valley, Cathedral Gorge State Park is a wonderland of jagged clay spires and rugged slot canyons. The ethereal landscape is tens of millions of years in the making and was formed when volcanic explosions from the Caliente Caldera Complex fractured the bedrock and deposited thick layers of ash in the newly formed valley. Over time, forces of wind and water eroded the ash deposits and shaped the cathedral-like spires and winding caves you see today.

After being awarded state park status in 1935, Cathedral Gorge quickly emerged as one of the top outdoor recreation areas in Nevada. Today, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the park, whether you're exploring hiking trails, picnicking at historic Civilian …

Dayton State Park, NV

509 RV rentals

If you’re looking for a fascinating blend of history and nature during your RV camping adventure in northern Nevada, schedule a stop at Dayton State Park. This small 160-acre park on the outskirts of Dayton, along the Carson River, was once a Paiute fishing camp. It was also the site of the first gold discovery in Nevada in 1849. Prospectors favored California’s gold rush instead, but just a few years later, one of the largest silver deposits in the world was discovered in nearby Virginia City. Dayton quickly boomed and hosted the largest of the region’s 21 stamp mills used to extract silver from the rocks mined nearby.

Dayton’s population started to decline around the turn of the 20th …

Echo Canyon State Park, NV

135 RV rentals

Nevada’s Great Basin has a fascinating history that had a violent volcanic start hundreds of millions of years ago. The region eventually calmed down and became filled with water, some areas containing a brilliant pink sediment at the bottom of the lake. When this massive lake dried, that pink clay dried out and was shaped by the elements over the next few millennia, creating what is now Echo Canyon. This canyon was dammed in 1970, creating Echo Canyon Reservoir and Echo Canyon State Park.

The reservoir is a modest 65 acres contained within the 1,800-acre state park. This region was initially inhabited by the Fremont native tribes 1,000 years ago, who left evidence of their seasonal hunts here with pictographs …

Great Basin National Park, NV

3 RV rentals

Near the Utah border, roughly 300 miles north of Las Vegas is Great Basin National Park. This biodiverse ecosystem covers over 77,000 acres of foothills, sagebrush, and bristlecone pines and has something to offer every outdoor adventurer.

There are plenty of opportunities to camp at Great Basin, allowing visitors to fully experience the park’s unique natural wonders. Search for RV rentals in White Pine County and plan to explore Lehman Caves and Prometheus, one of the park’s oldest bristlecone pine trees. The park, home to the highest mountain peak in Nevada, attracts hikers, backpackers, and horseback riders from Baker to Caliente.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area, NV

516 RV rentals

Lake Mead National Recreation Area lies on the border between the states of Arizona and Nevada, a few miles from the cities of Las Vegas, NV, St George, UT, and Kingman, AZ. This borderland recreational area lies on the shores of one of the largest man-made lakes in all of the country. Becoming one of the first designated recreational areas in the states in 1936, Lake Mead National Recreation Area has a long history of lakeside recreation.

Many campers venture from the big cites seeking the cooling waters for boating, and fishing, and the majestic red hills for hiking. The endless opportunities for outdoor adventure make Lake Mead National Recreation Area the perfect place to take an …

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, NV

465 RV rentals

Located in Southern Nevada, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area was established in 1967, making it one of the oldest National Conservation Area in the state. Located in the Mojave Desert, the area derives its name from the huge jaw-dropping red sandstones that dot its landscape. Las Vegas and Henderson are the nearest towns. With over two million visitors a year, this is one of the most popular natural sites in Nevada. Keystone, also known as Thrust Wilson Cliffs and the 13-mile scenic drive, is the prime attraction in this 195,000-acre conservation area.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is not just a great place to enjoy the views, but it is also a recreational paradise for the great outdoor …

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, NV

467 RV rentals

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park is located near Blue Diamond, NV, which is in the far southern portion of the state. The state park sits just on the outskirts of the large city of Las Vegas. Spring Mountain Ranch State Park is situated only about 60 miles from the international border with Mexico and is about equidistant from the border with California, its neighbor to the west.

In this region, you will find rocky, rugged land, comprised of dusty, scrub brush-covered hills. Though it is located near a large city, Spring Mountain Ranch State Park is situated in a rural part of the desert that is dotted by cactus. The park grounds were once a working ranch that have since …

Toiyabe National Forest, NV

448 RV rentals

Toiyabe National Forest covers 3,171,705 acres near Reno, NV. The word “Toiyabe” means a mountain in the Shoshone language. It was designated as a national forest in 1907. Also known as Humboldt–Toiyabe National Forest, this forest is spread over several counties in Nevada and California, is one of the largest forests in the United States, and encompasses 24 wilderness areas. The most notable natural attractions within the forest include caves, lakes, creeks, and canyons.

Spanning 6,306,777 acres of land near Reno, Toiyabe National Forest is jam-packed with outdoor recreation and wonderful scenery. Over five million six hundred acres are spread in Nevada, while 649,083 acres are in Eastern California. As you would expect, such a vast forest touches several …

Valley of Fire State Park, NV

583 RV rentals

With its striking vistas, vibrant red and pink rock outcrops, and excellent hiking trails, Valley of Fire State Park is Nevada's oldest state park. And although it's found less than an hour's drive northeast of the Las Vegas Strip, only a small proportion of Vegas visitors make the journey out to this astonishing park.

That's their loss, however, as the Valley of Fire offers some truly spectacular scenery and unforgettable outdoor experiences. It's also easily accessible in a rental RV, and there are two campgrounds within the park offering power and water hookups.

Whether you're planning a day trip from Vegas or spending a few days or more exploring the Nevada Desert, search for an RV in Clark County and …

Washoe Lake State Park, NV

594 RV rentals

When most people book an RV in Washoe County, they head straight for Lake Tahoe on the border of northern California and Nevada. But Washoe Lake is often overlooked and offers similar recreational opportunities year-round and without the crowds of Lake Tahoe. Washoe Lake is almost 6,000 acres in size and boasts year-round RV camping, hiking, boating, and fishing. The lake is located in Washoe Valley, a scenic valley full of farmland between the rugged granite Sierras and the silver-rich Virginia Range.

Washoe Lake was established as a state park in 1977. It was named after the Washoe People who long inhabited the area and are known for their basket weaving. Many of the materials used in this beautiful …