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Reviewed on Oct 2nd

I loved this experience! The van was super cozy and functional. I was a little nervous about the length but it was very easy to drive and the reverse camera was so helpful. The cedar interior made it feel homey, the bed was so comfortable and the heater kept us warm when needed on those chilly...

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Reviewed on Sep 8th

Much like what the previous reviewers comments, the vehicle is quirky, comfortable for two but dealing with Ahren is awkward. He knowingly rented it to us to take to Burningman. We had the long process of checking out, the apps to download, the test drive, manual to review and papers to sign as...

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Ahren's response to Brooke

September 9, 2019

Long story short it seems this is a smear campaign, possibly because they did not like their deposit being taken. On the way home Brooke sent me a text saying "Message by ‪(XXX) XXX-2185‬: Everything is great. Not a single issue. Having the best time ever. 😎" She also told me 2 days ago while debating the detailing she would rent from me again....... what a 180 : ( If you're curious about the previous review see my review of Flav to further understand the situation. I knew they were going to Burning Man. It went last year and came back much much cleaner (could not tell it was in a dusty environment). This time, it came back with the window screens caked in dust and it was apparent that the windows were left open - something she said they would not do. She even said they would seal them!! ****Engine noise and door issue----- The previous rental (ended 1 day before hers started) came back with the renter saying they had an issue with the sliding door getting stuck. I called her and told her about it and that I was taking it to the body shop as soon as it came back. They, nor I, found an issue. So I sent it with them, telling them what to watch for. I also made mention of the engine noise which the shop had checked and they said was nothing wrong; but I asked they keep an ear out just in case. ****Cleaning fee---- I asked her if she thought it needed to be detailed, she said yes I asked her to stop cleaning it as to not waste her time. We both called places and all told each of us in the 500 dollar range. I then called her and tried to figure out solutions even offering her to come finish the job to get the deposit back .....SHE DECLINED. SHE AGREED OVER A PHONE CALL THAT DETAILING WAS THE BEST SCENARIO. ****Battery--- I asked as a courtesy if they would watch it and disconnect the solar when at 95%, as it helps the longevity of the battery. I also stated that it was not a big deal if they did not. ****Water heater--- I asked her not to use the hot water, because the heater was broken. I also shut off the valve to the hot water, otherwise it would leak/shoot out of the top. ****Air filters. I told her months before Burning Man that she would be responsible for both air filters when she came to look at the van and reiterated it to her before they left. On return I said I would only charge her for the $20 temporary engine filter I installed solely for their dusty trip. Instead of replacing both the engine air for $20 and the cabin air for $65.

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Reviewed on Aug 6th

My wife and I had a blast in this comfy home away from home. We took it up to sunrise visitor Center for our elopement wedding and then all the way up to Sequim for some amazing hikes. Full sink with running water and more power and USB type a and C options than you will ever need. The battery...

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Reviewed on Aug 2nd

Having planned a trip to the Gorge once again, we decided to look for RVs and camper vans as we have in the past. Having a smaller group than our previous visits, we decided to go for a van over a class B or Class C recreational home. I found outdoorsy and using the dates and size in mind I found...

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Reviewed on Jun 27th

We rented the van for a work trip to the Gorge where camping was the only option! This van was perfect for what we needed- loved that it had power & water. Comfortably slept 3 people easily and had room in the back for 10 full sized suitcases. Surprisingly easy to drive & Ahren was great at...

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Reviewed on Oct 25th

We took our two young children (4 and 2) to the Oregon coast and camped at Nehalem Bay State Park. We were very pleased that we chose “The Eagle’s Nest” for our adventure. I highly recommend this unique van and it’s friendly owner. Ahren always responded quickly to all online communication. When...

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Reviewed on Sep 29th

The Eagles Nest was great for us and our two dogs! The bed was super comfy, the fan worked great, and the van had a lot of power. The whole experience was lovely!