Catherine Creek State Park


Situated in a canyon created by the creek, with scenic views of the Wallowa Mountains and tall Ponderosa pines forming the landscape, Catherine Creek State Park is the perfect spot for a refreshing, peaceful getaway. The park is ideal for family vacations, with numerous outdoor activities available for both adults and kids on offer.

Located in Oregon, the park is administered by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. The resort is a natural haven where visitors can come and enjoy all the park's natural resources and recreational activities. Visitors will enjoy the canyon scenery as well as the hiking opportunities and the large pine trees which add extra beauty to the park.

There are a lot of activities available to visitors of Catherine Creek. Visitors can drive to the nearby Eagle Creek for some fishing, while history enthusiasts can also take a short trip to the Union County Museum. Birding enthusiasts will also love Catherine Creek State Park. The creek and tall trees attract a lot of bird species to the park including sparrows, finches, eagles, woodpeckers and different species of songbirds which liven up the park.

RV campers will enjoy Catherine Creek. The park has a primitive but neat and comfortable campground with 20 sites available. From the campground to the day use area and the trails, this park is scenic and is highly recommended for nature lovers.

RV Rentals in Catherine Creek State Park



Catherine Creek State Park is easily accessible by RV or car. It is located along Catherine Creek Road, about 11 miles from Highway 203 in Oregon. The roads leading to the entrance can be rough with debris or wood from the tall trees, so drivers should exercise care on their way to the park.

The roads within the park are much smoother. It's a straightforward drive from the gate to the campground, with signboards available all over the park to direct your wherever you need to go. Drivers are to keep to speeding limits and maintain roadways while driving.


Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Catherine Creek State Park

Campsites in Catherine Creek State Park

Reservations camping

Catherine Creek Campground

The campground at Catherine Creek has 20 pet-friendly campsites available to visitors and open to reservations. There are no water hookups but there are taps at the campground and flush toilets are also available at the bath house.

There is firewood available at the campground. As well as a dump station within ten miles of the campground. The campground and resort in general closes during winter.

Seasonal activities in Catherine Creek State Park


Wildlife Viewing

Catherine Creek is also home to some wild life species. The creek is the centre of life at the park and supports the entire ecosystem, including the park's animals.

Visitors who hang around the creek very often in summer can see some wildlife come down to the creek to cool off, drink or catch fish. Other small mammals like beavers,badgers, rabbits and raccoons can be spotted while hiking.


Oregon is a culturally and historically rich state. Native Americans used to settle in the region, with other tribes calling the canyon home over the years. While staying at the park, exploring nearby attractions is an excellent way to spend an off season day.

Visitors can visit the Union County Museum for a better knowledge of Oregon's history, or can also visit the Oregon Trail Interpretative Center. The town of La Grande is also a good place for visitors who can join the region's food or cultural festivals.


The creek, abundant fish of all sizes and towering trees makes Catherine Creek a safe haven for birds of all kinds and species. Bird lovers should bring binoculars to the park as a variety of bird species can be spotted just about anywhere in the park.

Sparrows and songbirds are by far the most common species at the park. Visitors who pay close attention can also see the Ferruginous hawk around the creek. Plover, woodpecker, sandpaper and egrets are also common at the park.



A picnic under the shade cast by a towering pine tree is a perfect way to spend a summer day at the park with your family or friends.

The park has two separate picnic areas within the park resort as well as picnic tables available at the campground.


The park and its canyon landscape offers a lot of great hiking trails for visitors. You might want to bring your binoculars along as the trails at this park are filled with wildlife and birding opportunities.

The North Fork Catherine Creek Trail is a ten-mile trail with great birding opportunities as well as a chance to see the park from a higher elevation and the meadow at the end is also a highlight. The historically significant Arch Loop trial is also a great hike which brings you close to a channel of badger burrows and an opportunity to see some nesting birds.


There are a lot of fishing opportunities in and around Catherine Creek State Park. Catherine Creek runs with fish all year long, with the clear water making catches easier than usual.

However, the nearby Eagle Creek has a larger and more diverse fish population and is a more popular fishing spot for anglers. Bull trout, salmon, rainbow trout and a lot of other trout species are available for catch.