Birch Lake State Recreation Site
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Birch Lake State Recreation Site is a reclusive campground located between the Fairbanks and Delta Junction in the heart of the breathtaking Alaskan landscape. The park is nestled between a lilypad covered lake and forested wetlands, that make it a peaceful and picturesque place to visit and camp enjoying the great Alaskan outdoors.

This park is appreciated by visitors for its unique and intricate ecosystem. Located near a glaciated area visitors get to witness the great Alaskan Range at the south of the lake. The mesmerizing views of these snow-capped mountains are the biggest attraction of Birch Lake State Recreation Site. Birch Lake offers summer based water activities and during winter turns into a winter wonderland with many winter-based activities for winter outdoor enthusiast.

This is a perfect destination if you are a nature lover. The surface of the lake is filled with a beautiful blanket of lily pads. The yellow pond lilies bloom during mid-summer and make for a truly picturesque setting. Being a wetland area, it is popular among anglers who are always excited to catch a variety of Alaskan fish.

Birch Lake State Recreation Site offers visitors facilities for camping, swimming, fishing, jet skiing, and water skiing in summer. While it is a perfect place to enjoy ice fishing and snowmobiling in the winter.

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Birch Lake State Recreation Site is located approximately 60 miles southeast of Fairbanks. The turnoff for the park is at Mile 305.3 Richardson Highway. The access road after the turn of is less than half a mile and leads directly to the park entrance. Even though the park has limited camping sites, it does have 17 long parking spaces for motorhomes and three separate short parking spaces for smaller self-contained vehicles. These sites are for tent camping only. Gravel roads lead to the various facilities and amenities located inside the park including the boat dock, vault toilets, self-pay station, and cabins.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Birch Lake State Recreation Site

Campsites in Birch Lake State Recreation Site

Reservations camping

Birch Lake Recreational Site Campgrounds

Birch Lake State Recreation Site has a total of only six campsites which comprise of five ice huts and one public use cabin. Visitors can also utilize the 17 long parking spaces and three short parking spaces for those that fancy a bit of tent camping. The five ice huts are drive-in and pull-through sites, and offer water hookups. Pets are allowed inside the ice huts. It is important to bring your own heating supplies as dry wood is in short supply during winter.

The Birch Lake SRS/Dingle Johnson public use cabin can accommodate a maximum of six people and is much closer to the waterfront offering protection from severe weather especially during winter months.

There are also five tent-only camping sites facilitated with picnic tables and fire pits. The Boat launch area is ADA accessible and located close to the ice huts and public use cabin. Docking your boat is allowed, but only for 20 minutes at a time. The park is open all-year round and is ideal for a day visit or spending a night or two on your journey through Alaska.

Seasonal activities in Birch Lake State Recreation Site


Hiking & Biking Trails

Several hiking trails wind through this diverse landscape offering spectacular views of the beautiful and majestic Alaskan landscape. These trails are relatively flat but hilly areas are also present for more adventurous hikers who want an aerial view of this exquisite terrain.

Mountain bikers will also love the gravel and rugged mountainous terrain that makes for a challenging bike ride over steep inclines, through running springs and dense woodlands.

Alaskan Wildlife

Birch Lake State Recreational Site is a reclusive area that comprises of wetlands, woodlands, glacial terrain and the pristine waters of Birch Lake. It is also home to a large variety of animals especially those that reside in the wetlands. Nature lovers can spot a variety of bird species and even larger mammals like moose and caribou passing through.

Winter Activities

The park is transformed during the winter months offering adventurous outdoor enthusiast plenty of exciting recreational activities. From ice fishing to snowmobiling the park offers it all. Winter enthusiast can enjoy snowshoeing and skiing as well as stay in the winter cabins situated along the shoreline. The road to the ice fishing huts and cabins isn’t plowed during winter so it is advisable to travel in a 4x4.



Birch Lake is a beautiful lake that offers a truly unique boating experience. The lake and surrounding shoreline is rich in flora with lilypads covering the lake water during summer. Boat ramps are built to facilitate boating enthusiast to safely embark on their kayaks, boats or canoes. The placid and pristine lake water offers a relaxing and highly enjoyable boating experience


Fishing enthusiasts enjoy Birch Lake’s rich water all-year round. Birch Lake state recreation site is a popular destination for anglers who enjoy fishing on and off-shore. It is also a popular ice-fishing destination during winters with ice huts built on the shoreline to keep anglers warm and comfortable.

Its huge variety of fish includes rainbow trout, king salmon and silver salmon. Some unique fish found in the water of Birch Lake are grayling, Arctic char, and northern pike. It also hosts an ideal habitat for waterfowl. You may also spot moose and caribou wading in the water.

Beach Area

There is a public swimming beach that is frequently visited by locals and visitors alike during the warm summer months. The beach area is located near the campsites, and it is walking distance from many of the park amenities. The public boat landing is about half a mile away from the campground. The beach has a number of attractive facilities including a fishing pier, playground, an enclosed pavilion, and a picnic shelter.