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Tips for Fueling Up Your RV

Pulling into a gas station in an RV can be a stressful challenge for first-timers. It is unfamiliar territory, and the unknown can be worrisome. Hopefully, these tips can give you a heads up at the gas station, and guide you to a trouble-free journey. Know Your Fuel of Choice Every RV or tow vehicle will…

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RVer’s Rules to Live By: Campground Etiquette

You’ve arrived at the campground or RV park and have been handed a copy of their rules with your site assignment. However, where does that sheet of paper with the campground rules end up? I’m willing to bet they ended up being shoved in the dash of the RV or crumpled up as fire starter….

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A Guide for Camping With Pets: What You Need To Know

My wife and I have been on the road with our two cats — Kia and Kekovar — for two years straight. Everywhere we go, we are surrounded by RV travelers who bring their beloved dogs or cats on their journey. I’m going to share what you what we have learned ourselves and what we’ve…

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Must See Stops in British Columbia

This past summer, I drove from Alaska to Colorado. As if this trip isn’t long enough, I decided to make it longer by driving through British Columbia, and it was 100% worth it. Canada has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. There are many more side trips you could take in BC,…

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The Ultimate Guide to Hiking Gear and Essentials

If you would have asked my husband and I ten years ago what we thought about hiking, we would have said “Meh”. It really wasn’t interesting to us. We preferred living life more in the fast lane.  We weren’t campy, outdoorsy, naturalistic people. Riding our Harley Davidson motorcycles was as outdoorsy as we got. Occasionally,…

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6 Tips for RVing the Alaskan Canadian Highway on a Budget

A year ago, I was living in southern California and had just finished the conversion of my tiny camping van. I was offered a short-term job in Soldotna, Alaska and I jumped at the chance! I went to google maps to search for the Alaskan Canadian Highway and typed “origin: Los Angeles, CA”,”destination: Soldotna, AK”….

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One Week in Death Valley National Park

Death Valley is my favorite national park in the United States for an RV adventure. No other park I have visited provides so many unique and breathtaking environments in one place. Let’s look at what you could discover while spending one week in Death Valley. Day One: Dante’s View You arrive on the first day…

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10 Reasons Why Bend, Oregon is a Top RV Destination

Bend, Oregon wasn’t initially on my radar of places to visit while RVing, but it seemed like once we hit the west coast, everyone was talking about it. So we adjusted our route to fit it in and now we’re those people who talk about it all the time! Bend truly has something for everyone…

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Storm Preparation for RVers and Campers

In this post I talk about how to handle storm preparation for RVers. Traveling in an RV or camping can pose anxious moments in the event of a storm or inclement weather.  I’d be lying if I told you that in our three and a half years of full-timing, it has been all sunshine and…

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5 Lessons An RV Road Trip Can Teach You About Life

An RV road trip is as American as apple pie. After all, the United States is a vast country with more than its fair share of beauty. From sea to shining sea, your RV road trip can take you to just about any destination you want to go. However, real eye-opener comes from its ability…

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