Birch Lake


Sited within valleys that are surrounded by the rolling, forested hills of Osage County, Birch Lake is a perfect place for outdoor recreation fans to enjoy RV vacations. This US Army Corps of Engineers park located on Birch Creek, less than two miles south of Barnsdall in Oklahoma features year-round opportunities for enjoyment and the chance to visit Osage Hills State Park.
There is no shortage of ways to have fun at this lake park. You could decide to go boating, paddling, or kayaking on the park’s waters, or angle for a host of fish species abundant within the lake. Hunting is also a popular activity in the park as there are lots of game species available for enthusiasts to go after. Two designated swimming areas are also present within the park, one within the campground, and the other on the north side of the lake. Picnic sites offer delightful opportunities to share meals with family and friends.
Several camping opportunities are available at Birch Lake. These include tent camps, RV camps, and group camps and shelters. All the RV campsites are equipped with electric and water hookup options. Campground amenities include showers, vault and flush toilets, dump station, parking lots, etc.

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Located on Birch Creek in Osage County, campers and visitors can drive to this Birch Lake situated about 1.5 miles south of Barnsdall, Oklahoma. The city of Bartlesville is about 20 miles northeast of this US Army COE park. The park is accessible by a number of major and minor highways. If you require an RV or trailer at Birch Lake, you’ll be able to find north of the park at Osage Hills State Park or in Oklahoma County.


There are plenty of parking spaces available for campers and visitors at and around Birch Lake. Vehicle and RV/trailer parking is only allowed in designated parking spaces. Overnight parking is also available.

Public Transportation

There are no direct public transportation services to Birch Lake.

Campgrounds and parking in Birch Lake

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Birch Cove Campground

Birch Cove Campground is a pet-friendly campground at Birch Lake with camping options for tents, RVs and groups. Peak season within the campground is between April and October, and campsites are available by reservation.
85 RV and tent campsites are available within the campground, all of which are equipped with electric and water hookups. Facilities include fishing docks, boat ramp, swim beach, and a playground. Recreational opportunities include boating, fishing, picnicking, and horseback riding.
RVs and trailers up to 132 feet can be accommodated within the campground.

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Birch Lake is open to boating enthusiasts who wish to pursue their interests on the park’s waters. Recreational opportunities range from sailing to paddling and kayaking, and all who visit this lake park with their vessels are guaranteed a good time. There are no rental or supplies services for boats in the park, so you are advised to come along with the necessary equipment and provisions for your use. Boating in the park is done per the COE regulations and Oklahoma boating laws.


Anglers of all skill levels enjoy their time at this US Army Corps of Engineers park, thanks to the wonderful fishing opportunities that are open to all on the park’s waters. Abundant fish species are present in the lake, making the exercise entirely rewarding as you’ll not leave the park without making a catch.
You’ll be able to catch fish such as spotted bass, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, walleye, and hybrid striped bass. Other fish in the lake include channel and flathead catfish, black and white crappie, and several species of sunfish.


Birch Lake is an outstanding place to enjoy the beauty of nature while on vacation. This COE park, sitting within valleys bounded by rolling, forested hills, presents beautiful sceneries for nature observers and lovers. Featuring flora such as hardwood trees, blackjack oak, post oak, hickory, elm, and other resplendent vegetation, you’ll be able to relax and feel refreshed within the park’s areas. Visit the park in spring and fall to enjoy the sight of several grass species and colorful flowers that decorate the park’s corridors.



Hunting is a popular activity at Birch Lake for campers and visitors who fancy the chance to go after the game species in the park. Hunting enthusiasts are presented with a variety of wildlife and game species to hunt ranging from bobwhite quail, to fox squirrel, mourning dove, and gray squirrel. White-tailed deer and cottontail rabbit are also present in the park so you should fancy your chances. Note that hunting for wildlife in this park is guided by State regulations.


There are two swimming areas available on Birch Lake for RV campers and visitors to enjoy refreshing swims while at the park. One of the swimming areas is located in the Birch Cove campground for use by campers within the campground. The other swimming area is located inside the Twin Cove on the north side of the lake and is open to visitors who are exploring the park. Both swimming areas offer exciting opportunities and provide the ideal place to relax from summer’s heat.


There are lots of nice spots to enjoy picnics at Birch Lake. Whether you’re a visitor just enjoying and exploring the park for the day, or a registered camper staying for days, picnicking at this US Army COE park is a must-do activity. The picnic sites are set within beautiful spots where you’ll be able to see the resplendent flora and beautiful fauna in the park as you have your meal with family and/or friends.