Austin to Fort Myers Road Trip Guide


From outstanding food and live music to outdoor recreation, there is hardly any fun activity that you’ll desire to engage in within Austin that you can't find. This richly historical city, with beautiful weather all year round, is blessed with natural beauty and iconic architectural designs, giving it a balance of arts and creativity. In addition, there’s more to this beloved city, enveloped with southern charm and hospitality, that will pique your interest and help you enjoy your time with family and friends.

If you’re on the quest for a different pace of things, having explored the length and breadth of Austin, you’ll find that an adventure through a disparity of climates, culture, and landscapes to the shores of Fort Myers is just what you need. This RV road trip is an experience not to be forgotten so soon and the destination is nothing short of amazing.

Open yourself up to what this RV road trip has to offer you, as you’ll experience different cultures, and come as close as possible with nature while allowing you to have the best of relaxation and fun. Prepare your vehicles, get together with friends and let the adventure begin.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 7+ days
Recommend rig: any
audience: friends

Point of Interest

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

If you are ready for adventure mixed with fun, then look no further than this theme park in Tampa Bay, Central Florida. This part zoo, part amusement park has everything you’re looking for. Get close to the animals and maybe you might get to feed some of them. Test your sense of adventure by taking some of the most daring rides and make your adrenaline surge. Also, enjoy the excellent views that the park offers. Here, you are offered plenty of great ways to connect and bond with your friends.

If you do want to spend some more time around the city after enjoying the Bay, feel free to visit the Sunshine Skyway Bridge or the Florida Aquarium. Fort Myers is only about two hours away from here on. Enjoy the ocean view as you drive along to your destination.

Tallahassee Museum

The museum is a sweet blend of a park, educational center, zoo, and playground with a detailed explanation of the history of this city. In addition to this, it tells about the wildlife and flora native to Florida. It is not possible to visit the museum and not be awed by all the impressiveness that Tallahassee entails.

Besides all this, you can take a zipline tour of the museum as well as hike nature trails that are present here. It is imperative to have your camera with you as you get to photograph some of the unique birds and wildlife you come across during the hike. It would not be a bad idea to have your binoculars with you too. This exposes you to the outdoors of Florida and is a good form of entertainment and learning for people of all ages.

National Naval Aviation Museum

The landscape is different as you enter into Florida and so is the vibe. Florida has a lot of exciting attractions and this museum, in the beautiful city of Pensacola, is no exception. If you love aviation, then you dare not miss this place.

The museum holds artifacts and special aircraft collections that tell the story of aviation. With over 150 aircraft used by the Navy that now serve as exhibits, there sure is a lot to see and learn at the museum.

Enjoy fanciful aeronautical displays of the Blue Angels and try computer flight simulations to get a feel of being part of the Navy. You should not forget to visit the gift store in the museum for some prized artifacts dedicated to aviation. And of course, pay a visit to its café to have a delightful experience. Pensacola is a beautiful city. Explore it.

Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Centre and IMAX Dome Theater

Mobile, Alabama is a city known for its unique cuisine, extraordinary adventure and shopping. The trip here is about an hour drive from the previous attraction in Biloxi. There are several features here that will make your visit pleasurable and delightful.

Learn about wildlife and conservation plus plenty of scientific marvels at this exploreum. Go on science adventures and understand the science behindthe world we live in. You should not miss seeing the interactive exhibits in the museum or watch a learning documentary in the IMAX Theater.

Take the fun to the city when you go out and experience the oldest festival in the county - the Mardi Gras Festival which involves parades and music, picnics and excitement. Spend a day or two in the city and explore Mobile. Check out the USS Alabama permanently docked there too. RV sites like Pala Verde Mobile Home are available for you to park your RV.

Beau Rivage Resort and Casino

Driving for two hours and a half into Mississippi will require you to take a break from the road, and the Beau Rivage Resort and Casino is just the ideal place to take a break. This resort is a classic stop-over point in Biloxi. Enjoy luxury Mississippi-style when you check-in. The resort offers a form of modern entertainment and if you are craving some super fantastic nightlife, then there are delightful entertainment shows that run through the night.

Try your luck at the casino with your buddies and maybe you could be a lucky winner. Pamper your body at the spa and the gym. Plunge in the swimming pool and have a splash or stay in the lounge and hang out with your friends. If you are a golf enthusiast, explore the golf course here. The many restaurants that fill the hotel offer several continental and intercontinental dishes that excite your taste buds. Don’t miss the buzz!

Louisiana Art and Science Museum

Showcasing fine art exhibits from internationally recognized artists and artifacts from several decades ago, the museum is housed in a railroad depot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The museum blends the line between arts and science and shows how they connect and are interwoven.

Have a look at the Louisiana State Capitol just across the road and enjoy the riverside view. Downtown Louisiana is actually a hub for several recreational activities and there are plenty of restaurants and cafés where you could find something to eat as well as shop or do some sightseeing in the city. Experience the music and nightlife, sports and food, social culture and recreational activities in this amazing city.

There’s a host of campgrounds available in Baton Rouge to suit your taste and ensure you are comfortable if you choose to spend some time in the town. You could try the Baton Rouge KOA Holiday Camp or the Courtney’s RV Park for your

Vermilionville Historic Village

Louisiana is home to beautiful scenery and culture and Lafayette is no exception. There is no better place to experience this than at the Vermilionville Historic Village, known for its important place in local history.

This place provides the history that shaped the community into what it is today. It preserves the history of Acadian and Creole cultures from centuries ago. A visit here is more or less like using a time machine to experience what it is like to have lived centuries ago in this community. See various artifacts and architectural styles that hold the history and culture of this community.

Become familiar with the Cajun people and their unique love for music and cuisine and interact with the locals. If there is anything you shouldn’t miss while you’re here, it involves boating and touring the swamps and seeing alligators, fishes, and birds.

Village Creek State Park

Adorned with beautiful forests and clear streams, this park is not one to miss. Here is the place to reconnect with nature by observing and studying a variety of botanicals and wildlife. You can feel free to learn more about nature and conservation while you indulge yourself in activities such as hiking and wildlife viewing. Swim in one of the park’s many streams with its crystal clear waters and watch the birds as they fly past. Go on a hiking adventure and explore miles of trails or enjoy the peace and quiet this park has to offer. The choice is yours.

You'll definitely want to spend the night here and this park has it all prepared for you. RV spots are available with full amenities for you to park your RV. The park also allows for primitive camping in designated areas and has available picnic areas and tents to make your stay here as pleasurable as possible.

Johnson Space Center

Houston, the sister city to Austin, will always surprise you. As you drive by this city enriched with man-made structural designs as well as natural landforms and greenery, there’s no better place to experience this than at the Johnson Space Center.

The Center, comprising of a museum, learning center, and space exploration complex, has an array of artifacts and exhibits from real space expeditions that are available for the general public and tourists. There are hands-on activities, tours, and classes too that make you feel like you’re already in space.

Here, you get to experience simulation activities that give the space travel feeling. Besides, if you have any questions about space travel and exploration, you could get a first-hand account of experiences from a space explorer when you grab a bite to eat at the famed Space Center diner. Get space souvenirs at the gift store and do not forget to take some stellar photographs.


Fort Myers is popular for its beautiful beaches and coastal areas and is a premier hub for arts and entertainment. Although it has continued to preserve its small-town feel, the city has a lot going for it. This beautiful city features some of the best cafés in the state, so do not hesitate to get some food. The white sand beaches also call on whoever is willing. The city is also popular for shopping and fishing. There are recreation activities for anyone and everyone.

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