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Team Outdoorsy
by Team Outdoorsy
Posted April 14, 2017

If you’ve travelled by RV before, you might have experience the joy of having a bike with you. They’re handy for not just for getting around campgrounds or cruising into town, but they bring another fun activity to your day.  Mountain bikes offer a new way to enter the terrain surrounding you in beautiful places, and are a great way to explore the world around you.  Here are a few of the best destinations across the country for mountain biking. These are places worth traveling for the biking. They are three of the best RV getaways in the country for mountain biking.

Lake George, New York in the Adirondack Region

The Lake George Trail to Calve’s Pen (includes the most famous cliff-jumping spot on Lake George).

In addition to fun adventures like white water rafting or local craft beer tasting, Lake George in upper New York state is an amazing place for mountain biking. Near the gigantic lake itself, Lake George RV Park offers easy access to meticulous mountain biking trails, more than one trip’s worth.

mountain biking
The Lake George RV Park, right next to the action.

The RV park itself is super bike-friendly with covered bike bridges and free air pumps to make sure you’re ready to hit the trails. Once you’ve finished your trail riding, you can jump into Lake George’s stream and spring-fed waters.

Wilderness State Park in Northern Michigan

mountain biking
Michigan’s Wilderness State Park has a variety of terrains and trails.

Michigan’s Wilderness State Park is yet another haven for mountain bikers as well as RVers.  Boasting over 26 miles of trails that offer all different types of terrain, there are challenging routes for beginners and advanced riders alike.  The inland sea that is Lake Michigan is the backdrop for many of the breathtaking rides. There’s even a new campground on-site with 18 sites and full RV hookup.

mountain biking
This KZ Spree is located right next to the Michigan Wilderness State Park, has enough room for bikes, and is super affordable!

California Trailblazing

If you’re out on the left coast, try Henry W. Coe State Park. It’s a sprawling you can ride on single track, fire roads, and a host of other trails.  Bike here and you’ll be able to do test on Coe’s trails.  Coe is definitely another destination with way more than one day of riding available if you have the time.

Henry W. Coe State Park has amazing mountain bike trails…and amazing wildflowers.

Team Outdoorsy


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