Alabama State Fair

Have a few days to spare? Dust off your RV, grab the family and head to the exciting and family-friendly Alabama State Fair in Birmingham this fall.

Event information

While the Alabama State Fair is among several fairs in the state, it’s a worthwhile fair to visit when you’re passing through Birmingham, Alabama. The family-friendly fair, which brings in thousands of visitors over ten days, is held at the Alabama State Fairgrounds at 1000 John Rogers Drive.

The venue boasts over 110,000 square feet of space, or 117 acres, and incorporates both an arena and exposition building. It’s also well-located in West Birmingham, adjacent to the Five Points West shopping area.

When you make your way through the main gates of the Alabama State Fair, you’ll be impressed by what you see. From the exciting attractions and shows through to live music, a circus, kiddie rides, a petting zoo, trapeze, carnival rides, and displays; it’s a sight to behold. The fair runs late into the evening to give everyone a chance to wander through at their leisure.

Once you’ve had enough of the fair action, you can make your way into the center of Birmingham, which is the most populous city in Alabama. Here, there are plenty of things you can see, do, and experience within RV driving distance of the fairgrounds.

Pay a visit to the Birmingham Zoo, Botanical Gardens, or the Vulcan Park and Museum. You can then set up your motorhome at one of the many RV accommodation sites in Birmingham to prepare for the next full day of excitement. Your visit in fall to the Alabama State Fair is bound to be a vacation to remember.


Tickets are available for sale at the gate for adults, youth, seniors, and military. In the past, the prices have ranged from between $5 and $10 and include discount days as well. You can also buy ride passes for the thrill-seekers in the family and look out for email coupons for free entry on a set day.

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Four interstate highways and a southern bypass expressway provide access to Birmingham, meaning that no matter your start point, you’ll find a road that allows for effortless navigation of your motorhome and family into Birmingham, Alabama.

Some of these interstates link to U.S. Highways which then lead to Memphis, Tennessee and over the Red Mountain area. Given the complexities of the transport system and often-challenging fall weather conditions, it’s imperative to monitor road conditions.

Bring plenty of snacks to keep everyone happy, and download a traffic app. An app such as ALGO Traffic will keep you updated with congestion, weather changes, and any delays you may face. Upon arrival into Birmingham, entry to the Alabama State Fair is via John Rogers Drive or Derby Parkway, exiting from I-459.

Parking areas

The Alabama State Fairgrounds covers 117 acres, which means you’ll enjoy an abundance of parking spots surrounding the area. Many of the parking lots are paved and unmarked, which means you can wave down a parking attendant to find the best place to park a motorhome.

If you would prefer to leave your wheels at an RV resort in Birmingham, you can arrange for a taxi or rideshare service to pick you up and deliver you to the fairgrounds.

Public Transportation

There are buses, trolleys, taxis, and rideshare service providers in Birmingham, but nothing specifically organized to take you to the fair. If you like the idea of not having to worry about parking and traffic congestion in a big vehicle, then arrange a taxi or private ride service in advance. You can then be picked up and dropped off with ease. Some accommodation hosts in Birmingham offer shuttle services for convenience.

Where to stay


RV camping in Alabama can be an exciting prospect for any traveling family, but it’s not an option at the Alabama State Fairgrounds. While you can park your motorhome in the lot during the day, you must move it once the fair is over for the day. However, you don’t have to look far to find both primitive and luxury RV resorts in the Birmingham, AL area.


Set your sights to within 50 miles of the Alabama State Fairgrounds to find some of the best RV accommodation in the area. Birmingham, AL, is blessed with state parks, luxury resorts, standard campgrounds, and areas with and without service hookups. The options are endless, but you do need to travel a little further from the city center for some camping locations.

Getting around

Even though the fairgrounds are expansive, they are exceptionally well laid out for navigation on foot. With ample seating and areas to relax, there will be no need for scooters, bikes, or golf carts. When your legs start to tire from all the sightseeing, you can sit down and take a rest before you continue walking. Don’t forget your best gym shoes for comfort.

What to pack


Cold fronts are not out of the question during fall, even if the temperatures are normally quite mild. Before you set off on your RV adventure to Birmingham, AL, make sure you pack a variety of clothing options to prepare you for all occasions.

There’ll be no need for shorts and t-shirts, but long-sleeved shirts, pants, and woolly sweaters may all make an appearance. Dress warm and remain comfortable during your visit to the Alabama State Fair.


You can load everything you need for your RV camping adventure into your motorhome but think about packing light upon entering the state fair. Leave your camping and cooking equipment safely stowed away in your RV and take a small bag with you. A water bottle, cash, and a credit card may be all you need to enjoy a fun day out at the fair.

Health & Safety

Whether you plan to attend all ten days of the fair or stop in along the way on other excursions, there are many things to consider before you set off on vacation. Do you have enough medication and medical supplies to last? What about bug spray, toiletries, and drinking water? While you can pick many things up along the way, prescription-only items should be ordered in advance of your trip to save any hassles.

Where to eat


One of the best parts about an RV adventure is getting to experience traditional camp tucker. While you’ll need to ask your accommodation host’s permission, you may find that some areas allow campfires and charcoal grills. Alternatively, you can also use your onboard kitchen appliances to prepare hearty meals for your family.

If you’re short on supplies and need to do a quick grocery run, there are a few options in neighboring suburbs such as Huffman that are within a short driving distance of the fairgrounds.


The beauty of being in Alabama’s most populous city is that the dining options are almost endless. Whether you fancy Mexican, Asian, American, or fast food from a chain outlet, you’ll never be far from your preferred choice. Some of these outlets may even deliver to your accommodation if you don’t feel like venturing out. Otherwise, allow 30-60 minutes for traffic and service.


There’s nothing quite like corn dogs and cotton candy from a fair or carnival, and the Alabama State Fair is no different. Make sure you bring plenty of cash and credit to make sure no one in the family misses out on their first choice. You can then sit down, take in your surroundings, and dig into traditional fare food that never seems to go out of fashion.



If you’re worried about security screening slowing down your entry into the fair, then there’s one way to solve it: pack light. If in doubt, leave it out. Bring only what you need for your day’s visit to the fair and remember to offer a friendly smile to all security personnel who are trying to keep the state fair safe for all.

If you require any fair assistance, feel free to approach a security guard or uniformed staff member. Otherwise, drive to the Birmingham Police Department, which is five miles from the fairgrounds.


Fall is generally quite mild in Birmingham, Alabama, but the conditions can be variable. Cold fronts can bring in thunderstorms and tornadoes as well as a lot of rainfall. Due to the proximity of Birmingham to the Central Gulf Coast, tropical storms and hurricanes are common, too.

To be on the safe side, check your weather app before you leave home, and have an emergency plan in place for everyone in your family. Always keep your RV topped up with plenty of gas in case you need to make a quick exit.


The Alabama State Fair has a first aid site open for visitors to receive assistance for minor injuries from trained staff. However, if you find yourself in a medical emergency, dial 9-11. There is a medical facility within four miles of the Alabama State Fairgrounds capable of dealing with minor and major medical events.