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Recreating childhood memories

This Texas native is testing models before she makes a final choice

We caught up with Texas-native Ashley Hays in Santa Barbara and she spoke to us about wanting to rent on Outdoorsy. As a lifetime RVer (her parents are proud Airstream owners) she wants to test out a few models before she buys her own. She thinks that renting somebody else’s RV is akin to renting their home and even knows what thank you gift she’d leave the owners after a rental (hint: it involves pie).

“When we were kids, we had sports and school and everything and my Dad and Mom had work. When we went camping we had to spend time together! We got to do it fishing, riding our bikes and painting with twigs and I think those are good memories. And my grandpa always had fish fries. So he’d go out in the morning and catch all the fish. He made the best fried catfish you can imagine, with hush puppies. Those were some good times.”

We’d love to hear your childhood camping memories, share in the comments below!

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