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Camp Morton Provincial Park


If you're looking for the perfect spot for your next RV adventure, consider a trip to Camp Morton Provincial Park. It's the ideal place for a relaxing camping getaway.

Camp Morton Provincial Park was founded in 1920. It rests only a few kilometers outside the town of Gimli, MB, along the banks of Lake Winnipeg. This recreational area and campground takes its name from Monsignor Thomas W. Morton who founded a religious camp for Roman Catholic children in 1922. In the 1960's, the popularity of the children's camp waned, and it was closed. In 1974, the property became a designated provincial park and has been reopened for recreational activities and camping ever since.The property was the original home of the Lakeside Fresh Air Camp and was donated to the province by the Union Bank of Canada in 1922.

Today, families flock to Camp Morton Provincial Park for its many outdoor activities and serene, remote setting. The boundaries of the park are outlined by an abundant growth of trees comprised of white spruce, birch, oak, and ash. Lake Winnipeg is a haven for one of the world's largest gatherings of white pelicans. The area is also a natural habitat for many different bird species including bald eagles, hawks, shorebirds, and songbirds.

Lake Winnipeg is a great place for families to enjoy some sand and surf in one of Canada's most beautiful prairie provinces. The fishing is also excellent on this lake. Its waters abound with such fish species as pickerel, bass, perch, northern pike, and sunfish.

Camp Morton Provincial Park offers several different types of camping facilities for families to enjoy. There are yurts and cabins available for rental as well as campsites that are suitable for RV and tent camping.

Whether you visit in spring, winter, summer, or fall, there are lots of interesting things to do at this amazing park. The historical buildings still found on the grounds are a monument to architectural wonders from days gone by. There are also nature trails, pristine sunken gardens, and picture perfect flower beds to enjoy.

For a Canadian RV vacation you'll not soon forget, load up the RV and head out for Camp Morton Provincial Park. You'll have a terrific time.

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RV Rentals in Camp Morton Provincial Park



Travel from Gimli runs along country highways that are comprised of well-maintained roads of two lanes. Traffic moves well, and delays for construction are very infrequent.

The trip from Winnipeg, MB to the park is considerably longer at 99 km (62 miles). The route is flat and direct, following only two main roads. Travel from Winnipeg progresses along stretches of highway that alternate between two and four lanes. The roads are in good condition and are kept clear from dirt and snow year-round. Traffic progresses nicely. Road construction may occur in the summer months.


Parking is available at the entrance to Camp Morton Provincial Park.

Public Transportation

Due to its remote location, there is no public transportation available to this park and camping facility.

Campgrounds and parking in Camp Morton Provincial Park

Campsites in Camp Morton Provincial Park

Reservations camping

Camp Morton Campground

Camp Morton Campground offers yurts and cabins for rent as well as multiple campsites for reservation for RV and tent camping. The sites are available from mid-May through mid-September.

There are no power or water hookups available at this campground though tap water is available. There is a sewage disposal station on the premises. Generator use is acceptable outside of quiet hours and dogs are permitted on the grounds so long as they remain leashed.

This remote haven is quite rustic in nature with the property marked by a border of tree growth comprised of ash, birch, oak, and white spruce. Among the amenities featured at this park are playgrounds, picnic shelters and picnic tables, playing fields, toilets, showers, fire pits, and firewood.

Seasonal activities in Camp Morton Provincial Park


Day trip Gimli

At only 10 km (6 miles) away, a day trip to Gimli is an easily accessible adventure for families looking to do some exploring. Gimli is home to many different outdoor activities including boating, golfing, canoeing, and horseback riding.

The town proudly boasts many quaint shops and some excellent restaurants where families can enjoy sampling the local cuisine.

There are also several venues which offer entertainment year-round.


Lake Winnipeg is the perfect place for families to enjoy some sand, sun, and surf. The waters are cool and refreshing, making them the ideal spot for cooling off on a hot summer day. Lifeguard service is not available, so do be careful to avoid swimming when the waters are rough, or the weather is inclement.

The sandy shores of Lake Winnipeg offer ample opportunity for leisurely strolls along the coast in search of seaside treasures. Other popular activities at this beach include sunbathing, picnicking, and catching up on a good book.


Camp Morton Provincial Park is home to a picnic shelter and several picnic tables, allowing families the opportunity to enjoy a light snack or lunch on the grounds with incredible views of the boreal forest and Lake Winnipeg.

Bring along some drinking water and a packed lunch to enjoy. Take a seat in one of the picnic areas or bring along a blanket, so you can enjoy lunch directly from the ground or coast.

Your dog may join you on your picnicking adventure, but they must remain leashed at all times.



Camp Morton Provincial Park is home to many nature trails that meander throughout the facility and campground. Along your hike, you may discover many different wildflower species including asters and zinnias.

The trails are marked by interpretive signs which bear information about the land, architecture, and religious philosophy which still permeates the air from its days as a Catholic camp.

Many of the trails surround the historic buildings and take you through the flower beds and sunken gardens. You'll want to bring your camera to capture the park in all its splendor.


Fishing is a very popular activity at Camp Morton Provincial Park. Lake Winnipeg's waters are ideal for canoeing and fishing straight from the bow of the boat. Prefer trying your hand at reeling in "the big one" from the shore? You can cast a line out directly from the banks of the lake.

Lake Winnipeg is well-renowned to be chock full of many different species of fish including pickerel, northern pike, bass, sunfish, and perch.

To fish in Manitoba waters, a fishing license is required.


The forest at Camp Morton Provincial Park is a natural habitat for birds. Among the species that make this park their home are bald eagles, hawks, shorebirds, and songbirds. The coast of Lake Winnipeg is also a refuge for white pelicans and is known as one of the world's largest havens for this unusual creature.

Bring along some drinking water, your camera, your binoculars, and a naturalist's guide. Your dog is welcome to join you on your birdwatching tour but do be sure they remain on a leash at all times and do not disturb the birds.