Appalachian State University Tailgating

Ready to watch the Appalachian State University Mountaineers in action at Kidd Brewer Stadium? RV and tailgating opportunities await in Boone, North Carolina!

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Planning to take an RV vacation during late summer or fall? You might appreciate that it is also football season and be able to see the Appalachian State Mountaineers take on their opponents at Kidd Brewer Stadium, Boone, North Carolina.

Led by much-loved mascot Yosef the Mountaineer, any football game you attend involving the Appalachian State University is bound to be a winner. However, aside from the games themselves, which usually run from August through January, the camaraderie and tailgating opportunities are another reason to visit.

Over a dozen tailgating and parking lots encompass Kidd Brewer Stadium, offering RV-goers and travelers the chance to enjoy the spirit of the football season before the players take to the field. Haul out your grill, have a drink or two, and enjoy time with your loved ones in a new and exciting environment.

While there are no opportunities to camp at Appalachian State University or Kidd Brewer Stadium, it won’t take long to find RV campgrounds nearby. You can then travel to the stadium with your pilot vehicle in your Mountaineer’s team gear, making the most of those traditional tailgating opportunities.

Once the game is over, you also don’t have to rush out of Boone, North Carolina. Why not stay awhile? Go hiking at The Cascades Trail, exploring at Hickory Ridge Living History Museum, or biking at Rocky Knob Park.

There are even some brilliant national forests to discover, such as Cherokee National Forest and Pisgah National Forest. Boone, North Carolina is a playground, so come for the football, basketball, golf, tennis, or wrestling, but stay for the adventure.


Tickets are in hot demand for any home game featuring the Appalachian State Mountaineers on home soil. While you could risk purchasing them on the day, it isn’t advisable. Fans can buy Mountaineers tickets in advance online, which gives you time to decide on the best seating at Kidd Brewer Stadium. Remember to keep a few dollars aside for tailgating and parking before kick-off time.

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Boone, North Carolina is in the Blue Ridge Mountains, east of the Mississippi River. It’s central to South Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Therefore, it’s a desirable campervan destination for those who want to enjoy the countryside.

Boone is accessible via US-421, US-321, and many other minor roads. It’s set among mountainous terrain and, while stunning, requires your full concentration on the road.

While on your way to App State, make sure you tune into a traffic resource like DriveNC to remain up to date with essential travel and weather information. You can then arrive into Boone ready to don your Mountaineers supporter’s gear and sit field-side.

Parking areas

Parking your motorhome on Appalachian State University property and in surrounding areas can prove troublesome due to its size and the popularity of any Appalachian State Mountaineers game.

If you intend on tailgating, it’s a good idea to park your RV at your accommodation and bring your pilot vehicle for the occasion. There are several tailgating and parking lots set up at least three hours before the big game kicks off. These are located around Kidd Brewer Stadium, Rivers Street, Hardin Street (U.S. 321), College Street, Hill Street, and Stadium Drive. Many are for Yosef Club donors, so be on the lookout for signs.

Not every parking lot allows tailgaters either, so check before you set up. Each lot has different requirements and rules. There is often an alcohol-free family fun zone, a tailgating lot for music lovers, and lots set up for students only. The tailgating lots established for Appalachian State University football are also of high standards due to a competition that runs to find the best tailgate.

In many of these lots, you are also able to use your grills and cookers, and some of them allow alcohol consumption.

Public Transportation

If you do not have a pilot vehicle and would prefer to leave your Class A at the campground, then consider public transportation to get to the football game. There is a regular shuttle that runs loops of the surrounding areas, but this is not a designated football game shuttle. Those who would prefer to move around on their terms can book a taxi or order a ride from a private rideshare service provider.

Where to stay


Onsite camping is generally not available at Kidd Brewer Stadium. However, it won’t take you long to find where to stay with an RV in Boone city limits. There are RV campgrounds near the stadium, and some as close as three miles from the Appalachian State University grounds. North Carolina state parks may also give you some options for where to camp in an RV during your trip.


Once you set your travel limits, establish how far away from the Appalachian State University you are willing to base yourself. Boone KOA offers plenty of places that are accessible with a large RV within a 15-minute drive of Mountaineer Stadium. North Carolina is home to numerous primitive RV camping spots near outdoor spaces like Cherokee National Forest.

Getting around

Once you find your bearings and park your tow vehicle in a parking or tailgating lot, walk over to Kidd Brewer Stadium to watch the Appalachian State Mountaineers take on their opponents. Entry to the venue may be through the east or west gates, depending on where your seats are located.

What to pack


If you haven’t packed black and gold clothing to cheer on the Appalachian State Mountaineers, then you might want to grab a few items. Once you’ve got those pieces safely stowed away in your RV, you can then focus on weather-appropriate clothing.

Boone is an elevated city, which means rainfall, sleet, and snow is common during the colder months of the year. While summer is warm, it’s also not as warm as other cities to the east and south. Check a weather app as you begin your departure, but pack a variety of clothing so that you’re prepared for all conditions.


In recent years, Appalachian State University ramped up security to make every football game as safe as possible for visitors and players. As a result, those who attend the games will be required to bring as little as possible, and fit whatever they have in a clear bag.

Leave your coolers, noisemakers, umbrellas, weapons, folding chairs, and outside food and beverages in your RV or tow vehicle for tailgating or use once you’ve exited the stadium. You can, however, withdraw cash at the various in-venue ATMs to save room in your clear bag upon entry.

Health & Safety

While temperatures are unlikely to become incredibly high, there is a lot to see, do, and experience outside in Boone. As a result, it’s a good idea to pack everything from sunscreen to bug spray for your RV trip. A first-aid kit in your motorhome and any medical supplies you might need can also offer peace of mind. If you need to carry any medication with you into the stadium, make sure it’s in a clear bag and labeled with your name on it.

Where to eat


In the hours leading up to the Appalachian State Mountaineers taking to the field, fans can enjoy traditional tailgating fare in most lots. Haul out your barbeque grill, or even set up your gas cookers next to your tow vehicle or small campervan.

RVers with larger rigs can use their onboard RV kitchen appliances once they reach their accommodation after the game. The beauty of staying in Boone, too, is that all your necessities are nearby. Stock up on food, supplies, and other staples within a short two-mile drive of Kidd Brewer Stadium.


If lining up at vendor stalls isn’t your idea of a good time, then fear not! You can zip down U.S. 321 and enjoy all the offerings you see along the way. From pizza and burgers through to chicken ‘n’ biscuits and waffles, you certainly won’t go hungry in Boone, Carolina on your vacation.


You might be pleased you weren’t able to bring your own food to Kidd Brewer Stadium because the vendors have much to offer fans. Bring cash and a debit or credit card, and line up at different vendors around the stadium for your food and beverages of choice.

There are BBQ goods, a snack bar, craft beer sales for those over age 21, pizza, fried pies, bottled water, giftware, and more. Guests can also purchase additional App State apparel to support the home team.



Appalachian State University’s clear bag policy dictates that everything you bring into Kidd Brewer Stadium must fit in a clear bag of specific dimensions. Visitors may also be required to remove an overcoat, empty pockets, and pass through a metal detector to ensure guests are not carrying anything that could impact someone’s game-viewing experience.

There will be security officials throughout the stadium, so feel free to approach them if you have any questions or concerns. Alternatively, travel to the Boone Police Department for assistance, which is under two miles from the stadium.


Rain and snow are frequent throughout the year in Boone, and temperatures don’t usually rise higher than 90. Those who attend a football game any time between August and January can expect average highs of between 50 and 80. Nighttime temperatures in Boone can drop to around 40 degrees, especially as winter approaches. If you are traveling in the colder months of the year, make sure you carry plenty of safety supplies on board, such as snow chains, coolant, drinking water, first kits, and emergency packs.


There is medical staff on hand at Kidd Brewer Stadium to help with any minor injuries. Wave down an official and let them lead the way. However, in an emergency, it’s crucial to dial 911. Otherwise, you can drive to the nearest medical center under three miles from the stadium for further assistance. Pharmacy service are about the same distance away.