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State Parks near O'Fallon, IL

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State Parks

Eldon Hazlet State Park, IL

153 RV rentals

Eldon Hazlet State Park is a popular tourist destination for campers looking to make a splash. When you park your RV rental here, you'll have access to 3,000 acres of shoreline along the massive Carlyle Reservoir, which is ideal for a variety of watersports, including boating, fishing, and much more. This park is also great for hiking, and during your hike, you'll see some of Eldon Hazlet's unique and abundant flora and fauna.

When you book an RV in Clinton County, you'll have access to a popular campground and some of the most beautiful countrysides in Illinois. Carlyle is …

Emmenegger Nature Park, MO

146 RV rentals

Emmenegger Nature Park is a nature preserve and public recreation area near Valley Park, Missouri. It is bordered along its western perimeter by the Meramec River and to the south by Possum Woods Conservation Area. In the past, the property was owned by a family who also owned and operated a brewery. Its varied uses included a tennis club, a public swimming pool, and a riverside resort; it was also used for breeding exotic animals for the St. Louis Zoo. The land was purchased in the 1970s by a private citizen who donated part of the estate to the …

Beaver Dam State Park, IL

135 RV rentals

The state of Illinois is home to Beaver Dam State Park, which covers 750-acres of hickory and oak woodlands, perfect for a state park RV camping trip. Located very close to Carlinville, Bunker Hill and Gillespie, check out these cities on your motorhome camping trip. Search for an RV rental in Macoupin County, to gain convenient access to the park and its surrounding towns and cities. Known for a range of recreational opportunities like fishing, hiking, camping and picnicking, Beaver Dam State Park serves as an ideal getaway to unwind in the midst of nature for …

Pere Marquette State Park, IL

147 RV rentals

Pere Marquette State Park is an outdoor playground set on the confluence of the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers. Whether you're paddling on the river, admiring the fiery fall foliage, or marveling at hundreds of migrating bald eagles, Pere Marquette State Park promises outdoor adventures for the whole family. The park occupies more than 8,000 acres and features a patchwork of hiking trails, hunting grounds, and picnic sites.

On the banks of the Illinois River, historic Pere Marquette Lodge is a handsome building constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s. You're welcome to warm up by the enormous 50-foot-high …

Klondike Park, MO

135 RV rentals

Spend a motorhome camping trip at Klondike Park in Missouri. Located off Route 94 between the towns of Augusta and Defiance, the park sits amid Missouri’s picturesque wine country. Not too far from Klondike Park are the cities of Washington and Lake Saint Louis. Book an RV in St. Charles County to explore everything this cozy community has to offer.  

The St. Charles County Parks converted a silica sand quarry into a site of recreation and thus came about the Klondike Park. Located alongside the Missouri River, the park now finds itself surrounded by cliffs and bluffs made of …

Castlewood State Park, MO

148 RV rentals

Castlewood State Park in the state of Missouri is an ideal motorhome camping trip location. Spanning Meramec River, the park is in the town of Ballwin. Scenically located in the lush green Meramec Valley, the state park is popular with outdoor enthusiasts from different parts of the state. Not too far from Castlewood State Park is the city of Chesterfield, and renting an RV will make it easy to travel here. Book an RV rental in St. Louis County to discover everything in the areas around Castlewood State Park. 

Even before Castlewood State Park was established in 1974, …

Pyramid State Park, IL

131 RV rentals

Pyramid State Park, also called Pyramid State Recreation Area, is located in southwest Illinois, near the small town of Pinckneyville. It is situated only about 30 miles east of the Mississippi River, which forms the state border with Missouri in that area. The nearest larger town is Du Quoin, which is found around 20 miles to the east. The nearest large city is St. Louis, MO, at about 75 miles to the northwest.

This rather forested park is one of the largest of its kind in the state. It is located on what used to be the …

Ramsey Lake State Park, IL

135 RV rentals

Right next to the town of Ramsey is a lovely 1,980-acre recreation area known for its natural beauty, forested shores, and pristine lake. Scenic picnic spots and hunting and fishing opportunities lure outdoor adventurers of all kinds to camp at Ramsey Lake State Park.

In addition to the lake, the park is known for its history, as it used to be the "Old Fox Chase Grounds," where hunters targeted foxes and raccoons. RVers, hikers, and families from nearby towns like Vandalia and Nokomis are some of the park’s regulars. Visitors come to enjoy the peace and quiet, trek the park’s …

Washington County State Park, IL

151 RV rentals

Washington County State Park is located in the rolling countryside of southern Illinois. It is home to the Washington County Lake and is known as a popular place for wildlife watching and hunting. The park is located just south of the small town of Nashville. It is also an hour's drive east of St. Louis, Missouri, which is the nearest large city. Other cities within easy driving distance include Mt. Vernon and Evansville, Indiana.

Camping at Washington County State Park is a popular pastime, along with fishing and hiking. Washington County Lake is large, with 248 acres …

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