Bocco Mountain Recreation Area


Bocco Mountain Recreation Area lies just north of Wolcott, and west of Vail, CO. It might be a mini-size recreation area compared to other BLM owned land but don't let that fool you! What it offers makes it one of the most popular outdoor destinations for dirt biking enthusiasts. In fact, Step Outside Organization ranked it #2 in the list of Five Amazing Dirt Motorcycle Trails in the state of Colorado.

This fun-sized recreational area encompasses a modest 1,396 acres of land that offers a great upland riding area alongside breathtaking scenery. Bocco Mountain Recreation area is home to 18 miles of single-track trails that permits non-motorized vehicle use only.

All these trails are very well-developed with proper signage. Make sure you follow the suggested directions and signs to get your bearings and avoid crossing paths with other riders.

The views are spectacular and the terrain offers outdoor enthusiasts and thrill-seekers plenty to do to get their blood pumping. The Bocco Mountain Recreation Area certainly has something for everyone and it is no wonder that it is one of Colorado’s best kept natural secrets.

Any queries regarding the recreation areas can be directed to the Colorado River Valley Field Office.

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If you are approaching the recreation area from Wolcott, CO, drive north to get out of town via the CO-131 North. Once you are out of town, follow Milk Creek Road for about three miles. Keep a lookout for signs from there that lead to Bocco Mountain Recreation Area and the trailhead.

The road that leads to the recreation area is very rough and an off-road vehicle is certainly recommended. There is a parking lot at the entrance where you can ditch your cars and make the rest of the way on foot or on your mountain bikes. The road to Bocco Mountain is closed in the winter.

Note that there is one extremely steep road when driving to the Bocca Mountains Recreation Area that is washed out wit huge rut and is often inaccessible when wet. To pass this road, you’ll need low-range gearing, good articulation, and a high clearance vehicle.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Bocco Mountain Recreation Area

Campsites in Bocco Mountain Recreation Area

Reservations camping

Gore Creek Campground

If you plan on a more luxurious RV camping trip, then drive 40 minutes from Bocco Mountain to Gore Creek Campground, part of the White River National Forest. This campground offers a total of 16 back-in RV campsites and eight walk-in tent sites. One of the RV campsites is ADA accessible and the campground also offers ADA accessible bathrooms and bear-resistant food lockers.

The maximum RV length entertained at this campground is 35 feet. Picnic tables, fire pits, trash collection, and an amphitheater is also available at the campground.

First-come first-served

Wolcott BLM Campground

Bocco Mountain Recreation Area doesn’t offer any camping facilities, but that doesn’t mean that dirt bikers have nowhere to stay for the night. There are several campgrounds nearby that offer great camping facilities along with their own set of attractions.

Wolcott BLM Campground is only a fifteen-minute drive from Bocco Mountain and is an excellent place to camp overnight and continue your dirt biking shenanigans the next day. This campground is located near Eagle River and boasts six primitive RV campsites. Vault toilets and drinking water is available at the campground and fire rings are provided at each site. Recreational activities here include fishing, rock climbing, and boating.

Seasonal activities in Bocco Mountain Recreation Area


Dirt Biking

Bocco Mountain Recreation Area is known for its exceptional motorcycle trails. 18-miles of one-track trails are featured here that offer a physically challenging ride, even for experienced mountain bike riders.

There are steep inclined trails with loose rock that have short approaches to rocky ledges, hills, and narrow chutes and ride straight through trees and overgrowth, making for a truly challenging biking experience. There could be accidents so come prepared and make sure you only take on the trail if you have the experience to do so.


While there aren’t any marked hiking trails within Bocco Mountain Recreation Area, there are plenty of trails within 20-30 minutes of the recreation area. The closest being the Berry Creek Trailhead, just 20 minutes away. This two and a half-mile loop is moderately trafficked with scenic views and abundant wildlife.

Plenty of unmarked trails are also available to be trekked on. Just make sure you stay off the designated bike trails while exploring this wilderness region.


Bocco Mountain Recreation Area is home to numerous species of birds such as coopers’ hawks, prairie falcon, and golden eagles. Songbirds can also be seen and heard here. The wilderness region is identified as a great spot for catching sight of the majestic bald eagles, as much of this rugged landscape is part of their hunting grounds. As a birdwatcher, you will have to keep your eyes peeled to catch sight of these magnificent birds of prey.



If you don’t particularly enjoy adventurous outdoor activities, then you can visit Bocco Mountain Recreation Area for its scenic views and rugged terrains for a bit of laid back nature photography. Seize the moment in your camera frames as dirt bikes leap in the air, or wait patiently for bald eagles to swoop down and capture prey. Photographers love coming out here and it is clear why.

Wildlife Viewing

Bocco Mountain Recreation Area is home to plenty of wildlife that can be spotted while exploring the wilderness either on foot or on a bike. You are likely to spot elks, deer, ground squirrels, and even the occasional mountain lion camouflaged amidst the rocky outcrops and dense mountain vegetation.

Milk Creek is an important habitat for a large variety of wildlife. Other common species in the area include rabbits, skunks, and coyotes. Do not approach the animals on your motorized vehicles as this drives them to abandon the area.


After adrenaline-filled adventures such as dirt-biking, hiking, and mountain climbing you might crave something that is a lot more calming and soothing. An activity like fishing perhaps? The nearby Wolcott BLM Campground, that lies only a ten-minute drive away, is located alongside Eagle River and offers plenty of angling opportunities.

It is especially known for wild brown and rainbow trout fly-fishing, making it the perfect destination to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet.