AAA Insurance NHRA Midwest Nationals

Don’t let changing fall weather get you down. Load the kids into the RV and make your way to the AAA Insurance NHRA Midwest Nationals in September.

Event information

Start your engines! If you’re an avid fan of The National Hot Rod Association and its action-packed schedule of events, then you are not going to want to miss this automotive extravaganza. The AAA Insurance NHRA Midwest Nationals are held at the World Wide Technology Raceway annually and attract tens of thousands of spectators for three days of entertainment.

Make the trip to Madison, Illinois, park in the camping area in your RV, then settle in for over 11,000 HP and 330-plus miles per hour of automotive excitement. The checkered flag is down, so are you ready to pile into your RV and be a part of the action?

Over the three days of the AAA Insurance NHRA Midwest Nationals, there is plenty to see, do, and experience at World Wide Technology Raceway in Fairmont City near Madison, Illinois. The event kicks off with autograph sessions, a guided walking tour, qualifying sessions, and a dragster exhibition.

Saturday and Sunday are equally as impressive, with nitro, factory stock, pro stock, and pro-mod qualifying sessions to find out who’s at the top of the food chain, followed by wheel-to-wheel racing action until the late afternoon.

For those who want to treat their visit to Madison, Illinois, like a vacation, then there is also plenty of things you can be doing in Madison itself to fill the photo album. Go hiking at Horseshoe Lake, exploring at the Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site, or walking and biking at Chain of Rocks Bridge. Come to Madison, Illinois for the racing, but stay for the adventure.


You can purchase your tickets for the AAA Insurance NHRA Midwest Nationals in the lead-up to the event online. By purchasing them on the organizer’s website, you avoid the risk of your preferred tickets being sold out on the day. You can also secure RV camping and parking passes online, as well as check out the best grandstand seating that offers excellent vantage points.

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Madison, Illinois, sits adjacent to the state line that links Illinois to Missouri along the Mississippi River. You can enter Madison via Missouri, or from Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky. Given how built-up these cities are, it pays to both have your wits about you and download a traffic app such as iDOT for updated traffic information. You can then be fully informed about any delays you may encounter on your drive.

The best way to get to The World Wide Technology Raceway for the AAA Insurance NHRA Midwest Nationals is along I-55, I-70, or I-64. You may cross the Stan Musial Veteran’s Memorial Bridge or another bridge to cross the river and come to the Collinsville Road venue entrance, which is in Fairmont City. You can then enter the race track through the Dirtplex entry.

Parking areas

Where you park your RV for the AAA Insurance NHRA Midwest Nationals depends on what you booked and planned ahead of your trip. If you are not camping at the race track, then you can arrange day parking in the general parking lot. However, there is a per-day fee for this privilege.

If you are camping for the three-day event, then you can enter the venue via Collinsville Road and allow a parking attendant to show you the way to the camping area you had booked in advance.

Those who are not staying overnight may like to consider public transportation to and from the event daily if they would like to save money on parking costs.

Public Transportation

If you want to be able to set up your RV for your vacation and not move it again, then you may be looking at different public transportation options to get you to and from the Midwest Nationals daily. Rideshare services and taxis are available for this event, but there may also be race track shuttles.

In past years, there have been shuttles that run from the MetroLink station to the race track, meaning you just have to find your own way to the station beforehand.

Where to stay


If you’re a dedicated motorsport fan, then it may have never crossed your mind to camp anywhere other than the race track in your RV. Fortunately, World Wide Technology Raceway has plenty of options over the three-day AAA Insurance NHRA Midwest Nationals.

While none of the camping areas at the race track have service hookups, you may not mind in the slightest. You can camp in one of many premium spots, fire up your charcoal or propane grill, and enjoy a primitive RV camping experience like no other.

However, it’s important to note that World Wide Technology Raceway has a pet and motorized transport-free policy. RVs must also be no longer than 50 feet long or 18 feet high and should be self-contained with camping permits displayed in your window.


For those who are not entirely prepared for primitive RV camping and would prefer the luxuries of water, electricity, and sewer hookups, then look elsewhere in Madison, Illinois. Even though camping at the race track is convenient, it’s not the only option. There are RV resorts and parks within a ten-mile radius of the racing action, including a park as close as three miles away. Find somewhere to stay with an RV, park, then find alternative transport to get to the racing daily.

Getting around

For everyone’s safety, World Wide Technology Raceway does not allow the use of scooters, bikes, or private motorized transportation for the AAA Insurance NHRA Midwest Nationals. When you see the size of the racing venue, you might think this spells trouble for your poor, weary feet.

However, you can book a golf cart to use in advance. Once you view the site map, you will also realize the layout allows for frequent rests. The camping areas are not all too far from the grandstands, and the hospitality area is close by, too. The expansive venue need not be a problem after all.

What to pack


Fall conditions in Madison, Illinois, are reasonably pleasant in September. There may be moments of overcast skies and less than warm temperatures, but you can enjoy a sufficiently pleasant stay in the area in fall. It would help, however, to pack a varied wardrobe to accommodate all weather conditions. Don’t forget to pack your favorite driver’s supporters’ gear, too.


Packing for an RV adventure can take a lot of effort and planning, and this one to AAA Insurance NHRA Midwest Nationals is no different. If you are camping at the race track, then you’ll need to be fully self-contained. Bring all your camping and cooking equipment, fill water tanks and empty waste ones, and pack anything you require to remain comfortable during your stay.

Once you’re in the grandstands, it’s a good idea to bring a seat cushion, a soft-sided cooler with no glass, binoculars, and payment cards and cash for vendor purchases.

You can also bring your radio and listen to the commentary by tuning into 107.1 FM. Even if you don’t see all that’s happening on the track, you will never miss a moment of the action.

Health & Safety

Even though it’s fall in Madison, Illinois, and the sun is unlikely to be beating down with the same intensity of summer, it still helps to put your health and safety first. Bring a sunhat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and lip balm. Even bug spray may come in handy to save yourself from having to swat away pesky insects. You can also leave toiletries, a travel first aid kit, and any medication you might require on your travels in your RV.

Where to eat


Aside from the RV road trip and automotive entertainment, one thing that many people look forward to is being able to cook while camping. As long as you fill up your propane gas tank or buy extra charcoal, you can be on your way to cooking up a storm. Pick up forgotten supplies from one of the many convenience stores and markets within a ten-mile radius of the World Wide Technology Raceway.


If it turns out that you’re not that great at cooking in the outdoors, then never fear. A quick trip into Madison can put you in proximity to many well-established eateries that are ready and waiting to take your order.

Within a short driving distance of the race track, you can make your way to Fairmont City, the heart of Madison, or over to St. Louis to try something new. Have a sit-down meal at a privately-owned restaurant or order food from your favorite chain eatery. The options are endless.


The hospitality area set up for the AAA Insurance NHRA Midwest Nationals has everything you could want or need to satisfy your hunger and thirst. Bring a credit or debit card and cash, and then line up at any of the several vendors who are waiting to take your order. There is also a merchandise stand set up so you can take home souvenirs from your time at World Wide Technology Raceway.



Those who spend hours and hours of work organizing the AAA Insurance NHRA Midwest Nationals want your visit to be as memorable as possible. Therefore, they put security measures in place to keep you safe.

Ticket collectors will be at each gate to ensure you don’t have any large bags, hard-sided coolers, glass, weapons, or alcohol on you. If you intend on bringing something with you that you don’t think the officials will allow, then leave it in your RV for after the event. The less you bring, the faster you can clear security.


Even though it’s not uncommon to experience a little bit of rain, overcast skies, and colder days in fall, Madison still puts on a show with excellent weather conditions. Throughout September, just in time for the AAA Insurance NHRA Midwest Nationals, you can expect average highs of 81 degrees Fahrenheit and average lows of 61. While you might need a few extra blankets in your RV at night, you won’t be piling on the snow jackets during the day.


One of the most important things to pack into your RV for your trip to Madison, Illinois, is a first aid kit. It can prove useful for cuts, scratches, and any other minor injury you may sustain on your trip.

However, you can also make use of the first aid area with trained staff at the race track. Otherwise, the nearest hospital is within ten miles of the race track in St Louis. If you need to stock up on supplies for your first aid kit, then a pharmacy lies within six miles of the World Wide Technology Raceway as well.