About Sam

  • RVing for 6 years
  • Owned an RV for 3 years
Hello everyone we are the Michel's. We have 5 children and several different types anilmals actually to manny to get in to right now. We are what you call weekend warriors and we absolutely love camping of all sorts. But realistically our camper sits around more than we anticipated. Do to keeping our kids super active in extracurricular actavaties we don't get to use it as much as we thought so we decided to share and off set some of the coast. we hope everyone can and will treat our camper like its there own.most importantly we wish everyone a super safe trip and an amazing adventure. Hope to hear from you soon!!! also again do not be afraid request delivery and recovery i prefer it, i have drug it around so much i am pretty comfortable towing it, she is a total of 30 ft with toung. thats a pretty long bumper pull. Thanks and have a blessed day.