César E. Chávez National Monument
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If you've got adventure on your mind, why not consider a visit to Cesar E. Chavez National Monument in California? It's a great place to get in a vigorous workout while learning about an important figure in America's rich history.

Cesar E. Chavez National Monument rests in an area of lush tree growth, awe-inspiring mountain ranges, and desert-like conditions in Keene, CA. The monument on the grounds pays homage to Mr. Cesar E. Chavez, a pioneer in championing the attainment of an agricultural union to improve working conditions for farmers and promote higher, more equitable wages. Mr. Chavez and his wife Helen made the area their home from the early 1970's until his death in 1993. He and his wife are both buried on the grounds in the memorial garden.

The monument itself, known as Nuestra Senora Reina De La Paz (Our Lady Queen of Peace or La Paz), rises 2600 feet in elevation. Mr. Chavez used to make the climb on a daily basis. At the pinnacle of the mountain, he would reflect on his life's work while enjoying the peace and solitude he felt when glimpsing the beauty that surrounded him including dense grasslands, vast blue oak growth, gently rolling hills, and majestic mountain ranges.

Cesar E. Chavez National Monument sits in an area known as the Tehachapi Pass. The Central Valley of California lies to one side of it with the Mojave Desert on the other. The property is home to excellent hiking opportunities as well as an abundance of plant and animal life including rabbits, bobcats, black bears, and ground squirrels.

For a peaceful day reconnecting with nature, consider a visit to Cesar E. Chavez National Monument. It's a wonderful place for a relaxing getaway.

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The trip from Bakersfield, CA to Cesar E. Chavez National Monument is 31 miles in total. To follow this route, take CA-58 E to the town of Keene. At exit 139, continue onto Woodford-Tehachapi Road. Follow this highway until you spot the monument just ahead. The journey to the monument moves along well on maintained highways of primarily two lanes. Road construction occurs infrequently; however, wildlife does sometimes appear on the highways, so do keep an eye out for it to avoid accident or injury.


Parking is available via a lot on the premises at the monument.

Public Transportation

There is no public transportation available to Cesar E. Chavez National Monument.

Campgrounds and parking in César E. Chávez National Monument

Campsites in César E. Chávez National Monument

Reservations camping

Camping Near César E. Chávez National Monument

There is an RV park less than 25 miles from the monument where campers can rest for the night. Reservations are highly recommended, and many of the campsites are large enough to accommodate big trailers or RV's. There are plenty amenities here too.

Full power hookups are available at this camping facility, and generator use is permitted. A dog friendly RV park, your pooch may join you on your camping adventure here but must remain leashed.

Seasonal activities in César E. Chávez National Monument


Mountain climbing

With so many mountains to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice if mountain climbing is something you enjoy doing with your family. Be sure you have the correct safety equipment along with you to prevent accidents or injuries. You could also consider hiring a guide to accompany you on your mountain climbing adventure.

Be sure to wear appropriate footwear and to bring along snacks and drinks to keep hunger and thirst at bay.


With 117 acres to explore, you will not want for place to hike at Cesar E. Chavez National Monument. The property has varied terrain ranging from gently rolling hills to steep mountain climbs and more. Be sure to select a hike that is best suited to the activity level of each member of the family.

The hike to the monument itself rises 2600 feet in elevation so make sure everyone in your group is prepared for this. Dogs are only permitted on paved walking paths and in designated areas at Cesar E. Chavez National Monument, so best to let your dog sit this hike out.


Wildlife Viewing

Wildlife is abundant at Cesar E. Chavez National Monument. Mr. Chavez himself was an avid vegan and was a lover of animal species of all sorts. Meander through the 117 acres of property at your leisure, and you will enjoy the many different varieties of animals you will discover. The area is home to over 51 types of unusual birds as well as rabbits, bobcats, black bears, ground squirrels, and much more.

Bring along your camera, your binoculars, and a naturalist's guide.


The scenery is majestic at Cesar E. Chavez National Monument. The ascent up the mountain to the monument itself is a climb Mr. Chavez undertook every day. At the summit, you will discover an area that is marked by its peaceful air. It is a spot that is considered a refuge with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, woodlands, and rolling hills that is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Bring along your camera to capture the scenery that is so incredible it defies description. While you're at it, why not snap a few family photos to commemorate your trip to one of the area's most beautiful locales?



Whether you plan to picnic along your hike up to the monument or back at your campsite, either place is a wonderful spot to enjoy a packed meal with your family and friends. Scattered throughout the large monument property are picnic areas where you can grab a table to do enjoy a snack.

Bring along lots of drinking water and avoid picnicking at times of day when the sun is at its hottest to prevent dehydration, overheating, and sunburn.


Visit the Tehachapi Depot Railroad Museum

About ten miles from the monument, you'll find the Tehachapi Depot Railroad Museum. This museum claims to have something for everyone. Entrance is free and donations are welcome. While exploring here you will peruse exhibits of hundreds of train items and a working train signal garden. There's even a play area for the kids.

Why not head here if the weather isn't great and undertake one of their free tours with the whole family?