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Beaverkill Campground is situated on the beautiful Beaverkill River which flows through the forested hills between Delaware Wild Forest and Willowemoc Wild Forest in New York. The Beaverkill stream is famous for its trout fishing all along the developed section of the park. Along with the impressive forests which provide an abundance of hiking, biking, and exploring opportunities you can also visit the historic covered bridge. This bridge was constructed in 1865 and is located right next to the campsite road and abundant riverside parking. On the southern side of the stream there is a deep pool which provides lovely views for riverside picnickers and a great swimming spot.

The campground is located 0.3 miles away from the bridge and allows campers to enjoy their nature getaway with the trickling sound of water in the background. The campground has a bath house, comfort station, dump station, firewood sales, picnic tables, and a recycling station. When booking your campsite there are limited spots for RVs, campervans, and trailers which are 20 or 30 feet long. Many of the campsites are limited to small cars and tents. The campsites on the river are mostly RV and trailer accessible for vehicles less than 20 feet long. All the campsites are partially shaded but many provide minimal privacy.

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Beaverkill Campground is located on one of the forest roads which criss-cross the forests located between Roscoe and Downsville. Both of these towns are around eight miles away, making it easy for campers to go and buy supplies or fuel if they need to. There is parking located on the eastern side of the historic Beaverkill Covered Bridge if you are interested to stop and take a few photos. Recently, the bridge has undergone reconstruction. There is a six-mile detour available if the bridge happens to be closed during your arrival.


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There are over 80 campsites available at the Beaverkill Campground next to the Beaverkill stream. The campground is pet-friendly, has a dumping station, and flushing toilets. There is a shower block located on the other side of the Beaverkill next to Livingstone Manor. That area next to the Beaverkill Covered Bridge also has a telephone, picnic pavilion, and flushing toilets. The facilities are clean and regularly maintained.

Some of the campsites, especially the ones by the river, are quite narrow. Those are not accessible to RVs and are better suited for small tents. Most of the campsites provide shade, however many are quite close together and provide minimal privacy for campers. Overall, visitors come back year after year to enjoy the Beaverkill creek and meet other lovely campers.

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The area is also a popular destination for hunters who enjoy the challenge of deep forests, tall mountains and beautiful river valleys. Waterfowl are abundant due to the many lakes and ponds and can be hunted during the season which begins in September and lasts until October.

Other hunting opportunities include turkey, deer, bear, coyote and small game. There are many guide services which can ensure you have the best experience possible. Hunting licenses are available for purchase in most big towns where you can also get guides, tips and all the equipment you may need.


There is nothing better than getting the family together with some good food and enjoying nature. Beaverkill Campground provides a large amount of picnic tables in the day use area, in the picnic pavilion, or at your own RV campsite. The waterfront campsites in particular make a nice backdrop to savoring your delicious meal.

Benefit from the shady trees, trickling brook and singing birds overhead for a peaceful day with good food and good scenery. Roscoe is only an eight-mile drive away, so if you wish to buy some fresh ingredients for your meals the shops are not too far away.


Don't forget to pack your binoculars in your camper or trailer. The forests around Beaverkill are the home to a large variety of birds including the occasional migrating Canada Geese you can see paddling in the river, mallards and species of heron enjoying the waterfront. Other birds you can see in the area include red-winged blackbirds, American robins, yellowbilled cuckoos, blue jays, sharp-shinned hawks, wood thrushs, least fly catches, and Cerluean Warblers. Grab your binoculars, a bird identification book, and have fun with the whole family by spotting and identifying the abundant bird population. If you stay over night, you can also hear the hooting of owls penetrating the otherwise quiet forest surroundings.



Just at the picnic area near the covered bridge, there are bathrooms and showers where you can get changed before jumping into the water. The water of the stream is a cloudy turquoise and reaches a depth of 10 feet, inviting swimmers in. You can enjoy paddling around in the cold water however, please stay respectful to fishermen and do not swim if they are attempting to catch fish nearby.


There are a large number of hiking trails within a few miles of the campground located at the 27,000-acre Delaware Wild Forest. There are over 33 miles of these trails where you can enjoy the beautiful forest nature. The whole forested area along the river is a lovely place to walk and hike, so you can take the opportunity to explore the surroundings of Beaverkill stream.

Some of the favorite trails in the Delaware Wild Forest include the Touch-me-not Trail which is a 6.5-mile hike along the red markers. It extends from the Beech Hill Road Parking and travels to include views of the Beaverkill Vista.


The Beaverkill River is a tributary of the Delaware river and is one of the places in the United States where fly fishing began. The summer is the ideal time to head on over and try your luck. You can expect to catch brown trout which are stocked as well as wild, and brook trout.

The stream is made up of large pools, runs, and long riffles. The upper section of the river has an abundance of tree cover that keeps the water temperatures low and plenty of rocky outcrops for fish to hide in. There are plenty of aquatic insects around making it a perfect home for river trout.

Keep in mind there are no fishing licenses sold at the campground facilities, however you can purchase them online or by phone. There are also sections of the Beaverkill River which are no-kill zones and any trout that is caught must be released back into the water.