Atlanta Falcons Tailgating

Set the GPS and visit beautiful Atlanta, Georgia to experience the camaraderie of a tailgate party and Falcons football game as part of your vacation.

Event information

It’s gameday, so join the crowd for an Atlanta Falcons Tailgating event. Enthusiastic fans of football will be there, and so will Freddie Falcon. Bring the kids to cheer alongside Freddie and support the Falcons in their attempt to score a touchdown.

The Mercedes-Benz stadium is where the game action takes place. The Home Depot Backyard is the organized location for the tailgate parties held prior to Atlanta Falcon games. Order your tent, TV package, chairs, and tables. Catering is a great option and saves you bringing food to the field.

While in the area, plan on seeing downtown Atlanta. Visit the Krog Street Market and the Tunnel, walk through Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park, and wander around the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Sports-oriented activities include trekking SkyHike at Stone Mountain Park or showing off your skill at Old Fourth Ward Skate Park.

The State of Georgia is full of fun things to do, so while on your way there, make a point to stop at F. D. Roosevelt State Park for birding and geocaching adventures. You may even want to camp there overnight.


Single gameday tickets with the tailgate package vary depending on which team the Falcons will be playing. Expect to pay somewhere between $50 and $200 for a pass that includes your Terrapin Tailgate at The Home Depot Backyard, where the Tailgate Guys set everything up for you. Food and beverages are supplied, and alumni and cheerleaders stop by the site. See for the scoop on the games and extras.

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It’s been said, “avoid rush hour traffic in Atlanta,” so keep this in mind as you enter the city. Navigating a car through the maze of vehicles is difficult and maneuvering your Class A could prove to be a challenge best to avoid. Have your GPS coordinates set and an excellent navigator beside you and you will be all set. Georgia511 is the site you need for up to date alerts on road challenges and construction.

Parking areas

RVs and larger rigs are not permitted to enter the Home Depot Backyard, so if you would like to park at the tailgating venue plan to bring a tow vehicle. Consider the option of parking your RV at the Marshalling Yard and ridesharing to the tailgate party at The Home Depot Backyard. ADA parking is available as well, but it is best to check the Mercedes-Benz Stadium website for the exact location per game.

Public Transportation

The city-wide bus and train system is called MARTA and has two stops right at the stadium doorstep. This is a stress-free way to avoid traffic before and after the game. If you are a cyclist, get in shape on the way to the tailgate party and take advantage of the 250 valet parking spots for bikes. Ridesharing is a wise option as well, and you can be dropped off and picked up at designated places.

Where to stay


Camping on site is not an option for Atlanta Falcons Tailgating events. With so many RV campgrounds nearby, this is not an issue. Do you enjoy wide-open spaces overlooking water? Is primitive camping your idea of the best camping experience? Gather the family for a discussion on the ideal RV accommodation and take your pick from several in proximity to gameday action.


Consider setting up camp and planning a day of golfing at Hard Labor Creek State Park, located in Rutledge. Enjoy biking, birding, and relaxing lakeside. High Falls is in Jackson and is known for scenic spots along the Towaliga River. Indian Springs State Park is nearby, where you can wade in Sandy Creek. It is full of minerals and thought to have homeopathic benefits for those who enjoy the coolness of the water.

Getting around

The tailgating party at The Home Depot Backyard is held on grass terrain with pavement access. Maneuvering a wheelchair should not be a problem unless a rainy day makes the grass slippery. ADA drop-offs for gameday are easily done at the tailgate event entrance at Home Depot. The stadium offers ticketing options for ADA persons and companions, allowing for full enjoyment of the experience.

What to pack


The convenience of renting a motorhome means that you can bring as many clothes as you want on your vacation. Don’t overdo it though; think about what you will wear to a tailgate event. T-shirts, both long sleeve and short are advised, as are jeans and shorts. As you go later in the season, don't forget clothing for cooler weather. Leave the fancy clothes for another trip and pack casual and comfy. Bring along hanging organizers to slide over the door to keep your running shoes and flip flops in order and take advantage of drawer space for socks, pjs, and hats. Bathroom hooks are a handy idea for hanging wet clothes if you get caught in the rain.


Gear to get you through the tournament wins and losses include items like a handy clear bag with straps for bringing into the game. A handheld fan is fun if the game is on a particularly hot day, as is a misting water bottle. For the campsite, be sure to have flashlights for late-night walks to view the stars. Toiletries, towels, kitchen tools, and a small radio round out the list.

Health & Safety

The name of the game when tailgating and watching football is to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Bug spray and sunscreen are musts for camp and the tailgate party, so be sure to stock up on these items before leaving home. As well, make sure that the RV water tanks are clean and sanitary. Top the tanks up with a fresh water supply before heading out on the road.

Where to eat


No doubt your tailgating day will see you come back to camp with a full tummy and little appetite after a delicious meal before the Atlanta Falcons game. For the rest of the vacation, plan on easy meals like sandwiches, salads, macaroni and cheese, and steaks on the grill. Before leaving home, take inventory of kitchen tools to make sure that you are not missing essential items when preparing meals.


Southern cooking will be a hit on a night out on the town. Ribs, pulled pork, crab, and crayfish are must-try items when in Atlanta. The barbecue scene is said to be the best in the country. Don’t miss out; try the brisket, slow-cooked to perfection and look out for smoked sausages, sure to appease a hearty appetite.


Before heading into the game, take part in the Atlanta Falcons “front porch” experience. Be amused by live entertainment and take the opportunity to visit the concession stands ahead of the football action. The Team Store for authentic gear is not open on game days due to the number of people in the stadium, so visit before the big day or order online.



Expect security screening as you make your way into the stadium. A clear bag policy is in effect, and metal must be removed from your pockets. You cannot bring drinks of any kind into the event, and items like chairs, batteries, noisemakers, and laser pointers will be confiscated. Plan to enter and stay all day. Re-entering is not permitted for security reasons. Police officers and staff are there to assist if needed.


The game goes on, rain or shine as does the tailgating. Of course, if a hazardous weather event takes place, the game will be canceled. Bring a rain jacket or poncho in your clear bag if inclement weather is a possibility. If your umbrella is larger than 33 inches, you cannot bring it in the stadium. As far as camp safety goes in bad weather, close your awning and check battery levels and then enjoy an evening inside playing games.


First aid stations are located on concourses 100, 200, and 300 in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Bring a first aid kit to the tailgating event, and include items like gauze, tape, antibiotic ointments, and after-sun spray. Ask the event staff for assistance in the event of an accident. Pharmacy and medical services are available within a 10-minute drive of the stadium and the Home Depot Backyard.