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Burnham Point State Park is located on the St. Lawrence River in the town of Cape Vincent. The river brings in an abundance of wildlife and has long since been a favorite spot among fishermen, boaters, and nature seekers. If you are looking for a small private park, with great boat access to one of the countries most stunning rivers, then you have found the place for you. Thousand Island Park is a short boat or car ride away and provides some of the most beautiful fishing and nature viewing spots in the country.

Burnham Point State Park is open from mid-May until Labor Day and is quite small and quiet. It features 47 camp and trailer sites, 19 of which have electrical hookups. The park welcomes RV hookups, camping rigs, and campervans. There are plenty of open spaces for picnicking and areas with shady trees with stunning views of the sunset.
There are a range of facilities available including a boat launch for private boats, boat slips, picnic tables, and a playground for children. Some activities guests can participate in include big game fishing, waterfowl hunting, scenic boating, picnicking, and nature photography. If you are a fan of wildlife, you can see an abundance of both bird and fish species right from your campsite.

Burnham Point State Park is a majestic setting for aquatic adventure. The entire river is filled with islands, inlets and historic landmarks which are a pleasure to visit. If you stay at the park, you can explore the nearby towns, islands, and many historic sites by using the river as your path. An unbelievably beautiful location, prime to some of the best fishing and nature exploration spots around.

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Burnham Point State Park is located almost as far north in the United States as you can go. It is about a twenty-minute drive north of Watertown, which is the closest large town where you would be able to buy any necessary camping or food goods. Another benefit of this state park is that there is strong cellphone reception and small convenience stores nearby. At the campground, you will get views directly onto Carleton Island, which has stunning architectural historic buildings on it, while the opposing shore of the river is Canada. Burnham Point State Park is located a couple hundred feet off the main road, therefore it is easy to find. The campground has gravel roads and easy driving access in all conditions. Keep in mind that far north, the roads get very icy in winter.


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Burnham Point State Park Campground

If you are looking for a forested, peaceful camping area then this campground located on the northwest of Lake Ontario on the St. Lawrence River. The park can accommodate RVs up to 40 feet in length, and has some sites exclusively for tents. It does get booked out quite fast, so it is recommended to reserve your spots online.

The park offers a range of campsites, hot showers, a dumping station, playground for children, and boat launch sites with most of them being handicapped-accessible. 19 of the sites are powered, and the online reservation system makes it easy for you to pick the ideal campsite for you.

There are several river front campsites, however those are all hike-in and off the main campground loop. This means they are not ideal for RVs. Most of the campgrounds also provide a good amount of privacy with leafy green trees separating your spot from the neighbor. Overall this campground is small, private and beautiful.

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The campground has a boat launch from where you can place your own boat in the water for a day on the St. Lawrence River. The river flows many miles down from Canada and provides picturesque views which boaters can enjoy while traveling upstream. Downstream several miles, you will encounter the astonishing Lake Ontario. Here the winds can be quite strong, so the waves become choppy. If you are in a small boat be mindful of the conditions and stay safe.

This unique waterway draws thousands of boaters every year due to the enormous amount of stunning nature views found on St. Lawrence. While boating, you can explore local towns, the many islands along the river, and several historic sites all within reach of a relaxing boat journey. Carleton Island is located directly in front of the campground, with the Thousand Island Park located further North East up the river. The Thousand Island Park consists of 21 islands and 90 islets with several docks where you can pull up and explore the land. There are hiking trails and interpretation boards available, however, keep in mind that slips fill up quickly during the busy summer months.


The St. Lawrence River, which pours into Lake Ontario, unsurprisingly is also the home of enormous populations of fish. Some fish you can catch in the area include pan fish and yellow perch. There are an abundance of inlets, islands, and secluded spots where you can take your boat and try your luck for these species. If you do not have a boat, you can still fish directly from the shore. So don't forget to park your rod and reel in your rig.

This river is also a popular destination for fishermen who are interested in catching big game fish. Some of the most popular game fish you can expect to catch include bass, pike, walleye, and muskellunge. Currently the New York State record muskellunge was taken near Clayton (10 miles away from Burnham Point State Park) at an impressive 69 pound 15 ounces. Catching a musky is extremely demanding and requires specialized equipment. It would probably be a good idea to use a guide service if you are an inexperienced angler.


With lakeside campsites, picnic pavilions and a view of the St. Lawrence river you and your family will enjoy the grassy expanses under sparse trees for a lovely picnic. There is also a playground ideal for young children to enjoy. The summertime will provide you with warm day temperatures, however the night time still brings a chill.

You can use this time to watch for birds frolicking in the trees, the occasional river otter popping up on the banks, or simply watch the boat traffic heading up and down the river. Keep an eye out for hooded margansers, lesser scaups, mallards, white-winged scoters and the bald eagles!



If you are an avid hunter, you will also enjoy the opportunity to hunt Waterfowl during the long hunting season. Hunting season stretches from September until March. Check with the local authorities prior to hunting for precise catch numbers and required hunting permits.

The unique location provides a large variety of birds including Canada Geese, Mallards and Snow geese. The region is best known for Canada Goose hunting as the area is home to over 500,000 birds during the peak season. During the summer months, several thousand birds call this area their home, however from October to Late November massive flocks fly in. This migration provides bulk of the hunting opportunities for visiting individuals. So enjoy the cooler temperatures and to travel to Burnham Point State Park in your RV for an exquisite waterfowl hunting experience.

Ice Fishing

If you are looking for a destination to travel to experience some ice fishing, the protected bays near Burnham Point State Park provided great ice fishing opportunities. Here you have the chance to catch northern pike, yellow perch and a variety of pan fish.

All you need to do is bring your warm clothes and ice fishing equipment to try this challenging fishing while enjoying the crisp snowy views around. If you are wanting to catch a northern pike, your best chance is if you use a large minnow with a tip-up. If you are more interested in yellow perch, you can try a combination of small minnows, small lures, perch eyes, and grubs to attract them.


Whichever season you travel to this northeast corner of the country, you will be met with astonishing views in every direction you look. You can spend several hours attempting to capture the beauty of the river and islands in a photography. Carleton Island located right across the river from the campground makes a fine subject for any photograph. It has a stunning historic structure on it which looks as if it's wandered right off the page of a fairy tale book.

The golden hours after sunrise and right before dusk will bring you the most ideal setting to capture the beauty of the surrounding area. Or you can take the time to set up a tripod and get some long exposure shots of the stars and wilderness in the night time.