Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

Take an RV trip over the border for your fill of racing action at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park in Ontario. The checkered flags are about to drop.

Event information

Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (CTMP), formerly known as Mosport Park, is a multi-track motorsport venue in Bowmanville, Ontario. Well-located at 3233 Concession Road 10, it’s a standout venue for many RV travelers who are looking for somewhere unique and exciting to travel.

This racing facility borders Lake Ontario, which separates Ontario, Canada from the United States. Once all your international paperwork is in order, you can travel with your family and friends over the border for your fill of Canadian hospitality.

Upon arriving at the track, you’ll surely be amazed at what’s on offer. There is a ten-turn road course, driver training facility, quarter-mile skid pad, and a kart track. Canadian Tire Motorsport Park has also proudly hosted several acclaimed events such as the Canadian Superbike Championship, Canadian Touring Cars, Pirelli GT4 America, and the Nissan Micra Cup.

Throughout the year, visitors can also enjoy the action from the Canadian Automobile Sports Club, vintage racing series, motorcycle racing, and amateur events. Camp on site, explore the natural attractions in the area, and make use of the event site facilities. You can even journey into Toronto for a spot of shopping or a family adventure.

How about a trip to Canada, eh? Adrenaline-fueled action and vacation fun await.


With so much going on at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, there are options galore for tickets. You can purchase group passes, weekend tickets, and season passes, so you don’t miss any of the action. Some tickets are available for sale at the gate, but you can also buy them on the CTMP website. Ticket prices may range from 60 USD for a single-day ticket to 500 USD for season tickets depending on the type chosen.

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Driving to the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park won’t be like a regular road trip across the United States. You will need to make sure all your border crossing documentation is in check, and that everyone has the best road trip music up their sleeve. The community of Bowmanville, Ontario sits about an hour and a half east of Toronto and about three and a half hours west of Ottawa. Depending on the time of year and event, you may strike some precipitation or traffic congestion. Know what you’re up against by downloading a travel app such as Ontario 511.

Parking areas

Canadian Tire Motorsport Park is not only a brilliant facility but one that welcomes RV travelers with open arms. Upon arriving at the main entrance on Concession Road 10, you can make your way to any of the parking areas.

If you are camping on site, you can park your RV in the general camping area by the skidpad and around Corners 2 and 2a, and in the Family Area by the Karting Track. Even if you aren’t staying the night, you can drive around the outskirts of the race track and find the best general parking area to see all the action. There are no size limitations for your RV, and the facility is easy to drive to and from daily.

Public Transportation

There are no established public transportation options to get you to and from the race track. However, if you are staying offsite, you can arrange for a taxi or private ride service provider to bring you to and from the park with minimal hassle. For the most comfortable race day experience, it’s a good idea to park your RV at the track.

Where to stay


The Canadian Tire Motorsport Park is a beautiful place to camp overnight. There are grass camping areas dotted around the facility for you, friends and family, and even your dogs. You can buy firewood for a small campfire, use the washhouses with showers, and let the kids play on the playgrounds. There are no service hookups, but you’re welcome to use a generator and the grey water disposal facility and dump station. Some events require a reservation, but most do not.


If you are not prepared for off-the-grid camping, then it might be a good idea to book a campsite elsewhere in Ontario. There are various options in the general vicinity, including campgrounds, resorts, and parks. The closest campgrounds are within a 30-minute drive from the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.

Getting around

Once you arrive at the race track, you can park your RV and navigate the area on foot. Even though it’s a rather sizeable facility, racing officials do not allow the use of motorized transport, dirt bikes, golf carts, or similar. Bring your best pair of walking shoes and arm yourself with a site map, so you know where to find everything.

What to pack


The cold and temperate climate of Bowmanville, Ontario, means you will want to think ahead with what you pack. While you can surely get away with shorts and a t-shirt during the summer months, you won't want to shy away from a few warm layers, an umbrella, and waterproof shoes. Even in the driest months of the year, the area experiences a substantial amount of rainfall.


With no service hookups and a reasonable distance between the track and shopping facilities, it pays to bring a lot of what you need with you. Make sure you have all your camping and cooking equipment and pack a few lawn chairs as well. Don't forget to bring your favorite ear protection and consider bringing a scanner and headphone setup to help you really get into the action.

There are temporary grandstands available for special events, but a blanket or a camping chair is a far better option for many. There are ATMs on site, but it wouldn’t hurt to bring cash as well. If you are going to bring outside food and beverages, make sure you leave anything glass inside your RV.

Health & Safety

The Canadian Tire Motorsport Park is nestled amid forests and farmland, making it a haven for wildlife and insects. Don’t forget your bug spray to keep the pesky insects at bay, and stock up on first aid kit supplies too. You may also need sunscreen, toiletries, and any medical supplies you can’t purchase at a moment’s notice.

Where to eat


Your visit to Canadian Tire Motorsport Park can be an authentic camping experience. Aside from the times of the year with fire bans, you can create a small campfire and roast marshmallows and s'mores. You can also use your onboard kitchen appliances and a generator between specific hours. Low on supplies? Make a quick trip into Bowmanville 15 miles away where there are food markets and convenience stores for all your needs.


If you’re tired of canned beans on the fire or vendor food, then it might be time to make a trip into Bowmanville to check out the local restaurants. Bowmanville is home to many different eateries with a range of cuisine types. Go for casual food at a bar and grill, treat yourself with fine dining, or grab a quick bite to eat at a fast-food outlet. There is plenty on offer in this small city.


There are concession stands dotted around most parts of the race track for your convenience, including the Trackside Grill in the main paddock. Credit cards are accepted at some stands, but others will require cash or debit. Carry cash and a card to ensure you don’t miss out on your first food choice.



When you enter through the main gates of the racing facility, gate officials may ask to check your bags and vehicles. You can speed up this process by making everything available and open for them to view if necessary. You’re welcome to bring in outside food and beverages, but no weapons, glass, or anything that could disrupt someone else’s viewing experience. Keep your RV and vehicles locked when unattended, and all your valuable possessions out of sight. If you require any assistance, the Durham Region Police Service East Division is around 15 miles from the race track.


Even during summer, Bowmanville is not the driest place to be. It can rain at any time of the year and has a cold and temperate climate. Prepare for weather at either end of the spectrum by packing a full wardrobe and carrying out a service review on your RV before you hit the road. Choose your favorite weather apps to monitor on your travels around Canada.


If you end up needing medical attention, you’ll be pleased to know that Canadian Tire Motorsport Park delivers. You can visit the entrance, merchandise trailer, grill, or information booth for a staff member to help. There is a first aid site in Paddock I. For anything serious, dial 9-11 or travel to the nearest medical facility in Bowmanville, 13 miles from the race track.