Apple Scrapple Festival

Bridgeville welcomes RVers to experience small-town life and try your first taste of scrapple. Pack the camper and head to the Apple Scrapple Festival.

Event information

The Apple Scrapple Festival first came to be in 1992 as a way to promote the agriculture of the valley where Bridgeville is located. It’s been a huge success and is described as a not-to-be-missed event in lower Delaware. Set course for the area where you can hunt for antiques, take a golf day, or drive to the shore as a side trip to the festival.

Scrapple is manufactured in the town, and a sign for RAPA Scrapple greets you as you enter the area. The concoction of fried meat and cornmeal is the highlight of the Apple Scrapple Festival, along with the celebration of the town’s apple industry. Sample scrapple in every form and see what everyone is raving about.

The entire town gets together for the festival. See a car show and enjoy the spectacle of the Kiwanis Home Decorating Festival. Check out a quilt display before heading to the trade show. Take the kids to the carnival and then be entertained at the grandstand.

Take part in fun contests like the ladies skillet throwing contest, the kids’ apple toss, or the scrapple chunkin’ contest. The streets are lined with tents that host hundreds of sellers showcasing unique goods. If you are feeling energetic, join the 5K Hogg Jogg. There is plenty to do, and after the fun, you can retreat to your camping oasis to plan your next adventure.


The majority of events are free at the Apple Scrapple Festival. With such a wide variety of fun things to do, this festival is a great deal. There are ticket prices for the carnival, and they range from $1 to $35, depending on whether you want one ride or a bracelet. Other events that will incur a cost include the 5K Hogg Jogg and entering your antique car in the show. Check to see a detailed list of goings-on in Bridgeville, Delaware.

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US Route 13 will set you on course for Bridgeville, Delaware. The town is located 30 miles south of the capital of Delaware, which is Dover. Bridgeville is an old town, and you can enjoy seeing evidence of its history as you drive into the area. The feeling of hominess awaits amongst the tree-lined streets. Signage will direct you to the parking areas for the venue, and volunteers will be on hand, too. If your route will bring you across either of the Chesapeake Bay Bridges (US-50 and US-13), remember that some propane regulations apply when crossing in an RV and the maximum allowed height it 13’ 6’ for the tunnel (US-13).

Parking areas

The streets are open for parking on Friday, which is opening night of the festivities. On Saturday, Delaware Department of Transportation workers and local police will direct drivers to parking areas as they enter town. There are two fields in which to park, one for main parking and one designated as ADA. Have your accessibility placard visible.

Public Transportation

Taxi and ridesharing are viable options if you choose to park outside of town and make your way to Apple Scrapple. As well, there is a free bus shuttle service from the in-town festival parking lots to the festival. The shuttle usually runs Saturday only since there is street parking available on Friday.

Where to stay


There are no camping accommodations at the Apple Scrapple Festival. Within a short drive, there are many options perfect for the RVer who loves the great outdoors. Partake in family-friendly activities near your campsite, visit local museums, or go shopping.


Dover is the state capital and is only 30 minutes away from the Apple Scrapple Festival. Claim a camping spot there, or look further to Felton, Selbyville, Lincoln, or Greensboro where you will find full hookups, big rig access, and beautiful sunsets. Maryland is a short drive away as well; hikers and biking enthusiasts may want to venture there for a campsite and additional excursions.

Getting around

The festival is spread out, and the trade show booths stretch a long way through town, so be prepared to walk. There is so much to see and partake in that you won’t notice how many miles you’ve done until you have finished the day. The streets will be crowded, but managing a stroller should work. However, a wagon could be tough to maneuver in some spots. The festival is wheelchair accessible.

What to pack


Fall is a beautiful time to visit the area and spend time outside. The trees bring an array of color as the weather begins to shift into the colder months. Pack for all weather eventualities, bringing along jeans, t-shirts, cozy sweatshirts and rain gear. Comfy footwear is a must, and you will want to sport a hat to keep the bright sun off your face.


Pack your day bag lightly. You won’t need to bring too much for gear to Apple Scrapple Festival as there is plenty to eat there; the food vendors are a top attraction. Perhaps pack a change of shoes in case your feet need a break, and if you are a fan of antique cars, fun parade floats, or crazy contest antics, you may want to bring your camera.

Health & Safety

Bug spray and sunscreen are two RV adventure essentials. Make certain that the kids apply both of these products for a day around camp or a trip into the festival. Have them hydrate often, too. They may not want to stop the fun long enough for the application of sprays and creams, but insist, so that you avoid sunburnt and itchy kids.

Where to eat


Camping among the fall foliage will inspire meals like baked mac n’ cheese, foil packs filled with veggies, pesto paninis, and apple crisp for dessert. Stock up on briquets for the barbecue, fuel for the camp stove and propane for the RV. Check the inventory of pots and pans in case indoor cooking is on the menu.


This small town of Bridgeville is big on flavor. Pizza, pasta, grilled selections, and a few restaurants serving dishes like Asian stir-fries and French fare can be found within proximity to the venue. If you are full after a day of eating at Apple Scrapple Festival, but still want to scout the area, treat yourself to a delicious ice cream cone before heading back to the RV.


The food vendors are one of the biggest draws of the Apple Scrapple Festival. Attendees sample scrapple cooked every way imaginable and can try unique combinations and flavors concocted with choice ingredients. As for merchandise, hundreds of vendors showcase goods from the popular to the unusual. You won’t go home empty-handed.



The local police force will be at the festival enjoying the atmosphere but also making sure that the ambiance remains steady throughout the two-day celebration of Apple Scrapple. This is a family oriented weekend, and there will be many children running from booth to booth and event to event. Because of this, vehicles are not permitted on many of the streets, particularly on Saturday. Pets are not allowed amongst the crowds and outside food either.


With so much to do at the Apple Scrapple Festival, you won’t want the weather to have any effect on the fun. Pack rain gear and billy boots and you will be all set to participate rain or shine. Back at camp, unpack extra blankets to ensure cozy evenings. Pull out the games if it rains, and if the sun is shining all weekend, all the better for exploring this quaint and interesting area of Delaware.


A well-stocked RV has a top-notch first aid kit that includes band-aids, itch-relief cream, and a sticker or two to appease a child with a scraped knee. If a family member has specific medical needs, put all supplies at the top of your packing list so that no important items are forgotten. Medical and pharmacy services are available under a ten-minute drive from the festival area.