Arizona Cardinals Tailgating

Arizona has the best weather for football, RVing, and team spirit, and the Arizona Cardinals tailgating experience is one of the best in the NFL.

Event information

Attending an Arizona Cardinals game at the State Farm Stadium, commonly referred to as Cardinals Stadium, is more than just attending a football game. Arizona Cardinals home football games are an experience unlike any other sporting event in the state. The venue, the team, and the fans help to create an atmosphere filled with anticipation and excitement. During each home game, avid football fans dress in their cardinal, black, and white colors, and take to the fields surrounding the football complex to celebrate, what many fans hope will be, another win for the state's beloved Bird Gang. 

Cardinals Stadium, located in Glendale, Arizona, is part of a more extensive sporting and entertainment complex housing the National Hockey League's Arizona Coyotes as well as some of the best accommodations, shopping, and food venues in the West Valley. The football facility is made for the fans, providing over 28 acres of game-day fun. The parking, the tailgating area, and the stadium's fully retractable roof create a comfortable game day with enough team spirit to fill the stadium's 63,400 seats. 

Arizona Cardinals tailgating is a celebration of the team for people of every age. Tailgating opens up four hours before the start of the game and ends once the game begins. There is a family-friendly tailgating area for kids, an adult tailgating area with vendors, and a tailgating pub area with craft beer and adult-friendly games. RV tailgaters are allowed on game days, but only in the designated oversized parking lots, and overnight parking is not permitted. Fans can expect to enjoy football fun and then head to a campground nearby in Arizona.


Celebrating the home team with other fans is a great way to boost team spirit before the Arizona Cardinals take on their opponent. As with any NFL football game, ticket prices vary depending on the teams, the seat options, and the importance of the game. Fans looking for games and tickets should visit the NFL homepage to check out the ticketing options.

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The Arizona Cardinals play in Glendale, Arizona, a section of the Phoenix metropolitan area known as the West Valley. The stadium is located off of the AZ Loop 101 Freeway. The Loop 101 Freeway runs north and south near the stadium and connects to I-17 in North Phoenix, and 1-10 in South Phoenix. Because Phoenix city streets are on a grid, it's possible to access the stadium from the side streets.  

Drivers and RVers should be aware of the city's HOV lanes, which are designated lanes for carpool traffic and for vehicles that use alternative fuel. Even though the HOV lanes move more quickly than the other lanes during congested times of the day, don't be tempted to drive in the HOV lane unless there are two or more people in your car.

Parking areas

The stadium has three parking areas for ticket holders and tailgaters: parking lots for season ticket holders, oversized vehicle parking lots, and cash-only parking lots. Season ticket holders have complimentary parking passes, or they may opt to pay for preferred or oversized parking passes. All parking areas have pre-purchase parking pass options. Buying your pass ahead of time ensures you have a parking spot on game day.

All people parking in the oversized lot need to have a parking pass before arriving at the event. The oversized parking lot permits one vehicle, and that vehicle must fit within the allotted 45 feet provided. Trailers are not permitted in any of the parking areas.

Public Transportation

Fans with tickets who don't have a vehicle that meets the size requirements for parking or tailgating may still come to the game early and tailgate at the Big Red Brew Haus, the Red Zone Tailgate, or the Cardinals Flight Deck. Chartered buses, private limousines, or rideshares can take fans to and from the game. There is no tailgating at the drop off areas, so make sure you head to the designated fan zones once your ride drops you off.

Where to stay


State Farm Stadium doesn't allow overnight parking on game days. Enjoy Arizona's temperate weather during football season and stay offsite, and then bring your tow vehicle or a rental car with you to the game. If you don't want to deal with parking, use public transportation to get to the stadium for tailgating in any of the public tailgating zones. If you're going to drive your rig to the game, park in the oversized parking lot and ensure you vacate the premises after the game ends.


Arizona has several RV parks located within ten miles of State Farm Stadium. Many of the RV parks have full hookup facilities and provide RVers with resort-like amenities. When booking your RV site, ask about age-restricted parking, as many of the RV parks in the Phoenix area are 55 and older communities. Some of these communities allow younger patrons if they are staying for a limited time. 

If you prefer to camp in the beautiful Arizona desert landscape, consider reserving a spot at any of the county or state parks. Most of these camping areas are located on the outskirts of the city, but the scenic camping makes the drive worthwhile. Book your spaces early because winter in Arizona is peak season.

Getting around

The best way to maneuver between the tailgating areas is on foot. The stadium is fan-friendly and built so that patrons have easy access to all of the fan zones without needing additional transportation inside of the venue. State Farm Stadium has rules prohibiting bikes, scooters, skateboards, and other motorized devices on the property during the game.

What to pack


Arizona weather is quite different between the start of football season to the end of football season. While the temperatures are still comfortable all year, the colder months like November through January require different clothing than the months where temperatures are well over 100°. The wonderful thing about attending an Arizona Cardinals Game is that rain and colder weather doesn't impact the game. Since the stadium has a retractable roof, the roof remains closed on days where it is unusually hot rainy, or cold. Watch the weather before heading to Arizona and pack what you will feel comfortable wearing.


Pack your favorite jerseys and hats to show your team spirit at the game. If you need team gear, visit the NFL shop inside of State Farm Stadium. Depending on where you decide to tailgate will depend on what you need to pack. If you tailgate in the group tailgating area, bring your ID and credit card, and let the venue do the rest of the work, or pack a 10’ by 10’ shade tent and folding chairs for use on the grass areas within Sportsman’s Park.

Health & Safety

Football fans know that game days can be long and exhausting. Prepare yourself for your football-filled days by packing plenty of water and sunscreen. Even if the roof isn't open during the game, it's still possible to get a sunburn while tailgating. Standing for extended periods may make your legs feel achy, so packing pain relievers and Epsom salts might help relieve tired legs and feet.

Where to eat


Part of the tailgating experience is cooking outside with thousands of other football fans. Please leave all of your charcoal grills at home, and bring your propane or gas grills to cook hot dogs, hamburgers, brats, corn on the cob, kabobs, and other favorite tailgating foods. Fans may cook for their friends and family while tailgating, so bring enough food for the family, but keep your cooking to your immediate tailgating area, please.


The football stadium is nestled in the heart of an area known for its restaurants, bars, and shopping. Football patrons have fast-food restaurants, chain restaurants, coffee shops, local restaurants, and bars and grills, all located within a five-minute drive from the stadium. If you feel like stretching your legs, most of the restaurants in the shopping complex are within walking distance.


The Arizona Cardinals know how to feed their fans. The vendors on site offer food and drinks both in the tailgating area as well as throughout the stadium during the game. Football patrons can find anything from traditional stadium food to more specialized food choices. Most of the vendors accept cash and charge. ATMs are onsite for guests who need to withdraw money.



On game days, security staff monitors parking lots, entrances, and all public areas to ensure the safety of everyone attending the game. Before heading to the stadium, make sure you leave any prohibited items at home. If you wish to take a bag with you to the game, follow the bag guidelines posted on the Arizona Cardinals website. As with any event at the stadium, security staff may practice enhanced security screenings, such as the use of metal detectors, bag checks, and pat-downs.


Arizona weather is football weather, no matter if it is pre-season football or post-season football. Tailgaters may experience hot temperatures during the earliest games of the season. Average temperatures in August range between 83° and 105.° The latest games in the season are still warmer than many football destinations with temperatures ranging between 43° to 68°. The Phoenix metropolitan area, commonly called the Valley of the Sun, averages 299 days of sun each year.


First aid stations are located within the concourse if you need medical help during the game. Fans who need medical assistance during tailgating should contact a staff or security member to find the nearest onsite medical station. If you need medical help outside of the facility, urgent care centers, hospitals, and pharmacies are all located within three miles of the stadium.