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Storage Hacks To Make Your RV Feel Spacious

Storage is always a challenge when dealing with a travel trailer or motorhome, but there are some very creative and useful ways to make sure you can take everything with you on that long-awaited RV vacation. Here’s a few storage hacks broken down by room: Living room Floor plans vary greatly from motorhome to travel…

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Here Is Your RV Pre-Travel Checklist

You’ve rented an RV from Outdoorsy and are anxious to hit the road. But before you pull out of the driveway, let’s make sure you’ve closed, opened, secured, tied down, pulled in and locked everything on the rig. Because nothing ruins a trip like a mistake that could have been prevented. Most motorhomes and travel…

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Outdoorsy: Is It Worth It?

RVing has become America’s favorite pastime, and Outdoorsy helps match those who own an RV, campervan or travel trailer with those who are looking to rent one. This opportunity can be very beneficial for both owners and renters. Here’s why: 5 reasons to list your RV with Outdoorsy You can make extra income. If you…

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9 Downsizing Tips For Full Time RVers

You’ve made the decision to jump into full time living in your RV, so now what? How can you get rid of all the fluff and stuff you’ve collected while living in your house? Here’s a checklist with our top tips on how to start downsizing. Step No. 1 – Start early Just like the time…

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What Is An RV?

Let’s get down to the basics Summer is here and that means it’s time to hit the road for epic road trips that leave you wishing you had another few weeks of vacation time to spare. If you want to get your whole crew on the road before fall hits, there’s no better way than…

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5 Tips for Purchasing an RV on a Tight Budget

You’ve already decided that you are going to welcome a new addition to your family … an RV, that is. You don’t have to be talked into the benefits of family camping and vacations in the Great Outdoors. And you’ve decided that renting out your new purchase on those dates when you can’t enjoy using…

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Best Tactics for Owners for the Busy Season

Travelers can dream about the perfect RV trip for years. Given that, it’s no wonder that it can take months of planning to make an RV vacation a reality. This means that smart owners know to plan ahead for the busy season, too. Being able to predict when incoming rental requests will increase can be very…

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Dumb RV Mistakes We Made During Our First Year

We had zero experience with RVs before purchasing our own and becoming full-timers. We thought we had researched everything, but still made some pretty dumb mistakes our first year of RVing. I hope that sharing our experience helps you avoid making the same RV mistakes. Whether you are planning to buy an RV or just…

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