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Washoe County, NV RV Rentals and Motorhome Rentals

$250 / Day
0Shockwave 40'  Gerlach, NV
1Shockwave 40'  Gerlach, NV
2Shockwave 40'  Gerlach, NV
3Shockwave 40'  Gerlach, NV
4Shockwave 40'  Gerlach, NV
5Shockwave 40'  Gerlach, NV
6Shockwave 40'  Gerlach, NV
7Shockwave 40'  Gerlach, NV
8Shockwave 40'  Gerlach, NV
9Shockwave 40'  Gerlach, NV
10Shockwave 40'  Gerlach, NV
11Shockwave 40'  Gerlach, NV
12Shockwave 40'  Gerlach, NV
13Shockwave 40'  Gerlach, NV
14Shockwave 40'  Gerlach, NV
15Shockwave 40'  Gerlach, NV
16Shockwave 40'  Gerlach, NV
17Shockwave 40'  Gerlach, NV
18Shockwave 40'  Gerlach, NV
19Shockwave 40'  Gerlach, NV
20Shockwave 40'  Gerlach, NV
21Shockwave 40'  Gerlach, NV
22Shockwave 40'  Gerlach, NV
Shockwave 40'

Recent traveler reviews in Washoe County, NV

A GREAT RV! Very clean and very well stocked. It has lots of built in seating and other chairs can be added inside comfortably The bedroom is also very roomy. LOTS of storage...
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Rob Pierce
Renter Beware. This is a very sparsely equipped RV. Fortunately for us, all we did was sleep in it. There is not even a coffee cup. The silverware drawer was filled with a...
anne long
Incredible rental experience all around, every person we spoke with was very helpful and thoughtful. Will definitely rent again.
Paramount Autobody
The trailer is very nice. Rob was a pleasure to work with. He is a great communicator and did some extra nice things for us. We would rent Rob's trailer again.
Gus is a blast to camp in and very easy to use. Micheal is very accommodating and great to work with. Would definitely rent again.
Michael is an absolute rockstar! He was so helpful and accommodating despite my complicated situation. I will no doubt be booking again you can't go wrong here.
Just got back from a short trip with "Bess," our first trip camping in a Sprinter. We had a blast! Mike made it very easy, met with us and went over all the systems before we...
We had a fantastic time with Gus the sprinter. It had everything we needed to get out and explore all the ski resorts the area has to offer. Saving on resort meal cost, drink,...
Gus is a great "bring it all" rig in which we got 3 bikes (wheels on). Michael is an excellent communicator and Bruce was helpful at pick-up/drop-off. We had a positive rental...
Nice vehicle with lots more gear than expected. Mercedes base vehicle takes some getting used to. Especially locks and doors. But the camping enhancements are excellent. Easy...
All the details made the difference. Cannot wait until the next Adventure!
It doesn't get any better than this experience. Michael and our trip in Gus were top notch from start to finish. We got many others asking about the Sierra Mule and couldn't...

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