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  • RVing for 15 years
  • Owned an RV for 15 years
We are dad and mom of three boys, 21, 16 and 12. We love living in the Salt Lake Valley, and don't take for granted the fact that we live smack- dab in the middle of National Parks Country! With more than a dozen National Parks within a day's drive, not to mention the numerous State Parks, National Forests and other recreational areas along the way, we are never at a loss for a new adventure. We love to road-trip and live by the Mantra that the journey is half the fun. We have absolutely loved the freedom (and sometimes felt a bit guilty about the comfort ;-) that our Winnie has provided us. Life is busy these days with the new "suburban farm" and renovation project that we have taken on and opportunities to get away are not as numerous as they once were, so we are thrilled with the opportunity to share our beloved "Winnie" with fellow intrepid travelers. Happy Trails!


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Reviewed on May 19th

Our family of 4 adult size humans maneuvered great in this wonderful RV.

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Reviewed on Oct 31st

Fantastic. This was a first for us and part of why I chose Chad and Winnie, was the size of the vehicle - 24', the Mercedes truck, and how tricked out the RV is. We were not disappointed. The RV is easy to drive, like a moving truck, only more powerful. Lots of juice, yet pretty decent on the...

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Reviewed on Oct 22nd

This was our first RV trip, and it was awesome! This RV "Winnie", is as advertised, handles more like a big minivan that a truck. We were definitely able to do more than we would have with something bigger, and I was comfortable doing some serious driving on mountain roads (Teton Pass into...